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    earth reacted to WarChest in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
    Locomotives eh ? Hmmmm

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    earth reacted to Eric123 in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
    Bitcoin is kicking around 50k give or take.  Guys this is normal behavior for a bull market, big runs, pull backs, new bigger runs, pull backs.  If you weren't around for the previous bull runs believe me this is a new experience.  You can't judge Crypto based on your experience in stocks.  Your definitions of - overheated, overextended, pullback  - among others will get rewritten. 

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    earth reacted to Plikk in Charting the course of XRP   
    Perfect retest of alt coin ATH today. We could come down to retest it again but anyway it is BULLISH
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    earth reacted to Eric123 in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
    Today is a classic heart-breaker pullback, designed to crush the people that fomo'd in and trigger their stop losses and get their bitcoins. 
    This is a big reason why people sour on bitcoin and lose money in bull markets.  Someone sees bitcoin at 30k, then 40k then 50k they they decide to buy in at $55k, the price drops below $50k they get scared and sell at $49k, the price ends up closing at $55k and two weeks later it's $60k.
    @Chookstar  exactly what @ManBearPig said about the ETF, it will make it easy for older Millennials, Boomers and older to buy bitcoin, and they are the ones with the $$.
    @Luinorn  midterm will be a steady move up with volatility.  There will be many runs and drawdowns like we are seeing today.  Parabolic will be when we are moving up multiples of the previous ATH in a day. $40k - $100k moves up in a day.  Bitcoin's previous ATH in 2013 was $1,200, at the end of 2017 there were moves of over $5k a day.   So given the 2017 high of $19k a move of around $ 80k would fit with pattern.  I think the bull run last till the beginning of 2022 and perhaps it will be different this time with the intuitions joining in they have strong hands and move slow, they don't panic dump (as a rule)
    There are ETF's for many single assets.  GLD is an ETF for Gold, SLV is an ETF for Silver,  most of the metals and Oil have etf's .  There are ETFs in existence for Bitcoin in Europe and most recently in Canada, though none in the USA, yet.
    @Xrpdude  Will this cycle behave like the other ones???  If so we go parabolic in November and run out of steam in December. I don't know if that happens this time though, this time might be different.  There are a lot of forces at play that didn't exist in the prior runs which may extend the run.  

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    earth reacted to Plikk in XRP range 2021-2023: $17.00-$35,349.00 ??   
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    earth reacted to RussianStandards in Charting the course of XRP   
    XRP has ALWAYS been the last to join the party. This time will be no different, just wait for the moment
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    earth reacted to princesultan in SEC: Statement of Acting Chair Allison Herren Lee on Contingent Settlement Offers   
    This is very very bizarre. For this to happen 24 hours later? 
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    earth reacted to JASCoder in SEC: Statement of Acting Chair Allison Herren Lee on Contingent Settlement Offers   
    Wouldn't it be ironic if the final settlement included the same constraints and restrictions be placed upon both CL and BG's access to, and selling of, their massive stacks of XRP to be the SAME as they had negotiated for Jed ?
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    earth got a reaction from stickynoodle69 in I just lost 200k XRP   
    Thank you for sharing your story. Controlling my FOMO has been an ongoing learning experience. You are not alone!
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    earth reacted to stickynoodle69 in I just lost 200k XRP   
    Hey guys, not feeling too good. At all actually. Just wanted to share my experience so that you won't make the same mistake I did recently. I'm sure you are all aware or the huge price swings for XRP lately. From 75 cents t0 17 cents, back to 70 cents and down to 35. At no time did I ever get to capitalize on these (Bitrue froze up for me during the PnD). I am not a trader, been buying and holding for 3 years. I even took profits form other coins like Eth and Link Btc etc. Poured them all into XRP because XRP hasnt really moved much yet whereas my other coins I have 4-5X'd on.
    Because I missed out on making gains on the PnD and the SEC news, I felt like I needed to increase my bags. It started by just shorting XRP. Worked a couple times, managed to scalp about 40k XRP. A couple days ago Btc pretty big drop in price. I just happened to wake up in that time and noticed it. I thought the bear market is here, maybe I can scalp more XRP. Like an idiot I sold all my XRP at 0.48 cents, and as soo an that happened literally XRP bounced right back to 52 cents.
