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  1. Hi What is the best crypto (visa) debit card out there in terms of best value for money with fees, etc, ? I am looking at the Bitstamp debit card and it does look pricey wit their fees. I want to exchange my ripple for USD fiat. Deciding on whether to get a debit card or just use international transfer. Support from Bitstamp, Kraken, Gatehub are all poor and your lucky to hear back anytime soon. So I cannot wait all week or weeks for answers. How long does a international transfer usually take? Can't find this info on Bitstamp or Kraken. And if I got their debit card, I assume I would be able to transfer USD from their card to my existing bank card or bank account. After all, this is the reason why I would get their card in the first place. Thanks
  2. Which exchange did you end up going with? I a with Gatehub already but find them to costly.
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