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  1. This Pete Dakin is not from the US and he looks and smells the crabby old man that tells kids to get off his lawn type.
  2. TheXRPer

    Xrapid & Xrp Manager job just posted.

    You're kidding, right? Every company offers this in the Bay area. You should be asking do they have a 401(k) plan and, if so, do they match your contribution?
  3. This topic has to do with XRP or Ripple how?
  4. TheXRPer

    Latest MoneyGram email to its customers in Australia

    Legit is an adjective, a colloquial abbreviation and in the Oxford Dictionary. Therefore, it's grammatically correct.
  5. TheXRPer

    Latest MoneyGram email to its customers in Australia

    This can't be legit correspondence from MGI. It has so many grammatical errors in it. What's more disturbing is none of you spotted them.
  6. TheXRPer

    XRP as a Birthday gift: where to begin?

    Don't give someone something they don't want. They will just throw it away or lose in month or two.
  7. Including quotes isn't paraphrasing.
  8. You need to do some traveling to these places where farmers practice their craft. Why? A lot of these places don't have the infrastructure to be able to use a smartphone. It would just be an expensive paper weight for them.
  9. TheXRPer

    Cornbase and givecrypto.org

  10. TheXRPer

    SBI group presentation June 28th 2018

    I wouldn't consider reading a PDF from your phone while on the bus as a life changing event. To each their own I guess.
  11. TheXRPer

    SBI group presentation June 28th 2018

    They invested in R3 awhile back.
  12. TheXRPer

    When is the Ripple Trial

    They aren't in federal court.
  13. TheXRPer

    Tron and Ripple relationship?

    No where in that article does it state Ripple invested in Tron, Justin Sun or TRX.
  14. TheXRPer

    Tron and Ripple relationship?

    Citation needed.
  15. TheXRPer

    49 jobs on Ripple's jobs board right now

    More importantly, who the hell wants to live in San Francisco? The commute ever morning from work would suck and demoralize me. That and also factor in that California has a state income tax. Don't get me wrong, San Fran has some freaking amazing weather and sights, but I'm not sure that alone is enough value for me to work with them.