    To make things worse, as angry as I was I decided to try to find a new coin to catch me back to where I should be. I should of just taken the small hit and just rebought at a higher price. But no, I saw avalanche. I figured it was trending up, thinking that it's going to get the Cardano/ polkadot treatment because it's a smart contract platform. As you guys can see, price dumped. I am such an idiot, I knew better not to do things like this with basically my whole portfolio. I bought at $58 and woke up the next morning to $48 and sold. But it doesn't stop there. I decided to try and make up for this again, and bought GRT. Which is actually a really good project, I bought in at $1.90, it stayed there the whole day. But now XRP was pumping up a bit, so I figured it was the pre trial pump happening, It was time to get back in XRP, losing out on 200k XRP, about $100k. And to pour salt into the wound this morning I woke up with The Graph at 2.75, seriously FML. smh
    The moral of the story is more complicated than it seems at first. Yes, Hodl, never be emotional when you sell/ trade, stick with your plan, don't get greedy and by coins at new ATH's. I knew all this. But I still did it anyways because of emotions. This is the moral of the story, is that even if you know all these rules, you could still make these mistakes due to emotions and other circumstances that you are dealing with in life. And you might not even realize that you are making them until it's too late. For me I was overconfident and dealing with depression, that is why I risked it.
    Now I am consulting a counselor. I hope the best for all of you. Be safe.
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    earth reacted to captainjack in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
    I have it from reliable sources that National Rifle Association are considering to put BTC on the balance sheet. Surely that will shoot the price up
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    earth reacted to brianwalden in Has anyone memed this yet?   
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    earth reacted to Troote in Charting the course of XRP   
    36h late but... I f*cking told you so.
    </me goes back to his pond>
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    earth reacted to Begofend in Charting the course of XRP   
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    earth reacted to Julian_Williams in Charting the course of XRP   
    Good to see XRP has been consolidating and is gaining again.  
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    earth got a reaction from aavkk in Charting the course of XRP   
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    earth reacted to MQB in Charting the course of XRP   
    Nothing is working now. Rigged game.
    Can't handle this kind of volume? What if the volume increases dramatically in the coming months?
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    earth reacted to JASCoder in Charting the course of XRP   
    Whoa - XRP's trade volume in USD has surpassed its current market cap.
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    earth reacted to Julian_Williams in Two leading lawyers discuss SEC case and rip Ripples's arguments to shreds   
    Laura Shin comes across as very anti XRP, almost laughing about the situation XRP holders find themselves in, and the lawyers do too.  They seem to ignore that XRP does have a use case and with FLR that use case is even more solid and accepted in 95% of the world that is not governed by US SEC jurisdiction.  So I found their discussion almost pedestrian in its take on the case.  Maybe US law courts really are that banal?
    Having said that this video very much demonstrates how damaging the egregious behaviour of BG and CL is to the public's perception Ripple's reputation and chances of reaching a settlement with SEC.   
    They think the case will go on for a year or more. I do not think Gensler wants this this case on their books for another year, dominating his opportunities to move SEC forward regulatory clarity in a more positive manner.  There is a good incentive for both sides to meet somewhere in the middle, hopefully with the management of Ripple put straight and the sale of the XRP tokens sold under tighter controls.  
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    earth reacted to EZovertime in Xrp to $10/ but where to trade?   
    Read about Uphold in these very forums. Apparently they are sticking it out with XRP as well.

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    earth reacted to KarmaCoverage in Lawyer take on the lawsuit   
    I saw the first one the other day, thought he did a good job. Thanks for sharing.
    Side note, all these folks crying about their XRP investment, should realize that the SEC has put it's own back against the wall and can no longer stall giving clarity to XRP. The big money center banks (citi, jpm, hsbc) used their lobbyists to have the SEC delay clarity to buy them "catch up" time. That gift from the SEC of more delay, more time to catch up... is ending before our eyes.
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    earth reacted to JASCoder in SEC v. Ripple Labs, et. al: An Analysis   
    Great analogy ... David Schwartz's shorts... 
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    earth reacted to jag216 in My complaint to the SEC   
    This is the complaint that I submitted. I'm just some nobody, but aren't we all?
    I'm writing to file a complaint against the former SEC Chairman Jay Clayton who has neglected his duty to protect retail investors by publishing a 71 page allegation against Ripple that demonstrates clear ignorance of the technology, utility and transparency that I, as an XRP holder, was able to avail myself of long before I ever purchased significant amounts of the digital asset.
    I first purchased XRP in July 2017, but it was a matter of circumstantial convenience. At that time it was a top tier coin by market cap and demonstrated the least volatility. Stablecoins were not yet popular in the market, and so the safest way to lock in my profits from bitcoin and litecoin were to move them into what was still called Ripple on the exchange I used.
    After transferring XRP between wallets I made note of the speed of transmission and looked into the company, the coin percentage distribution, but in particular I saw the advantages of the technology in terms of cost savings, energy savings, decentralization potential, transaction velocity - all of which are contributing factors to the success of the company.
