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  1. Can someone please explain how the private blockchain XRapid which uses xrp as a means to transfer money, relates to the xrp that we buy and sell in the exchanges? Just to be 100% clear, this is not to shill or cause FUD, but rather to educate on us investors to xrp. If the xrp we buy and sell can be used by banks or FIs to transfer money, then I would understand the value of hodling xrp from exchanges. But if they are using a private blockchain (ie not using xrp from exchanges), then could someone point out to me why buy xrp from exchanges?? Thanks.
  2. Actually I kinda agree with this chart. My chart says we have hit critical resistance point (same as BTC) and so if it doesn't break it (it's failed so far, same as BTC), then it should be heading down on the final extended subwave of wave 5. Some people I follow are saying BTC should be testing 6k level at minimum, so if looking at xrp's last low probably 50 - 60c level sounds quite reasonable. However I'm definitely stacking up more bags once it gets to 50 - 60c range. I love xrp!!
  3. Hm... I don't really agree especially with ta for xrp/usd pair. At this stage it's just pure guessing for longer term trends. $0.80 range should have already been the lowest point to retrace to. Only reason I can think of for the prolonged retracement is something fundamental. However I keep hearing good news about ripple as a company and xrp being utilised by FIs so that doesn't seem to be the cause. Of note, Ripple was the 8th most searched word on Google last month so perhaps the massive sell-off is newbie investors cashing out of crypto. Not hard to imagine that to be the case looking at this forum. When it was rising people were predicting like 100% increase in a month, and now when it is correcting people are asking whether they have been duped... Not exactly your normal investor talk... That being said, I'm still a firm believer in xrp though. I guess one way to think of it is do you believe that the blockchain technology (and by extension crypto exchanges) will disappear in 2018? If no, then I don't see any point at all to cash out right now when it is LOW and best to just HODL and get on with your life.
  4. E.g. just couple hours back today we went up 15%. No that's not a typo. We went up 15%!!! That is HUGE!
  5. Apologies. Should clarify. My posts are more for day traders. Price went up by 10% in the little while after I posted that. If you can catch 10% here and there it's not too difficult to go up 100% in a few days/weeks. I can never catch the bottom/top but so long as you don't get greedy... every little counts. Obviously if you are after the 1000-2000% increase like we had a while back then best to just HODL
  6. Start buying. btc correction appears to be finished
  7. This. People who are still hodling please read the above post. Pretty much explains it all. Personally I'm out but I will consider buying in after xrp reaches another lower low (ie $0.7 region) in the next few days/weeks. If, and only if it starts pumping again then I'll re-enter xrp. Please don't lose hope guys. Xrp is still one of the few coins with a legit real world use. Although I'm out this coin is still definitely in my 'watch list'. Good luck.
  8. God... I hope you know what you are wishing for. If it goes to that then xrp is done. If you don't understand this statement then it might be worthwhile reading up on financial books/stock market historical trends, etc. Please don't scare the rest of the xrp community who are hoping xrp will succeed..
  9. Don't panic guys... if you haven't sold at $2 to $3 range then you're best to just hodl right now. Xrp will be dropping again in the next two weeks but it will follow btc after recovery. Not what we xrp believers like to hear but xrp is still btc's little brother. It's easy to ride waves up but waves don't only move in one direction - where there's a high tide, you can bet your *** there's a low tide following
  10. Hm.. I don't usually do this but yeah btc still hadn't reached its bottom yet. That's around 7.5 - 8k. This short bounce up is very short term so if I have been holding since the top I would NOT be selling out now because we are nearly at the bottom. Obviously take this with a grain of salt but I just wanted to provide the community with some assurance. I know how scary it can be when you are down heaps. Been there before too. Stay strong guys
  11. Actually I'm starting to buy now. Very good time to buy right now... Christmas came early again!!
  12. Haha I love it. Well I figured why only ride on bulls. Why not also ride bears too? Hence "tandamental" trading But no, my main purpose was to find another good ta analyst to compare charts..
  13. Yeah I ladder my buys at lowest points I think a coin will drop to. Obviously if it drops more than my buy zones then I sell before making more loss. I'm both fundamental and ta trader
  14. Gotta know your risk reward set up with each trade right? Or else you'd be losing due to opportunity cost (ie another trade which could put you up).
  15. Lol another FUD scream and leave. Who cares if it's bull or bear you can make money either way (but I am expecting bulls regain control in mid to late Feb)
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