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  1. going from what we are told here in the UK about American Legal System wouldnt this be classed as a Liable case, Defamation of Character or something like that?
  2. we need Boomarang modems?? ( lol sorry coudn't resist)
  3. only because I was guided, but I do thank you all for putting up with my lack of knowledge, when the Big meet up happens between everyone I will be buying the first drinks or what ever A Promise
  4. wow the difference with being a manual worker in the UK and a Tech Job amazing, how I wish I was younger and more inteligent lol
  5. 1pm uk time this was posted
  6. Thanks Joel my respect for you grows daily
  7. I don't feel comfortable looking at someone elses holdings, sort of makes me feel like I work for the Government,
  8. Oh Man, I needed that function ,I know I just sit in the background mainly but that is one useful tip, Thanks alot Duke67
  9. I want too See XRP in the Oxford Dictionary, Then I know it's in full use
  10. Stokes next game is against Sunderland on Saturday does that mean she is playing for them? as a Mackam Support I hope so it'll be David Moyes best ever signing
  11. I do know now thanks, But I am thinking that the mention of Ripple and "their" member banks not asking for it seems a little lame. I mean when you Buy a car that runs perfectly great it doesnt stop the Manufacturer stopping production and making a new model to take over (sorry that was the only example I could think of) and banks are being hit with fines left right and center now I can't see how they wouldn't want something that saves them money I don't think they will pass the savings onto the man on the street as most will be unaware of what is going on behind the scenes they will just be happy that their money is being passed on the same day, Migrant workers to their families are screaming for this I believe, Í have even thought that how many small and medium sized Companies trading around the world have closed down because of waiting that extra day for a Remittance payment, a certain Scottish Bank was very good at taking over a Companies assets in this scenario at one time, but I shouldnt say anymore on that, anyway thanks for your reply Kanaas (ps on another track it's looking very very bad in Aleppo I know its a great interest of yours may their God's or faith's take care of all there)
  12. I'm just wondering if this is a polite request to Ripple "Hey Guys do you want to ask us again about a partnership?". SWIFT I think has its roots in the Belgium/Franco mindset very slow to catch on, just my uneducated opinion
  13. Hi ya I just read this and as you know I am not the smartest guy in the world, it was written way back in April last year also it says "could be and Might be able too" so maybe since April last year this might be the cause of delays you guys have been talking about the other thing is I doubt the criminal world would jump on Ripple at least not right now because of its Volatility the choice of coin is always going to be BITCOIN and as time goes on just because of the name "Potcoin" would be the one they go too, myself without incriminating me or anyone else I think 1 certain coin is very untrustworthy just from their marketing Tactics of delibrate falsehoods that's my Opinion and not tied to anyone else here, (anyone sueing me for defamation or what ever I have less than £200 to my name ) Robin Hood Beer Festival Yesterday and Friday Recovery Day today not working Night all Ed aka Cannylad