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  1. That link look pretty fake to me, the date is inconsistent in the headers and footers for such an anticipated doco... FUD...
  2. My Son noticed this vase i picked up years ago at a car boot sale... Were thinking its a sign.. !!
  3. I wonder if ripple will announce anything today as its the last working day of the year for most people?.. If they had any news would be perfect timing and see the year out on a high..?
  4. Wow... how the heck can it drop so quick ?... that's like a falling stone !! I'd buy more buy Coinspot has disable new deposits from Banks... darn it !!
  5. I'm gonna need more than a few drinks to keep sane and relaxed here..... the sell button keeps pestering me but I'm keeping strong and HODL... like previously mentioned these fluctuations will be smoothed out int he long run, if you look at the 3 month graph you cant even see the AMEX announcement and Escrow spikes...!
  6. HODL... Geez i need a bottle or brandy here in work i think to keep me under control !! this is crazy !!
  7. Would be perfect timing for Ripple to announce some news now... leverage on the wave of FOMO !
  8. Don't think it will get that low again..
  9. $288 is total dreamland pie in the sky for me... I'd have a different colored Lambo for everyday of the week !
  10. Can we possibly look at getting comfortably past $1 USD, and maybe then dream a bit, these figures are all well and good, but lets be real here and be realistic.
  11. $100 and I'm on the beach retired, phone switched off and therapy for my refresh page addiction ! ... and that's AUD = (76 USD)
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