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  1. Ripple price per coin

    I am going to take the viewyour very young Ruby and someone has gifted you some XRP, my advice round the XRP down to the nearest full number ignoring all after the Decimal point, then times it by the full USD, GBP, Euro or which ever coin your currency is ie XRP hit's £2 , xrp 298 X £2 = £596, but remember before you cash it out you will have the fee's from the Exchange , I hope this helps you in someway,
  2. XRP will be $1 how long will be?

    it will definitly be $1 and more in 2030, anything before then is pure guess work, hope this answers your Question
  3. The implications of Ripples success

    I hear what your saying, but swift an the banking industry didn't show me any sympathy when shipbuilding finished in the UK, nor did they show my 2 of my brothers sympathy when the witch shut down mining, nor did they or the banks show my remaining brother any when the Steel mills were closed, life goes on and we adapt, I wish it was a certain bank managers job on the line who took 2 houses from my family (sorry rant over)
  4. Xrp on japanese magazine

    Tokyo Olympics, in my opinion Ripple will be in use all over Japan , Flights Shopping and then even more for the Beijing winter Olympics
  5. Bank of Japan Speech, SBI Ven Capital!

    I've said since early this year, it will be in place and working in Japan for the Tokyo Olympics 2020. Then Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 will see Ripple at the top of the Podium in Gold, (Shopping Trolly's in Stores and everywhere)
  6. New Petition on Change.org

    Dropped off for a while due to the changing nature of the zerpbox, but had to sign your petition iLeeT lol, as for RebelShinzan's Petition, you like me bought of your own free will, Regardless of when they said the lock up would happen their will be small print conditions "we have the right to do this do that etc" the loc upk I feel won't give the spike your hoping for (hopefully I am wrong) good news never does as anyone who has been here for a while knows, myself I have put my zerps to one side till 2020 Tokyo Olympics thats when I feel we will nsee a difference. when I first joined here everyone said October was the annual move, nothing happened, March April 2017 was the game changer for me, maybe that is now the annual movement but I am not expecting anything, like I said till 2020 (I'm always wrong by the way, my small print)
  7. Like my Tweet - Promote Coinbase XRP

    Liked and thought I would do my little bit,
  8. Does anyone else have a thought on the following, I have been thinking that the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Build up is going to be the Defining Moment, I've been seriously thinking that all the Japan news is building upto this, so maybe late 2018 early 2019 will be the massive surge, then 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, XRP will be the go to Bridge currency a lot longer wait than those that bought at .40 want but I just had this in my head for the last 2 days, I am never right and I know I am not the brightest spark so I just wanted to share with you guys who are by far more Knowledgable
  9. EBADay 2017

    On 1 January 1962, before they reached international stardom, the Beatles auditioned for Decca Records at Decca Studios in West Hampstead, north London. In what is considered one of the biggest mistakes in music industry history, Deccarejected the band, selecting instead Brian Poole and the Tremeloes. Seems like there is going to be some big regrets from the Helaba camp
  10. EBADay 2017

    January the 1st 1962, comes too mind
  11. Look forward to all your reports a real Hero of the group
  12. Ripple swag for auction

    Dont want the T-Shirt but glad to donate 500xrp to Karlos for the Great Forum
  13. Oh man I wish I was as smart as you guys, As always very much apprieciated R8102V1D2D
  14. Changing of the guard (Ripple's new HQ)

    Hi ya, sorry if my comment came across wrong, it was a tounge in cheek jokey comment, I totally respect and admire the team (and your own fight for Ripple XRP) please dont mistunderstand as sometimes British Humour doesn't travel well, I owe so much to Ripple that I could never ever say anything that is Derogatory about the Team, as your visit seemed to be on a Saturday I thought that would be the reason no one was around aswell, so My applogies and good Luck to you and the Ripple Team