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  1. Your target is quite realistic. Same target, but somewhere in 2021.
  2. Crypto Market, BTC and XRP are young markets. But slowly, slowly they will mature. Maturation means that those huge ROIs from the past will start to fall slightly. I don't think the XRP will reach 37 X more than in 2017. A 25-29 X is probably more likely. Like I said ... wait to see how things will unfold. I think the next ATH on Bitcoin will not exceed 80,000 usd. But there are simple theories. :-)
  3. I just offered some landmarks from the past. And I think it doesn't work that way. Estimating future prices based on previous prices is very relative. However, why does everyone think that prices will evolve faster? Maybe this is wishful thinking? Should prices evolve slower? :-)
  4. Mostly you had a fair comment. However, I think you're wrong about when BTC and XRP will hit the previous ATH. The previous cycle of Bitcoin and XRP lasted 4 years. The penultimate ATH of the BTC began in December 2013 (1200 USD). This cycle ended with a new bubble in December 2017 (20,000 usd). That means 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 >> 4 YEARS.>> >> Unfortunately since the last bubble BTC has not even passed 2 years. The year when BTC and XRP will reach new ATH will be 2021 > 4 years from the last BTC bubble (2017). Everything I say can be verified on a historica
  5. A BS item without evidence to support the title. This phrase is the only one that seems to support the title of the article: "Therefore, considering the above factors, the prolonging stability of XRP around the $ 0.3 range is indicative of market manipulation." Really? Bitcoin has been oscillating for months at a fairly limited price when it was at 6,000 usd. Does that mean that it BTC price was manipulated? The fact that a currency does not have a price action and oscillates in a narrow range does not mean it is manipulated. Between May and December 2017, XRP / USD fluctuated between
  6. It's too early to sell XRP. A mass adoption will not occur overnight. The yield offered by XRP will be much higher and the risks much lower than silver. The fact that the silver price is quite stable in recent years is due to fundamental causes. What is the global demand for silver? World demand for silver grew like copper, gold or palladium? Thanks for your suggestion, but I'm left at Crypto Market and XRP.
  7. OK, thanks for clarification. Indeed, very rarely, there are such situations on a single stock. I do not know if there are such situations on a single coin. With the rest of the post I agree.
  8. Pfff! ,,Can the bear market lead to zero value? Absolutely, and it has happened many times inside and outside crypto. " A statement without any cover. I'm following cycles on the Stock Market for a long time (over 15 years) and Crypto Market for 4 years. There has never been a fall to 0. I also looked at an in-stock chart of the Stock Market for decades. There has never been a fall to 0. A bear market means a drop of 70-90% but never a drop to 0.
  9. Your answer amused me. So ... XRP is not a safer bet than Bitcoin? I wonder how you came to this conclusion. Whatever your explanation, it is wrong for me. You probably get rid of the whole picture. My intention is not to trigger a hot discussion, but when I see such comments ... I can not keep silent.
  10. A bag holder is not bad. A bag holder with some experience has a higher ROI than an experienced speculator. Of course, it counts the buy price. Cheaper is better. I speak from my own experience. With the other written points, I agree.
  11. 1. Prediction is a word that includes a dose of uncertainty. He must be regarded as such. I quote: "A rational operation to anticipate an event or phenomenon; oracle, prophecy" Anyone can make a prediction. So, who knows the true meaning of the word prediction, should not have too much expectation from these predictions. Those who make predictions should not apologize. Anyone who thought the XRP could reach 100 or 500 usd was completely broken by reality. Who thought XRP could reach 1 usd was more realistic, but still wrong. Among those who thought XRP could reach 1 usd and those who thou
  12. A quote: ,,The market predictions from various sources such as express.co.uk and fxstreet say that the XRP may tripple its value in 2019. It may reach $3-$4. " XRP can triple its value in 2019. That would mean 1.2 usd. But for the person who wrote the article, tripling the value means 3-4 usd. :-) In fact, an increase of up to 4 usd means a X10 profit. Indeed...what kind of math is that?
  13. It is normal for a negative prediction to produce vehement reactions. It is normal for an optimistic prediction to produce positive reactions. No one wants to lose money, or have small ROIs. No one wants to see XRP at 2 usd at the end of 2019. Everybody expects to be higher. You are a pessimistic type or FUD spreader. I'm a realistic guy and I only agree with your prediction for EOY 2018: no more than 1 usd. With your prediction for EOY 2019 I do not agree. Probably we'll be somewhere between 3.5 and 5 usd. However, you should know that long-term predictions on XRP are very relative and i
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