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  1. I hate when people make these retarded poles without giving you the option of "Undecided" or an option along those lines. You are forced to choose a date, select never or not partake in the poll.
  2. It was .38 in early January. Cool your jets, turbo.
  3. And it's back down. Move along folks. Nothing here to see.
  4. I'm from the States and I can tell you Bitstamp has a very responsive support ticket system. Coinbase on the other hand, not so much.
  5. It makes it sound like you have a god-complex. Without your benevolence and altruism being bestowed on the unwashed, we would all descend into anarchy and cannibalism. Setting that perception aside, girls that I knew that had parents such as you always turned utter train wrecks in life.
  6. OP is such a virtuous person.
  7. The reason XRP volume is up is because it and the other altcoins follow BTC. BTC broke $4k a few days ago.
  8. If you're going to rant, can you at least use proper English and punctuation, especially when replying to someone with a law degree and properly scored high on his LSAT.
  9. I noticed you didn't respond to me. Maybe you are still thinking through this and preparing an apology?
  10. The problem right now is that content creators or small retailers is that they rely to heavily on PayPal, Venmo, Cashapp, Zelle (Venmo, Cashapp and Zelle are pretty damn easy to use and zero fees) or provide their BTC or other cryptocurrency wallet address. The problem with the latter is most normies can't be bothered to go to an exchange, be charged a fee for buy or selling cryptocurrence and making sure they send to the correct wallet address. We need to do a better job of educating others outside of our bubble the value in using things such as this app, Coil and other similar programs.
  11. How about you provide a brief summary of what this is? I can't be bothered to watch a video or Google yet another public policy initiative someone wants me to support. The one thing I've learned: every public policy has an unintended consequence. That is, for something that public policy is supposed to remedy creates something else that needs be remedied. But simple minds and those looking to use government to increase the value of their XRP are mostly always the champions of these causes.
  12. You know what's funny, Sukrim? I don't think you would tell him anything in real life. The internet is funny like that, making everyone feel 6ft. tall.
  13. https://new-iq-test.com/iq-by-country/
  14. Or put differently, the soft bigotry of low expectations.
  15. Those countries you listed also have low IQs.
  16. https://twitter.com/santanderukhelp/status/1109761495200612352?s=19
  17. https://twitter.com/santanderukhelp/status/1109761495200612352?s=19
  18. Allvor sounds like a drug you take when you have a rash on your balls.
  19. If most people on here have no idea how to make a simple img tag in HTML, how do you expect anyone to answer a higher level knowledge question such as the one you posited?
  20. More like your crazy uncle talking at Thanksgiving dinner about frogs turning gay and chem trails.
  21. Why not just download your bank's app instead of driving to a bank? Do you still also write checks and use the telephone book?
  22. The things people will do to try and become rich, all the while trying to convince others it's for the tech, some out dated law they knew nothing about until buying XRP and something about something of a poor black person in Africa. I just can't understand why some of you can't be honest about your motives.
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