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  1. Thank you a very good post, I just wish I had the brains too implement all the good points, The chat here has some very clever and wonderfully generous with their knowledge, I feel you are one of them
  2. I revised this from my origonal (gave me hope) Ripple has inadvertly gave a lot of people hope, theirs people who have boutght millions and others with a few thousands, all of us owe Ripple a de bt of gratitude if all goes well, I owe EVERYONE who told me to hang in and Ripple labs more than any words can say , That to me is what they and you all have got right THANK YOU PS I hope the Amsterdam meet up is still on
  3. Do this same post once a month with an update if anything has been thought over from the previous months post's
  4. I wonder if you guys class Building Society's as banks? alot of money goes between them in Mortgages, what I am thinking is that with ripple they could savealotof money aswell just with national fees never mind international, sorry if a silly ask, ps some building societys take over a week to transfer funds here in the Uk between each other)
  5. OMG ! how to feel your age I had one of those cars at 0:22, I can't ever again complain about my life lol, came with 3 forward gears and reverse bought second hand in 1974 for £75 (about $85)
  6. going from what we are told here in the UK about American Legal System wouldnt this be classed as a Liable case, Defamation of Character or something like that?
  7. we need Boomarang modems?? ( lol sorry coudn't resist)
  8. only because I was guided, but I do thank you all for putting up with my lack of knowledge, when the Big meet up happens between everyone I will be buying the first drinks or what ever A Promise
  9. wow the difference with being a manual worker in the UK and a Tech Job amazing, how I wish I was younger and more inteligent lol
  10. 1pm uk time this was posted
  11. Thanks Joel my respect for you grows daily
  12. I don't feel comfortable looking at someone elses holdings, sort of makes me feel like I work for the Government,
  13. Oh Man, I needed that function ,I know I just sit in the background mainly but that is one useful tip, Thanks alot Duke67
  14. I want too See XRP in the Oxford Dictionary, Then I know it's in full use