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  1. XRP is a currency/part of a software supposed to solve a liquidity problem between FIs. Just imagine if CEO of Microsoft say : « ok, Windows is over. we stop it entirely, no OS anymore from the company. There is a 100bn supply of windows copy, no more, but you guys are able to exchange/trade them to each other. , and I decided to hold myself 10 billions of these, because, you know, I can do it »
  2. Holding this amount of a CURRENCY that is supposed to solve a LIQUIDITY problem ? yes it’s a big problem. Don’t get me wrong I long with XRP and truely believe and hope success for Ripple, but we are not talking about shares here. XRP is not Ripple shares. Your comparison doesn’t work.
  3. such amount of XRP gifted to founders, CEO, etc, are completely discrediting XRP and the entire project IMO ... Ripple should try to buy theme back.
  4. https://i.imgur.com/02Bxkye.gifv
  5. FIs hold XRP to facilitate transactions and reduce cost between each others. They are not buying it to speculate like we do. There is strictly no interest for them to sell it on market, their point is using it to make transactions with their cross borders colleagues.
  6. worst exchange ever, Level 0 of professional trading place.
  7. JoelKatz also said that those 2 household name were not related to bank or financial institutions. So def not one of 2
  8. Good to see that they know what a maintenance is ! 😂
  9. Well, an other good day for the XRP, at least Ripple is supporting us by making some tweets, giving some insights and ... no wait ... They don’t care at all.
  10. I know its not funny but I coudn’t stop crying 😂
  11. gl to sleep now my friend ^^
  12. wtf is happening, I mean I bought @0.2 but I feel like.. stolen
  13. First of all, sorry to create an other topic But serious question here : with all those rumors leaks/fakes, if this comes to be true, are you guys never thinking that coinbase announcement/release could be already so much priced in ?