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  1. This does appear to be the international version of PayPal/Venmo (i.e. user friendly app), with no cross border or currency exchange fee.
  2. Hmph, wow. Ok then. This clarifies it a bit for me: https://www.quora.com/Why-did-Jed-McCaleb-leave-Ripple-to-start-Stellar
  3. Serious followup question. What do you mean by: Just looking for clarification and your opinion on it. I honestly do not know the full extent of the Jed situation.
  4. "Which Bitcoin did you buy?" is another one I hear from educated circles.
  5. This is not a lottery ticket, but in a similar spirit: You cant win if you don’t play the game.
  6. Something so sudden, although beneficial, COULD be considered a threat to "national security" to some. It would be like if we instantly had an easy source of cheap, renewable jet fuel. Might make some entities, ie governments, uncomfortable. From their view, it could be "best" not to acknowledge until they know how to slowly get on board. Would you call that a psychological barrier?
  7. I'm having a hard time rationalizing PoW power consumption. Maybe someone can add to this or help. Being pro-PoW doesn't inherently mean anti-environment or pro-excessive power consumption. The future consumption of PoW is clear and measurable, so what is PoW banking on? A limitless/clean supply of energy? Or that power consumption is a non-issue, given the potential benefits? I think there is an argument for a false dichotomy between PoW and power consumption, but with PoS available I think it can only help PoW to have a better answer.
  8. I believe it's in Ripple's best interest to not be seen as a catalyst for XRP price movement. As many have said here, it's best (for us) to think of Ripple as a software company and XRP its preferred DA. If Ripple made more statements to influence the price, the community would praise/blame them for price manipulation. Best to let this unfold slowly, with speculative pumps along the way.
  9. I could see something mental happening if there is a trifecta of: FOMO speculation, regulations solidified, and xRapid kicking in at the same time. I think we will see meteoric growth over the next 5-10 years, yes.
  10. I have always wanted to swing the sword on these kinds of rallies. Yes, I lost out on some big gains, but I am happy we are above $0.50 and holding.
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