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  1. Chick-fil-A will do that you. Everyone there is overly nice. Ask for a lemonade and someone will tell you a dozen times "my pleasure, sir". I'm convinced they would all pray for you if you had a ****** day.
  2. TheXRPer

    Ripple XRP Groupthink

    Except if your a CSC coin fanboy or in the TA section of this forum.
  3. Unless you can ace a PT test like I can, I don't really find that to be a credible threat. Then again, the internet has a way of making people feel brave and 10 feet tall, all the while their testosterone count is in the 200s. If you could turn down the passive aggressiveness, this could be a civil and productive conversation that we could both learn something from, but you are clearly too emotionally invested in this topic for some reason.
  4. The first two paragraphs are word salad to me, and you probably spent 5 minutes reading Wikipedia on the subject matter instead of having read something published by O'Reilly. For your last paragraph, you are just reiterating what I just said. Temenos has a software that needs to extract real-time or near real-time data from Ripple's server. Ripple's API allows that. An API can be edit or read only information. The permissions are up to the developer. Want to know the NYSE or NASDAQ quotes through varies website or mobile apps? It's using an API. Want to check flights using Google Flights from various air carriers, that data is being pulled from the air carriers' API.
  5. That's a partially true statement. It depends on what exactly you referring to in web development. I'm correcting people on using API like it's this new, mysterious thing, when all it is language that extracts and shares data from a host server to the public. That's all it is. You saying other wise is absolutely laughable.
  6. I love when people throw around the abbreviation API as if they know what it is. It's nothing more than using php to extract data from a server and showing said data through a GUI or something simple as Cascading Style Sheet (CSS).
  7. American is such a broad term that is meaningless. Are you talking about South Americans, Central Americans or North Americans? If you referring to people from the United States, you should be more specific: Baby Boomers. Everyone I know is Vegan, into extreme sports (i.e. Cross-Fit) or into Non-GMO and grass fed beef. We may have a crap load of guns and freedom, but the Russians have us beat.
  8. I'm pretty sure xCurrent is nothing more than Open Text.
  9. TheXRPer

    Is Earthport purchase by Visa Good News?

    Nothing says a huge leap in logic like this statement above. God I hate rationalizing and confirmation bias.
  10. An opinion, a biased one that that, isn't a market analysis.
  11. I wouldn't consider this a real news site. It's written buy a guy that used to have a bio that said he hated capitalism and went on a rant about crazy stuff.
  12. TheXRPer

    Scam alert

  13. TheXRPer

    Scam alert

    Report the site (see link below) https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/spamreportform?hl=en