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  1. xrp123

    Is the decoupling from BTC occuring?

    It would be great if this was it. I don't believe it will be though, as we have seen this type of decoupling before, specifically in early January. Once SBI banks start using xRapid, then I think we will see an actual decoupling.
  2. I’m still not convinced it is really you. You’ve got one hour to prove you’re the real Max. Time is tight... 😉
  3. It's already Thursday 1/11/18 in Japan. 3:14am to be exact.
  4. So basically you're saying that you're Jeff Goldblum? He was right too...
  5. Courtesy of XRPL Monitor: Could this be one of the many partners mentioned buying? https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/transactions/764434096B4BAE921F89F2ABB2481BE062BB9B633C182039296A7DF3CDA44028
  6. xrp123

    Ripple’s Predictions for 2018

    @Hodor Thank you for another great post supporting the XRP/Ripple community. If I could make a suggestion, I think you should edit this sentence: ’If you’re new to crypto, and don’t know the history if the Interledger Protocol,’ I think ‘if’ should actually be ‘of’. Thanks again for what you do for the community!
  7. xrp123

    Problems sending XRP on Kraken

    This is an exchange issue with Kraken.
  8. IDK... negative 1.83 by the 28th seems about right /s
  9. Some guy randomly predicted escrow and an Indian bank buying XRP on12/11. Not sure but it could be that.
  10. @zenkert IMO - There is a really low barrier to entry for new users compared to other exchanges. And it's not as cluttered as other sites, which could appeal from a UX/UI. I know I like the look compared to others.
  11. xrp123

    Santander, AMEX, Ripple

    Yeah, that was certainly a long project, in crypto world terms. HODLing without any reservations. I'm just curious what KPIs/benchmarks that AMEX needs to see/reach for full XRP adoption. (IE: $100B moved successfully) My guess is that it still boils down to regulations. Once those are sorted, then they flip the switch.
  12. xrp123

    Santander, AMEX, Ripple

    I think we're all on the same page when it comes to understanding that this is good news and that we're excited Ripple/AMEX are moving forward together. One thing that I would like to know, is how long Ripple and AMEX have been working together. When did they start the project? Additionally, what is the normal length of time that a major credit card company tests their new technology, before implementing another branch? (XRP liquidity) I can imagine that the answer to question two depends on regulations, in addition to performance of the existing technology.