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  1. There's plenty of shady ICO coins out there that will generate plenty of pump and dump profits. But in the short-term and until these ICO's are more regulated, you need to decide what type of investor you are. Aside from the fact that I like to go to bed with a clear conscience, Ripple's overall progress dwarfs everyone else in the cryptosphere. At 0.25c you should consider this to be a bargain. I'll take this past month's growth and repeat it for the next 24 months. Nice and steady.
  2. @Hodor Great read. Ever thought publishing these on https://steemit.com ?
  3. Whose coldwallet is this address?

    I think I found the tag: https://www.coinlend.org/#!Blog:Donation_addresses_for_all_lendable_coins
  4. Whose coldwallet is this address?

    How about this?
  5. R3 v. Ripple Lawsuit Dismissed

    The war chest just got a little bit bigger.
  6. R3 v. Ripple Lawsuit Dismissed

    Massive! Congrats to the Ripple team.
  7. That's a great way to grow Ripple the business while promoting XRP.
  8. It's your money but It sounds like something a gambler would do. At least it's for a good cause as gamblers might say.
  9. That would be a great contribution to the affected community. You should check this DIY project for experiments (arduino, IOT, Cloud, good ole JS and then your blockchain). https://create.arduino.cc/projecthub/chanhj/water-quality-monitoring-system-ddcb43
  10. Yes, listed Tuesday ‘Future of blockchain’: https://swell.ripple.com/agenda/
  11. but yeah, always an excellent read.
  12. I would suggest that @hodor makes the social media links from his wordpress more prominent as well or visible towards the top.
  13. Finally decided to make an account!

    Quite creative! well done.
  14. New Ripple client/wallet: The World Exchange

    I might give it a try when I find the time (Single Dad duties keep me busy).