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  1. Not sure if this is something real/true... but here it is. If true - it could be quite a news... Has anybody heard/seen anything to confirm/deny this one? https://www.trustnodes.com/2021/09/01/no-rule-against-bitcoin-eth-or-xrp-insider-trading-at-sec-leaked-email-reveals
  2. Why? Because his deposition will be harmful for his former employer.
  3. For anybody who has a twitter account - almost "live" info here in this thread:
  4. ... and when is it going live? ;-) ... or is it going live?
  5. soon you're going to be posting and replying to yourself only ;-)
  6. One thought on all these pessimistic voices here... Almost two years ago when I heard my colleagues in the office (who were never really into crypto) talking about buying XRP (over 2$ at that time) - I knew I should sell it. Now reading this forum and seeing this outburst of pessimism I know I should buy it back. That and few other factors made me convinced, thank you ;-)
  7. Nop - you are not the only one ;-) There is going to be a very substantial rise in not too distant future, but first... I've made those two red circles on DR_ED graph to visualize what I think is gonna happen. They seem to be like same pattern being repeated right now in a bit greater scale. It may not be 20... but 30 followed by another pick, at least according to this scenario ;-) Also - the correlation between BTC and XRP seems to be still working - made recently quite a few XRPs selling them when BTC was rising, buying back when near the local tops. Stopped this just before they started to rise in the same time - pure luck;-)
  8. ... and so it is now done. First payment using xRapid by Mercury:
  9. Using the magic word "blockchain" suggests xRapid, but...this campaign has been running from the beginning of December'18... was it mentioned here before? Don't remember. Strange it was not picked up already.
  10. ditto. + calling anybody a pig tells a lot of you...
  11. It sounds like you're 100% sure of these facts - can I ask what's the source of them? Are you working for SWIFT or one of those 1000s banks?
  12. Is it just me or Ripple website is down...?
  13. ... and is also pretty expensive... 5%...??? .. or there are different percentages for different amounts...? hope so...
  14. ...bu, but... the market usually does the opposite to what most expect..? ;-)
  15. Great summary - thanks! Not sure if that was Treacher's example "such as Amazon" - but if it was then I'm inclined to take it as a suggestion... Transferwise and Transfergo sound very good ;-)
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