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  1. Didn't Gatehub have Dealings with Ripple a couple of years ago?, I'm sure the staff there where regulars in the chat and forum
  2. If your headline had been "Tiffany Hayden Distances herself from the zerp box in the XRP Community" (thats been true for over 2years) I would of took more notice, as its is came straight to the reply box and say "BS"
  3. Pretty sure there was a petition once before that fizzled out
  4. I remember a post by someone years ago, pointing out that BTC goes to .10x and XRP to .8x making BTC being more abundant than XRP , I'm the local village idiot so I may have got this wrong, but I do recall it
  5. Hi, they do reduced the wallet holding, when I first bought in it was 50 xrp retained, JK quoted in the zerpbox many times that it would be reduced as the price increased and he was correct it did, I think it was at $0.20 (but don't quote me on that), I think once $0:50 it will most likely reduce again, then again at $1 but only after stabilising, but that is just my own feelings your friends will be able to reclaim the arp they believe they have lost then, Price goes up retainer goes down good luck
  6. No longer to the Moon, Walt Disney Knew all along To Pluto
  7. yes I understand that but now Multiple different factions have received many many many Millions, their is going to be a lot of them selling continuously a Million at a time say from 10 different possiblly even 50 different bound to have an impact, just making figures upto give an idea what I mean, I am a Believer and held for over 3 and half years Like I said a village idiots Thoughts
  8. yes your right it is all a good cause, but could it be possible that with a slight rise in the price of the tokens all those that have been gifted could be the ones selling and keeping the tight lid on XRP ? just my thoughts from a Village Idiot
  9. 10:56pm , 28 feb name is up but not available to buy or trade in the UK.
  10. I have to agree with @SGoldstein, first Miguel came into the chat asking for ideas etc, then Clair all friendly telling us they would this that and other, yes she did do a couple of meetups which were much appreciated by those who could meet, then just Disappearing, When was the last time Tiffany Hayden, NiKB came into the chat and Mr Schwarz in the past I had private conversations with all of them here, I don't doubt they are still reading in the background, but a quick "Hi " would be appreciated every now and again if you don't mind guys
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