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    Coil and XRPChat

    @Loki. Think this topic is something you were wondering about?
  2. @PhoenixSequence. Great thread. Definitely one of the more interesting ones ive read lately ?
  3. Weirdest work story is a little gross.. i work on the road going job to job as an electrician. I had an apprentice with me on this day. We stopped of at a realestate to pick up some keys, and he got out of the van and started to walk in. He stopped just in front of the van for a few seconds like he was thinking of something and then turned around and came back. He comes back to me and says ‘ I think i just s**t myself’. I was like ‘ are you serious?’. He said he farted and felt like he follwed through. I drove him over to local fast food outlet where he went and checked. He cones back out
  4. Another day, another condescending post... let people believe what they want to believe ?‍♂️
  5. I predict your next comment will be negative towards this thread. If not then ill choose to forget it and pretend my prediction is correct. ?
  6. Im pretty sure he’s reading your posts ?
  7. I love how people tell us that this is all misinformation and fomo. Yet the only evidence they can can provide that their point of view is right is ‘ I know’. The bear has brought some entertainment to this space. Im not saying he’s right but until he gets proven definitively wrong, I’m going to have fun with it.
  8. hahaha ? 3 people within several hours, slamming everyone on this thread? Im sure they are going to accomplish a lot bagging out us ‘delusional’ people ?‍♂️
  9. Hahaha that was exactly what i was thinking ?
  10. Funny thing is, they have been a member since 2015. Can only assume they have made s**t load already on xrp and they still having a dig ?‍♂️
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