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  1. Ripple/SEC case won't be settled before Christmas.
  2. I bought some Doge at 0.06c AUD. It's sitting at 0.55c AUD. Despite what one thinks about Musk, it is apparent that development of Dogecoin continues at pace with his backing. https://decrypt.co/70945/exclusive-dogecoin-developers-say-theyve-been-working-with-elon-musk-since-2019
  3. Interesting thread this morning. The SEC is out of control... https://mobile.twitter.com/FilanLaw/status/1394439289338056707
  4. I think he might be talking up BTC Markets here in Australia - which is my preferred exchange for buying XRP. It is a really good exchange and the customer support is outstanding.
  5. Of course! (Although here in Australia, it was known as "Flying High")
  6. Word is, Judge will deliver a decision in a matter of days. She's going to take her time to consider this carefully.
  7. The world trying to get on the call today...
  8. CEO of SBI says he wants to see Ripple move towards an IPO. Alex Oh snap resigns from the SEC. XRP price gets its skates on... Good times...
  9. "At SBI Holdings financial results briefing, the company President Yoshitaka Kitao, told investors that the company was aiming to push for Ripple to go public. The President added they were also pushing to have R3 also offer an IPO in the near future. R3 is a New York-based software company that develops Distributed Ledger Technology platform, Corda." https://www.crypto-news-flash.com/ripple-ipo-sbi-hints/
  10. Greatest disappointment of my life - *not* seeing a Hans & Simon Gruber prequel double team.
  11. "When they land we blow up the roof, they spend a month sifting through rubble, and by the time they work out what went wrong, we'll be sitting on a beach, earning twenty percent."
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