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  1. From what I infer about their general strategy, they are more than willing to decrease their holdings of XRP over time (escrow), even at a discount to bolster the price and circulation of XRP. Of course, if all goes well, 7 billion XRP (with all XRP in circulation) after 10 years @ lets say $20 is much better than 62 billion XRP (with escrow restrictions) @ $0.20 with 38 billion in circulation; in terms of value. I've watched an interview with the Ripple CEO mentioning possible customer-facing products in 5+ years and also their chief cryptographer post that at some point Ripple's interests will de-align with that of XRP (whatever than may mean). Which leads me to strongly believe they do have plans beyond their initial use case, whether these overall plans would affect XRP price in a meaningful way, who knows? Either way, they will have a huge warchest of funds to work with if they reach their current goals.
  2. Have been researching Ripple/XRP for the past two weeks. From what I've read, I do believe in the ambitious goal that Ripple is out to achieve is a legitimate one and the team behind the company appears to be a competent lot that has a shot of attaining its goals in the long term. It's clear that FI adoption is the essential for the success of XRP, however, liquidity and price stability of XRP plays a major factor in said FI adoption. To keep it short, it appears the majority of market liquidity is currently provided through speculation and is overly influenced by manipulative forces since crypto is so highly correlated to Bitcoin. How is Ripple planning on providing the price stability that meets FI risk tolerances without the massive liquidity needed to lower price volatility, which seems that only massive FI adoption provides? Any enlightened individuals in the community care to share your thoughts?
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