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  1. TheXRPer

    Amazon Pay rolling out

    I think your friend means blockchain solely as a database. A lot of people always think blockchain equals cryptocurrency.
  2. What about those in the "community" that are gay (or follow under the LGBTQIA+ umbrella), black, asian, retarded, handicapped, persecuted minority groups, suffer from rare medical conditions and [enter other descriptor here]? Why are they excluded? (rhetorical question) I know I shouldn't care what you do, but it does send off alarm bells in my head when you select one group over another to showcase them as a trophy to the world. My opinion is formed due in large part from me having read a lot of books on serial killers, brutual dictators and anything and everything on or relating to Freud and Nietzche. Setting that aside, I just believe it's a terrible idea to divide people along the lines of some category that you can then shoe horn them into. Why not make one list based on the individuals in your "community" (reminds of a book I read about Jonestown) that add value and the merits they they?
  3. I've nver understood this fetish of fragmenting a group of people by their gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity. Why does it matter? Or is it a dog whistle for something or white knightism?
  4. TheXRPer

    This is fine.

    Remove the subdomain from the link.
  5. TheXRPer

    are we going up

    And... the volume drops.
  6. TheXRPer

    This is fine.

    Is their a tl;dr version?
  7. It's a government agency. How is that going to break a rule? It's not like it's a direct number. Have you ever tried calling a generic government number before? You will spend the next 30 minutes clicking numbers until you get to what you believe is the right department and spend 45+ minutes on hold.
  8. If it includes "Chinese New Year" or "Wallstreet bonus", you can be sure that it's a joke.
  9. Why would you edit a number that is in the public domain? http://members.naruc.org/4DCGI/committees/commissions.html?Action=naruc&naruc_Activity=commissioncobyid&commbyid=123
  10. That's not answering the question. Was it a 202 area code?
  11. TheXRPer

    Are you holiday ready?

    People only care if something will make them money and requires a very superficial understanding of it. Unless they are willing to learn how to create a wallet and invest their own money, which rules out a vast majority of people, then it's not worth bringing up in a conversation. Period. Why? Because it's bad practice to be responsible for someone else's financial decision, especially went it involves family and a potential for loss.
  12. Dude, it's the "hash war" that is going on that is driving down the markets.