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  1. Thanks for the replies gents I am looking at dipping into verge xvg just now and unfortunately i got some groestlcoin just before it dropped by about 50% lol so thats a definite hold for a while. I was also looking at stellar and i haven't made my mind up yet, nice and cheap just now though. Dredger99
  2. OK so i have purchased some XRP which is now locked away safely in my nano ledger and i don't intend touching it for the next 3 to 5 years. But i'm now looking at some other cryptos and i want to gamble a little more. i have a couple of questions though. Is it worthwhile getting in at ICO level? When you get your smaller coins that aren't as popular / well known how do you store them? the nano only has a few cryptos on it. I know about paper wallets etc but ive never used any. What other cryptos are you guys watching / investing in? dredger99
  3. Morning all. I have been a ripple owner for approx 2 months now and i would like to start looking at purchasing other coins. I use bitstamp at the moment and it is pretty limited with what coins you can buy / sell. So can you advise what exchange you think is the best to use and also how easy is it to deposit / get verified etc. Cheers in advance guys / girls. Dredger99
  4. Wow I had no idea that there was such an assault course to go through to cash out some £ $ from bitstamp also several weeks to process. I am also using bitstamp at the moment. I totally get the comments regarding money and family members and normally i would follow that very Philosophy but this isn't life changing amounts or life savings a few K at most so i think i am safe enough there. Oh and they have been given the standard disclaimer about doing your own homework and making your own choices, don't come crying etc etc I keep getting a shiver down my spine though when i think about the tax implications and i can see that catching me out so i think i definitely need to do my research on that one. Some great replies and food for thought from you guys i appreciate the help and guidance. Dredger99
  5. Some great advice, thanks. I think there are a few things mentioned that i was also thinking about, Capital gains tax, loss of ledger through fire etc etc. I'm in the 40% tax bracket so i think my capital gains would be at the higher rate which i think is 28% and the family members interested would definitely not be on the higher bracket. So i need to look into that one a bit further. My first thoughts were to store their XRP for them ( i do use the ledger nano) and if the value increases then i thought i would get them their own nano's and transfer their XRP to them, with guidance. Something i never thought about was what you said Lucky, that we may have to prove to the exchange how we legally obtained the XRP i haven't seen this mentioned before but i haven't sold any crypto before. Does this happen often? I have no problem proving where and when i purchased my xrp but i thought i could go on to any exchange, set up an account and sell. Dredger99
  6. Hello all. I have been following Ripple and XRP for about 2 months now and I am very excited about the long term prospects of the company. I have invested in XRP and my intention is long term investment 3 to 5 years minimum, unless of course they gain in value to a level which cannot be ignored beforehand. I have a couple of questions though. I am being asked by some family members if I could buy and store some XRP for them which I am quite happy to do. Do any of you do this for friends / family and if so what pitfalls do you see / anticipate. Dredger99
  7. My plan is not based on how much XRP increases by but rather a five year plan. That's not to say if things work out well and significant gains are made that i wont change those plans, but as of now i am not selling any XRP regardless of price. I am a realist though and if your XRP becomes worth say $50k / $100k / $1M dependant on volume purchased and your financial situation, then all those plans could very very easily go out the window.
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