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  1. My 2 nd quarter 2019 : 0,66 usd 3 rd quarter 2019: 0,88 usd 4th quarter 2019 : 1,21 usd happy gaming 🀣🀣🀣
  2. Yes thanks for mes. So i call rippleridller or call i call the bear guy with his prediction heheh 🀣
  3. Its oki i waiting . I correct my set on 10 cent or 0.002 βœŒοΈπŸ‘
  4. I am waiting for the dip to buy more. Dip is coiming soon i set buy on 20 cent🀣🀣
  5. It seems not giod for all of us and for bear guy. The crypto seems to be on capitulation phrase. This weekend we must more bloody . Cap goes under 100 billion and further maybe goes under 80 billion cap. Btc on 2k bounce back and xrp on 15 cent bounce back . What is your opinion bro and sister
  6. I think this year we can forget it with crypto . I the next days and week all crypto falllin again. To many experts say on end 2018 btc on 50 k and 30k nothing is happen. I think cap goes under 80 billion and btc on line 2k and xrp back to 10 or 15 cent again . No more hope for this year. All the etf nothing coming maybe Q2 next year 2019. So we have to bloody more 60 days 😩😩😩
  7. I think xrp bottom is on line 10 cent and btc on 2k. If false correct me thanks. Mark cap goes under 80 billion
  8. i think maybe yes xrp fallin back 0.20 . We will see on next week than mark cap raising is good . Than cap go under 120 or 110 billion its all crypto fallin deep
  9. I think all xrp experts in youtube as alex cobb and xrpridller and so on are **** talkin about xrp predictions what do think about this all guys experts in youtube channel.
  10. Maybe u r rite. I think btc can fallin deep . Think all mark can fallin under 100 billion usd . Maybe iam false .
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