    While the allegations put forward by the SEC suggest that XRP serves as a security - that without XRP the company Ripple could not function - this contradicts the facts:
    Without the technology developed by Opencoin now called the XRP Ledger, Ripple as a company could not exist. They would have no product to sell. They would have no backbone to put the flesh of ODL around. They are a software company building on an external technology framework that was gifted to them. I would never have heard of Ripple, were they not attached to this digital asset which I purchased.
    I have never been offered or believed that XRP was any form of share in Ripple, or that XRP provided me with any sort of voting rights or corporate interest in the company.
    My expectation based on the recommendation of consultants like Accenture and name dropping by global authorities like the International Monetary Fund and the Bank for International Settlements is that a technology like XRP could be adopted by the financial industry to revolutionized global payments all over the world.
    At the time, there was no other asset, aside from perhaps XLM, to accomplish this in the same way. I saw the vision that consultant firms projected when it came to adoption of this ledger over something like bitcoin - which has always been designed to be a form of exchange that subverted banks but also included no forms of consumer protection or payment reversal - anti-establishment to the core, and now ironically captured by the establishment.
    The idea that Ripple was trying to bring the efficiency of the XRP Ledger to banks was immaterial - my understanding from day one was that financial institutions could run their own validators and transaction flows if they wanted, and could do so without asking XRP for permission - which the SEC validated when they themselves looked into running a node on the XRPL.
    Today, I still invest in utility tokens, some of which you have deemed securities, others which you have not, but I have invested because I have tried the technology and it works, and it works as fast as Ripple or faster. Some of these tokens approach banks, others are establishing networks for high frequency microtransactions, others tackle logistics tracking, other global identification. XRP is not the fastest game in town anymore, but due to the efforts of Ripple, SBI Holdings, Flare Networks, Sologenic, Tipbot, Coil and other social and financial networks building on the XRPL platform, I am confident that the utility value of the asset will outshine speculative value.
    But there are faster, more advanced technologies I am also invested in as far as utility tokens go. I view it as being similar to what companies like Google and Facebook did when they started investing in private individuals information before third party sharing and reselling was restricted, or, say when Google decided to scan the entire University of Michigan library. These massive data collection investments by these corporations were done in anticipation of their future utility. No one would ever call a collection of scanned books a security that was essential to the business of Google.
    XRP, KIN, HOT, HBAR and other coins follow the same trajectory. These are tokenized utility fuel for the fourth industrial revolution, and I am buying gasoline before everyone owns a car.
    If the SEC doesn't understand this, then they are not as intelligent as the investors they claim to protect. And the action taken by Jay Clayton appears to be nothing more than a blunt object shoved in the face of XRP investors all over the country who never believed that Ripple was ANYTHING without the technology behind the XRPL.
    I can choose to own a piece of the profits of Ford Motor Company, or I can choose to own a piece of the electrical grid that runs the factory, the petroleum that goes into their tires, the gas that goes into their vehicles, etc.
    I don't own stocks! I have always believed in commodities, and that's why I own digital assets - because the technology revolution they represent is the backbone of tomorrow's innovation - regardless of what company is smart enough to adopt them.
    If you want to protect me, and you want to protect American innovation, deregulate the commodity itself. You don't need to ask the technologists behind the technology to provide rigorous testing benchmarks - they will do it anyway because of bragging rights and commodities are such because you can test their utility. The SEC tested the utility of the XRP Ledger, right? Did the SEC confirm the throughput numbers and volume? Did they do a technical analysis of the system? No?
    GOOD. Because that is the role of the CFTC. You want to regulate a commodity like a utility token, you need to have a technology team benchmark the tech. It's the CFTC that should be running a node on the XRPL - not the SEC.
    In closing, I feel bad for the thousands of people who were shaken out of the market by this brazen stunt - or worse, who were forced to liquidate at a realized loss due to being leveraged. I would expect legal action to be taken if the Honorable Clayton's action are demonstrated to be negligent and frivolous.
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    earth reacted to Karl in Action plan after SEC complaint   
    The XRP market is currently in panic mode and panic is never a good advisor for any action.
    I guess everyone should make their own conclusion about the SEC impact.
    My bullet points:
    No final decision has been made yet, it's just a complaint XRP is a registered virtual currency in the USA The SEC complaint makes false assumptions about XRP, which are not based on the needed Howey test  The SEC just invented "digital asset securities" on their own instead of basing them on a law The SEC complaint is restricted to US soil, whereas the majority of XRP trading volume is made in Asia, Europe and wherever. The problem is the extrem FUD sentiment right now that drives the price irrational downwards. We all know there are a lot of anarchist and XRP haters out there, this is just another spark for their hatred.
    The whole circumstance may continue as long as there is no clear situation in sight.
    Nobody likes insecurities. This is especially true for the moody Mr. Market.
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