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  1. As they just released " monthly budgeting " I think the next thing might be some type of ISA policy
  2. cannylad

    Ripple CEO: Bitcoin Is Owned by China

    The worry is now will China see XRP as controlled by AmericaTown, I'm not fuding by the way
  3. sorry if this has already been posted, mods feel free to remove if so. helps explain this weekend a little https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/jun/11/bitcoin-price-cryptocurrency-hacked-south-korea-coincheck
  4. At last some one who makes worse decisions than me
  5. cannylad

    This from Western Union CEO

    Alot of people going to be placed alongside "D i c k Rowe" in History
  6. cannylad

    Selling Ripple Merchandise

    Just curious here as Ripple say they have nothing to do with XRP (in theory) who owns the logo for XRP?
  7. cannylad

    the dreaded CB

    Been doing the same, pointing out they were missing out on fees etc, now thanks to Revolut Uphold etc and no doubt many more due to join the Market big loss on their side
  8. cannylad

    the dreaded CB

    they asked again, sighhh
  9. makes sense to me for the family to say they don't have access to it, keep the taxman away for a start,
  10. cannylad

    Blog: The Million Dollar Question

    Thank you! I've been lurking around in the background...but it feels good to be back out "in the sun." My Condolences in this sad time for you, Glad to see you come out into the sun again, all the best
  11. no not yet just purchase and sell back on their internal system swapped my btc I have been collect in change round up, as per usual price dropped a little after the exchange lol but an easy way to purchase,
  12. WooHooo! finally thanks for the heads up just updated here and got XRP's showing as well (midlands UK)
  13. Thought I would send that to Mr John Mann Mp, not sure if it will mean anything to him but never know, he did seem the most bullish on the panel
  14. Although Revolut keeps saying they are adding XRP I am starting to think they are another "soon", I am in the UK and keep bugging them but still nothing on my account