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    Poll: Coinbase Adding Ripple

    @£$%^^*** coinsbase will they be around in 10 years time and if so what market share will they have of inference if any .
  2. techpeter

    A far fetched idea ?

    BTC does not work, so XRP may end up by default
  3. techpeter

    Cashing In

    do not think pound will tank over Brexit if anything the euro will tank .
  4. techpeter

    Quitting my job for cryptos.

    i have some arb software running but we arb bookmakers and betting exchanges . we found that you are better to scrape the site 15 x a minute than to use slow delayed APIs
  5. santander are a bank who have a new app in 4 country at mo to spend XRP on retail that you can buy a coffee without paying the large fees and long wait with bitcoin , XRP will become a real currency used by real people every day
  6. santander app with XRP will be bigger then coinbase , people spending xrp on real items and services will do more than just hodl in a wallet . more banks will come if Santander apps make them money from xrp trade .
  7. techpeter

    How to go through the hard times

    support a **** football team
  8. maybe you should ask them for a job
  9. good old USA . you cannot use your credit cards to gamble on sports or play poker and now invest in crypto . as you are too stupid not to lose all your money in their eyes . think you would be better off to move to north Korea, Iran , Syria , Russia, Afghanistan all have more freedom than the USA
  10. got a Lamborghini for sale cash only , (no crypto taken ) and i have had to cancel my holidays to the moon
  11. good news
  12. techpeter


    better buy myself then themselves, then place it safe not sure banking regs will cover crypto , but hope it will hope they make it , companys like that are good for the market place but just not for me yet . wish them the best of luck
  13. techpeter


    yes for joe soap it is ok , and maybe you will soon spend your XRP with a revolut app so it has some good points .
  14. techpeter


    until they get hacked .
  15. techpeter


    you cannot move your coins out of revolut . so a waste of time for me , you also have to pay a monthly fee .
  16. about 1.000000000000000000000000000000000000 in BITCONNECT coins (BCC)
  17. techpeter

    The Daily Express are Bullish on XRP...

    no just having a bit of fun ,
  18. techpeter

    The Daily Express are Bullish on XRP...

    leave the devil alone it is just not fair to associate him with the express, now, on the other hand, the daily mail i would say that is his true work
  19. techpeter

    The Daily Express are Bullish on XRP...

    so what paper you read then , the morning star or is it the daily sport ( just for the sports pages )
  20. techpeter

    What happens to the XRP?

    second post just in case
  21. techpeter

    What happens to the XRP?

    if i post 2x do i get more ?
  22. techpeter

    Coindesk.com has added Ripple

  23. techpeter

    Crushing the FUD on XRP

    on the bright side, it gives me more chance to keep buying more at a low market cap
  24. thats ok a bit of NYC and at the end of the day she wants her tax it is just is cyrpto a stock or commodity or will it classed as a gambling tax