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  1. I really don't think he does know about Crypto, I've always considered myself as the Village idiot, but lately I am wondering if I should pass the hat over to Gensler, Also now that Stellar have Partnered with MoneyGram, I think Ripple should consider court action to retrieve the freebies they gave them, rope it back from Snoop Dog, Ellen and Ashton Kutcher they did Jack shi* to earn them also, ( bit pi*^^ed off here sorry)
  2. lol me also, Though I was hoping for the Viggen
  3. Actually I would far sooner listen to this Guy in his Suit than a 1000 Alex Cobb Types or the 3 that got invited to Swell and then asked to be paid for the info, I'll stick with Attorney Hogan for now at least
  4. As a 67yr old guy with a little bit of forgetfulness going on in my brain, I hope to never fall for these bastards but I do have a friend who is 70, he lost 50 XRP to a scammer not a lot but enough to upset him at the time worth around $200 a huge amount to someone on a state pension here in the UK of around $205 a week at the time, Personally I don't want anyone to be SCAMMED but I do want SCAMMERS to be Jailed, beaten up, starved, their assets taken away from them, they are in my eyes as bad as Murderers for the Damage they cause, Oh another thing many outside of the Crypto world think we are the Dull ones ,
  5. I'll be highly surprised if Alex even bought any, all gifted
  6. with recent events Karlos it seems to be a function needed more and more, I hope it can be restored
  7. I got one and the reply address was "@legder" sorry deleted automatically, should of gave a shout out
  8. To me it says moved because of a Bigger Salary and Pension Pot
  9. I would say a Scam, I think it all comes from the Github hack 1also partly as Ripple don't do anything to support the Community anymore,
  10. no "and" if you want to ignore it ignore it,
  11. I think its a Scam but I might be over wary since Github, just warning folks
  12. Just recieved it myself thanks for the warning
  13. could the current drop be to people having been furloughed lost job's, people who who did jobs sor arguments sake hand carwash, not making the money they did so unable to send back home, just the thoughts of the village idiot
  14. Ahh well there is one good thing about that then, "I am not going down alone again" lol
  15. don't really want to say anymore incase I jinx it all lol, been a Millionaire once with XRP would like to be again, greed on my part
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