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  1. Poll: Coinbase Adding Ripple

    @ RipplelsTheFuture, Problem is most of the members here got a bit cheesed off with "will coinbase add" polls between november and January, I don't think its anything other than that
  2. Average age of the XRPChat family

    64 not wanting a Lambo, Mazda, but a place in the sun if Brexit doesn't mess it up
  3. Fan Friday Q&A With Hodor

    @ Hodor XRPchat has changed since I first joined , but you along with 1 or 2 others have always been a steadying Rock's, nothing but respect for the likes of you. Also thank you the unsung Karlos for keeping this going
  4. Revolut (UK) is listing Ripple

    I ordered a basic card last week cost £8 arrived following day, £200 daily limit atm withdrawals although I haven''t used it yet, you can't deposit your xrp too it
  5. back into your room and take your medication
  6. Ripple confirms future WU xRapid pilot

    not settling for anything more than 15c,
  7. Invest ripple or wait ?

    if u watched yesterday at $0.84 your regretting now, but if you bought in early Jan at $3:82 you would still be regretting Do whats right for you, ,
  8. maybe it isn't but doesn't stop the US and the UK from selling them arms by the Billion dollar load, So Come on ripple woop woop
  9. Olympics

    And if sport can work for North and South Korea, It should work for Banking and XRP easily
  10. Olympics

    Seoul winter Olympics Started, next the Tokyo Summer Olympics I hope I am right in thinking that over the next 6 months we should hopefully see announcements of Ripple and and XRP being put too good use I think (no proof just my own conspiracy theories) payments for tickets , Hotel bookings, so much money is going tobe flowing cross borders to Japan and out I honestly think this is SBI's intentions, I can even envision grocery shopping, I did think some use might of been made for the Seoul games but sadly not anyone else have thoughts on this?
  11. Sick to my stomach

    I owe you an apology, when I saw the title of your post I thought "here we go again another, had his xrp stolen", instead really good post enjoy your new found wealth, oh and so please your wife wasn't hurt lol, Good Luck
  12. I wasn't being rude, i went through all his previous post's and I suspect ulterior motives, so like I said I have put him on ignore, sorry if you disagree
  13. sorry read your posts and well too be Honest I just put you on ignore
  14. How do I trade my xrp to btc

    Blasphemy Blasphemy I tell you lol
  15. Will I be able to do this?

    just sent this too the Red Cross so they are forewarned