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  1. your getting a lot of stick, but it wasn't so long ago (maybe 2 years) someone in the chat had the bright idea of making gold and silver coins, also rings with the ripple logo before the xrp logo existed, they sold quite a few, but then the idea seemed to just fade sorry I can't remember who it was but the chat was a whole lot different then, I think DS was given one, CL and possibly BG, obviously they weren't official but they had XRP value as you could only buy them from who ever with your XRP at the time
  2. I have to agree with @SGoldstein, first Miguel came into the chat asking for ideas etc, then Clair all friendly telling us they would this that and other, yes she did do a couple of meetups which were much appreciated by those who could meet, then just Disappearing, When was the last time Tiffany Hayden, NiKB came into the chat and Mr Schwarz in the past I had private conversations with all of them here, I don't doubt they are still reading in the background, but a quick "Hi " would be appreciated every now and again if you don't mind guys
  3. Bitbroker uk was Iban when I first got into crypto 2 years ago, transfering money to Estonia back to UK to find out they wouldn't accept me sending it back and losing money all the time peed me off, thats when I joined CB
  4. every time I transferred cash from my bank account to Coinbase I used my iban, also my first excursion into Crypto I had to send money to estonia with iban number , I'm the village idiot and I managed so I don't think that will be a problem
  5. Disgusting is too mild a word, slimy sleazy palm greasing slippery &&%*&&%*&&&^ and thats just the good side, they started out as "Rent a Kill" rat catchers if I remember rightly, 1 of 4 Companies who have benefited highly from suspicious deals with the British Back office officials, pointing out IMHO
  6. Damn! I've been happily adding more xrp on my Revolut account now I am worried
  7. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-6169169/Bitcoin-brawl-Cryptocurrency-celebrities-heated-exchange-blockchain-cruise.html
  8. I'm sure that SWIFT does comply when sanctions are implemented https://www.investopedia.com/articles/investing/022315/sanctions-swift-could-hit-russia-where-it-hurts-most.asp quick google search and yes SWIFT does comply
  9. I'm just waiting for a transfer via SWIFT from Mr Samuel Umbunka, The president of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Company once it comes I'l call him and ask if this is all good
  10. Thank you for this post finally the unknown addressed lol
  11. I think I would take anything a coin founder said about another token/ coin/Asset as said, but with nothing behind the reasoning other than Rivalry and typical XRP Hatred
  12. Explained to my children and grandchildren, the wallet address and key are written in different order on my will in the draw, Strange thing is my Daughter let me know my ex-wife just upped the insurance Policy and wants to meet me alone in a secluded area and not to tell anyone
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