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  1. ienviaa

    Nice little pump

    Hope its not a stupid pump and dump, even if volume seems to big to be that.
  2. ienviaa

    Nice little pump

    I'm more excited and impatient about XRP and Ripple shutting every big mouths on twitter by becoming the new standard than being millionnaire because of it. Should I go doctor ? 🙄
  3. Like David told us, Friday 5PM.
  4. Ripple financed by SBI which is a consortium of banks also.
  5. Ok so you're telling me that Brad said exactly the same thing last year about a product ready for production since only 1 or 2 months ? Good call genius.
  6. Using xRapid =/= holding or using XRP on the bank sides. xRapid is a solution that offers Ripple to solve a liquidity problem for banks and FIs. The cogwheel and mechanism behind xRapid is not really their problem in fact. As a consumer, when you buy a car, you are not really concern about how it works and how is it possible as long as it is efficient for you to use it.
  7. Some people says it was related to cobalt, other says it's his real price prediction... Anyway, considering the "EOY 2018" part of it, in both case, cobalt or $589+ EOY should be really good for us.
  8. Or maybe deal is already signed but not in prod right now. This should be why there is nothing different in volumes/price and why he is so sure about it 🙂
  9. The estimates I've seen considering the end of the world should be in december 2012
  10. Yeah, of course. I'm not scarred at all about how they could dump XRP. Again, I trust them, and they are not stupid ofc. But more scarry about how legitimate this move sounds like, how can you answer to a bank asking you :"yeah ok, but why are you personnaly holding so much of it, gifted on day 1, if it is supposed to be an asset ?"
  11. Should have wrote this disclaimer before ^^, I invested early 2017, I trust the project and the team, but this world is not an utopia, this is why I talk about this subject. To me it seems more interesting than a 1000th topic talking about how XRP will be at 10$ next month, but I must be crazy.
  12. Disclaimer : I'm bullish with XRP and Ripple, I'm a good holder, and this topic is not related to recent drops, I don't care about price, I'm here for years.
  13. Just a topic to discuss about your biggest fear that could slow or completely stop XRP and most importantly : Adoption Personally, my biggest fear for XRP is basically the fact that Chris and Brad, both combines, are holding more than 10% of the entire supply... For me this is the most scary **** that could stop a bank or FIs to buy or adopt xRapid. A don't come to me and say : hey but satoshi holding this and vitalik is holding that : I don't care about others and what they do, I'm talking about Ripple, XRP and their mainstream goals. For me this gift to founders I pretty amatory compared to the division where Ripple is trying to play. XRP isn't a stock or shares (you cannot compare this like Bill Gates holding MS shares, etc), it's an asset and it should be used like this.