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  1. @ripplewaytogo Let's say this IS the actual bottom. You load up, only way to go is up. More likely, the price sinks a bit more, which should be expected. Many have said it before, but it's impossible to time/predict the bottom. Full time traders expect their position to go lower at the time of purchase, then ideally reverse. The same goes for selling. You can try to sell near the top, but hitting the actual peak is crystal ball talk. In crypto, that initial dip sometimes turns out to be an 80% loss, and no one is immune to this. I think charts can help tell you what happened, not what will happen. My plan, and maybe advice, is buy some now, and buy some later on the way up or down.
  2. @ripplewaytogo just want to let you know I hold a similar sentiment. Very tempted to buy another bucket of XRP right now, but maybe there is room for one or two more levels of support before the next run. DCA is probably the best strategy for times like these. Very conflicted when it feels like we could explode up or sink down at any moment.
  3. If there is a speculative bull run, it could happen at any moment, which is when the MMs (market manipulators, aka whales), decide to PUMP IT UP. I see a different type of bull run happening soon, though. I've heard it referred to as "The Flippening," "The Crypto Funnel," and "The Decoupling." We will see clear use cases and shifts in market cap, which may inspire a bull run (for XRP, or other alts). But at that point the market or the "potential bull run" will need to be reassessed, as sentiment, demand, and utility may have changed significantly. Forgot to add - I think we will pass the ATH 2018/2019. Soon.
  4. earth

    BTC dumping again

    I'm conflicted watching BTC go down, but seeing XRP stay fairly stable is good. This may be what a decoupling (starts) to look like.
  5. earth

    What is your Favourite XRP FUD

    The exchanges, websites, articles, and sources that still use Ripple and XRP synonymously. "Ripple's XRP," "Ripple (XRP)," or "Ripple/XRP". "Ripple coins!" #wrong I'm sure some of it is still out of habit, but by now all exchanges and legitimate news sources should be on the same page.
  6. earth

    President Bill Clinton Keynotes Swell 2018

    This is how I am seeing it. Some may see Bill as totally out of context for Swell, but in the spirit of charity and not hindering economic advancements, Bill could address all the right things.
  7. earth

    President Bill Clinton Keynotes Swell 2018

    Thanks, Obama.
  8. earth

    Why do you want to get rich?

    Also help pay off student loans in the family.
  9. earth

    Toast Wallet, can I buy and sell?

    If you are in the US - use Uphold to buy, then transfer to Toast after the funds settle.
  10. earth

    Q2 2018 XRP market reports

    I know. It feels like we are "half the distance to the goal" every time. Inching closer, but never there.
  11. earth

    Q2 2018 XRP market reports

    My favorite part of this: Preaching to the choir here, but it's good to see it published.