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  1. I keep getting diiferent answers to this problem. Many people said I couldn’t use Bitstamp. I needed something like Toast. It’s quite confusing. I will look at Bitstamp again. When you say use the “Import” button, where is this button located? So far, I can’t find any Import button on Toast. Thanks.
  2. I have some XRP listed on the XRP ledger. I have the keys. The XRP has never been on an exchange. I would like it to be on Bitstamp. I am setting up a Toast wallet so that I can access my XRP. I believe I need to extablish a gateway connection between Toast and my XRP on the XRP ledger. Is that correct? Thanks,
  3. Thanks. I guess I’ll giveup on the Gateway concept as suggested by Ripple. I’ll use a Toast wallet.
  4. I have x amount of XRP listed on the XRP ledger. When I create a wallet (e.g. Toast) will all that is listed show up in the Toast wallet or will 20 have to stay showing on the XRP ledger?
  5. Thank you for your extensive explanation. It seems logical and I will look into it. The one thing that concerns me is that it differs from Ripple’s instructions. They recommend using an XRP gateway to move the XRP. Please comment as to why you prefer your method. I just began looking into the Toast wallet. Not surprisingly, they say I must keep 20 XRP in their account. Does that mean that when I move my XRP from the XRP ledger to the new wallet and then on to Bitstamp, I will have lost a total of 60 XRP - 20 on the XRP ledger and 20 on the new wallet and 20 on Bitstamp? Thanks.
  6. I am trying to move to Bitstamp. The standard Bitstamp XRP deposit procedure will not work for my special case.
  7. That is the standard Bitstamp deposit procedure that assumes your XRP is sitting on another exchange (for example Gatehub).. My XRP is not sitting on another exchange. It is only listed in the XRP ledger. It needs to be moved through an XRP gateway with a special procedure. Bitstamp is an XRP gateway but I don’t know what their gateway procedure is for my situation. People are saying I should put it on Gatehub first and then move it to Bitstamp. That doesn’t make sense to me because both Gatehub and Bitstamp are XRP gateways. I shouldn’t need Gatehub at all.
  8. When I received my XRP a few years ago, Ripple advised to move it to a Gateway account such as Gatehub. Gatehub has a procedure setup to accomplish that. Bitstamp is also an XRP Gateway but I can’t find an equivalent procedure. That is why I am asking the question.
  9. Has anyone used the Bistamp XRP Gateway to move XRP off of the XRP ledger to Bitstamp? Thanks.
  10. Now, I remember reading on Ripple that I needed to move my XRP to a gateway account such as Gatehub. Isn’t Bitstamp also an XRP gateway? Thanks.
  11. I found a transaction page for XRP: https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/transactions This is where my XRP is registered. The question is how do I use this transaction page to move my XRP to Bitstamp?
  12. I have some XRP sitting on the XRP ledger I would like to deposit to Bitstamp. The XRP deposit screen on Bitstamp shows an address and tag. But where do you enter the public and private XRP keys? Thanks.
  13. I have some xrp sitting on the xrp online ledger. Can I move it to Binance? Thanks.
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