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  1. Thank you for sharing your story. Controlling my FOMO has been an ongoing learning experience. You are not alone!
  3. It's almost as if the SEC examined Ripple as the standard for making a digital asset, and ensuring it is not a security.
  4. Some fear that 100 billion XRP is too much. Others hope that 100 billion will be enough. I think the supply is just right.
  5. At $220/XRP you may be able to lab-grow your own for McAfee to eat.
  6. Coinbase having a hard time with USDC at the moment. "Convert" to USDC is not even an option at the moment?!
  7. Good answer. Online resources, and even non-degree programs are often better than a true BS from a university. Treehouse is great, for example. If a BS degree is a requirement for you, I highly recommend the Harvard Extension School. Completely online degree program, with on-campus options if you are interested.
  8. I browse XRPChat and other crypto channels to gauge sentiment. It's nice to be able to identify the volume of newcomers, fake accounts, FUD, ecstasy, etc. A bonus on XRPChat is reading the serious TA, especially when it is accurate. Also memes.
  9. My (not financial) advice is to dollar cost average for a period of time that works for you. Definitely load the fiat into Bitstamp, and make spread out purchases. If you are unsure about how long to wait between purchases, I suggest watching the price closely for a few days, and don't feel bad about FOMOing. Buying "at the bottom" is almost impossible, and any seasoned trader expects the price to drop a bit immediately after a buy. I wouldn't worry about USD vs. Euro.
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