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  1. From what I infer about their general strategy, they are more than willing to decrease their holdings of XRP over time (escrow), even at a discount to bolster the price and circulation of XRP. Of course, if all goes well, 7 billion XRP (with all XRP in circulation) after 10 years @ lets say $20 is much better than 62 billion XRP (with escrow restrictions) @ $0.20 with 38 billion in circulation; in terms of value. I've watched an interview with the Ripple CEO mentioning possible customer-facing products in 5+ years and also their chief cryptographer post that at some point Ripple's inte
  2. Have been researching Ripple/XRP for the past two weeks. From what I've read, I do believe in the ambitious goal that Ripple is out to achieve is a legitimate one and the team behind the company appears to be a competent lot that has a shot of attaining its goals in the long term. It's clear that FI adoption is the essential for the success of XRP, however, liquidity and price stability of XRP plays a major factor in said FI adoption. To keep it short, it appears the majority of market liquidity is currently provided through speculation and is overly influenced by manipulative forces
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