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  1. When it is too good to be true, it probably is. You don't need a PhD degree to know that nobody can pay 9% interest in today's environment. Chances are this is a Ponzi scheme. You have been warned!
  2. The article also said WU is a partner which we all know that it isn't true. They tested X-Rapid and said it did not save them any money. They have not said a word since. So , the article is not completely credible at best.
  3. Exactly what I was thinking too. No way we would have missed that large of a volume on the ledger even if the settlements were broken into many transactions.
  4. Please let's not speculate on a partnership. What will happen will happen...or not.
  5. Don't forget Santander is also a partner of SWIFT GPI. Just saying they are not exactly loyal to Ripple
  6. Do you really think the XRP community has not seen this 2 month old article??
  7. Have you thought of sending XRP to them? Let them sell the XRP.
  8. Have you thought of sending XRP to them? Let them sell the XRP.
  9. In a tweet a few days ago, Santander already said they are not Ripple related.
  10. Eventually that should be the way we send money to each other across the globe but right now only a very small percentage of people even know anything about cryptos.
  11. Why can't WU and other remittance companies co-exist with banks in using XRP? Just because banks can use digital assets like XRP doesn't mean the end of WU or other remittance companies!! It gives consumers more choices and at different prices.
  12. Same as saying why you need brand name medication when you can buy generics!
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