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  1. ICO date hasn't been announced yet. It's contingent upon how much beta testing is required.
  2. The Beta-Tester Bounty Board has been updated: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ROPbgRwPx0TRen7sMIDVdICAwe0y-PGifT78hVQiqPM/edit?usp=sharing A lot of new questions and discussions have started, feel free to download, get in on the conversations, and earn some Sense!
  3. iOS fully updated Bitcointalk forum post has been uploaded as well: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1584255.0
  4. Tap to reply has been added to iOS. Still awaiting the second patch to fix text-length error. The bounty board has been updated: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ROPbgRwPx0TRen7sMIDVdICAwe0y-PGifT78hVQiqPM/edit#gid=0
  5. The ability to reply to answers has been added to the android version. Just tap an answer to reply. iOS reply functionality will come shortly with the version compatibility update.
  6. No zero or country code should be used. We will add the country code next to the country abbreviation to make this more clear. You should be able to restart the app and run the sign up again. As a side note, for any users who do not see their country represented, please email the country you would like added to support@sensusapp.co. It will be available within 24 hours.
  7. Update: Android: Click any answer response to leave a reply iOS: Compatibility patch and reply functionality will release tomorrow
  8. The iPhone/iOS version released a few days ago. There are version compatibility issues we are currently working on. As of now, all iPhone users are capable of asking questions, while some users may experience trouble answering questions for the next couple days as we make Sensus universally iOS compatible.
  9. The attacker taked his total hash output previous. Also I think the 10,000+btc in margin longs resulting in the ETH pump go hand in hand with those large miners. The ETH pump was a whale game imo. It let dao holders capitalize on the conversion back to ETH.
  10. I would argue that A.) 51% attack is irrelevant now as the hash rate has increased massively since last night. The attacker only holds approx. 8% of the network now. B.) Wasn't the decision made by the most powerful miners, not necessarily the true majority?
  11. As for why would someone join on. I'd say for notoriety, attention and a place in the forefront of the crypto world.
  12. Mining is more profitable on ETC and many people are frustrated with Vitalik and Co. for recanting their immutability crux and then championing their fixing their own mistake as an act of heroism. Many ETC purists value immutability and the roots of Ethereum over the ethical bail out of dao holders (whales.) ETC can run the same platforms and, as far as im aware, ETH's updates going forward are open source and will be able to be made compatible with ETC. Besides, ETH devs have already shown willingness to embrace both chains. Maybe its all hype, but it could go somewhere imo.
  13. Im sure ETH will continue to make moves divergent from the interests of ETC and there is room for a new dev team to spark innovation on ETC aside from Vitaliks work. At minimum it seems like a viable power play. Basically hitting the ground running will all ETH infrastructure and attention.
  14. A quick Steem read I made while mulling over some of the possible outcomes of the ETH/ETC controversy: https://steemit.com/money/@sensus/the-ethereum-power-void-how-etc-will-grow-and-why-you-could-be-the-next-vitalik-very-short-point