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  1. They may try, but it feels as if they will be reinventing the wheel, but making it square. I hope, ultimately that they will realise it is better to use XRP as it is vastly superior to anything there and anything they could make. Also, when Codius becomes available, I think Ripple/XRP will have a greater advantage and selling point than anything else out there.
  2. I think I understood this topic somewhat differently to everyone else. My understanding was that this Quorum blockchain would not be for payments but more for AML and KYC for reasons, where the banks would share information on customers for the reasons mentioned. This in my opinion is not competition to Ripple/XRP, but a DLT addon to whichever payment system they are using to solve any AML/KYC issues that may arise. To quote the article: The idea involves a mutually-accessible ledger built on JPMorgan's private blockchain Quorum that allows permissioned banks to exchange information abou
  3. I haven't done my research on this, so what I say may require search, but my understanding is that off ledger will be used for institutions who require the high tps. Perhaps the off-ledger will be a private ledger, which some banks and institutions prefer and it is the overall volume of the private ledger that gets reported on the native on-ledger. I'm no expert on this area, but if I get a chance, I'll try and dig deeper.
  4. I thought they had already tested it out last year and exceeded Visa on the private network. My understanding is 50,000 TPS with off-ledger txs. Native on-ledger TPS is 1500. See just before halfway on this page: https://ripple.com/xrp/
  5. Ladies and gents, just came across this bit of news, which is good and helps the case for declaring XRP as a non-security (in my opinion): https://ambcrypto.com/xrp-ledgers-path-decentralization-ripple-less-than-48-of-validators-default-unl/
  6. IBM is a premier member of Hyperledger and Ripple are a general member. Coin Telegraph reports that it was powered by Hyperledger. There are not enough details to say if any crypto was used. I am hoping that IBM have seen the error of their ways and are working with Ripple on this. I suspect that this was a blockchain test and hopefully the use of crypto (hope xrp) will come later. https://www.hyperledger.org/members https://cointelegraph.com/news/ibm-powered-blockchain-platform-completes-first-live-trades-via-five-major-banks
  7. I think we are referring to what will happen after it hits an ath next time. If you've been around long enough and as gut wrenching as it is, a lot of us have accepted what goes up fast can come down hard. It's just cyclic. Trick is to enjoy the ride up and know what to do, or have a plan. Some will sell and profit, buy back as price drops or hodl and ride the storm. Just have a plan/strategy and be comfortable with it.
  8. I'm glad to here that there were no new lesions, I hope it stays that way and as you said, maybe they will have better treatment or cure in 10 years. It always puts a smile on my face when I hear good news (or no worsening of a situation). I have an idea, as you mentioned that your document was quite large (3 pages and counting) - how about setting up a Wordpress page for times just like this, when you have a lot to write down? I set one up that I can refer friends to when they were asking about crypto back in October, so if they really wanted to know things, they could read and follow l
  9. Welcome back!!! I think you did the best thing and take a break. Hope you and are your family are well and you're not overly exhausted. I'm trying to recover from exhaustion! I'm so glad before you left that you gave the philakone videos a chance, well done @djdhrubs on perseverance. I'm kind of with you on your opinion that the whales are running out of time. I look at the calendar and the months for 2018 are flying past. TA is a great help, but there are points in time, when all hell breaks lose and you have to ride the waves, just like the end of last year, I'm just waiting for th
  10. This is my take on the Parliamentary Committee Treasury hearing - this was an ambush (on Martin Walker) and lovely to watch. It was obvious that the committee was well briefed on crypto and blockchain when compared to the average Joe on the street. I think they were better briefed than our cousins over the pond whose loyalties lie with their donors. It is my belief that Ripple had prepared comprehensive briefing material as they have the resources to do so and were very professional about it. I reckon the material they submitted to the committee was top notch. The reason I say this is that the
  11. Sorry for being vague, should have realised some others might not have read the other threads. SAP have been working on a payment system with SWIFT. Find the SWIFT thread and you'll understand the possible significance. At the moment it's an exercise of connecting the dots.
  12. To quote from Accenture, RELATIONSHIPS with leading third-party payments software providers and vendors, including Finastra, Dovetail, ACI, Clear2Pay, SAP Payments Engine, First Data, VocaLink and Ripple https://www.accenture.com/t20180228T094842Z__w__/us-en/_acnmedia/PDF-72/Accenture-Payments.pdf SAP Payments, Vocalink and Ripple!!!! And now we all know who SAP are working with...
  13. Caligulazbaby, take care dude!
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