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  1. Venmo and Cashapp (free to way cheaper than PayPal to send money) and Zelle (free to use) to send money from Bank A to Bank B.
  2. I believe their XPR/USD volume is around $19MM. It's usually around $3MM daily trade volume.
  3. I don't think anyone is falling for that. The comments are created by the same person giving the impression that they are normal people commenting on his channel. I believe there is a program that you can use to auto generate multiple accounts at once (I think it's called PVACreator, but sure there are even more programs out there that do this).
  4. Then why are you not following the regulatory requirements (KYC and AML) in jurisdictions outside of Romania?
  5. Yeah, because Congress makes important decisions by what's trending on Change.org. lmfao
  6. I love how everyone got super excited by this thread, but no one knows what the app does. lmfao I don't even...
  7. The average person, who works Monday through Friday, fourty plus hours a week, has to fight 40+ minutes of traffic back and forth every morning and evening (including the time in taking and picking up lil Jimmy from school), isn't going find X exchange, go through the overly burdensome AML and KYC requirements these exchanges have, which are more stringent than what your bank or credit union are obligated to follow, buy XRP (plus the exchange's and network's fee) so they can buy a pizza, a condom, toothpaste, fidget spinner, a new bicycle, or car part. I know this is going to be a bitter pill to swallow for many of you, but some of you need cold water splashed on you to sober you up and bring you back into reality.
  8. Why would anyone invest the time in setting this up for .00001 percent of their customer base?
  9. And what would they do with an IP, find the local routing hub for your ISP? haha IPs don't point to a residence or a home. That's the biggest myth that never dies and keeps being recycled over and over again.
  10. 2019's Business Unfriend State Award goes to... New York, the home to AOC and Democrats. I guess it could be worse. Can you imagine having to work in NYC and then commute back to New Jersey every day. I would just end my life if my life spiraled out of control to the point that was my only option to survive.
  11. No normal person is going to spend extra money to buy crpyto (initial cost plus exchange and network fees plus time spent), invest the time in verifying on some random exchange, just to buy a pizza, fidget spinner or get a haircut.
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