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  1. ASDA thats owned by Wal-Mart in the UK mate not Tesco's
  2. cannylad

    Why are you here

    XRP helped me pay off Debt's my Daughter accumulated During and after Marriage forever grateful for that, Next goal to make a sizable donation too https://www.gingerbread.org.uk/ inspired by Ripples recent charitable work, 3rd and final A Boat on the Midi Canal to see out my years, mind you Goals change
  3. cannylad

    Companies tied to Ripple

    WOW when I first joined xrpchat I am sure the list was only 12 strong, Mind Boggling
  4. looks like it will just be too purchase, sorry if I misled anyone into thinking more
  5. cannylad

    My unborn daughter died.

    Sorry for your loss, you have friends in here
  6. cannylad

    Vote for more liquidity

  7. cannylad

    A little sign...

    WooHooo back to being a Millionaire
  8. why can't everything be explained so simply for us Numbty's
  9. my apologies as I have said many times I am not the smartest cookie, I should of said nothing
  10. the emails I gave I asked before giving ,my son and brother who both joined revolut 3rd was a second email I have for myself
  11. What???????????? you asked the question I replied, I have never advertised anything I am a ripple supporter through and through
  12. I am finding the phone app very useful as well ease of use and very detailed
  13. do you get anything for free from any other bank?