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  1. Exactly, people making money, weak hands wasting money, institutions watching the slaughter. That’s it.
  2. If it drops to 0.2 I’ll drop 2k€ in it. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
  3. 30th december : $0.5 31th december : $589
  4. ienviaa

    £1 EOY

    Lets create a UK section in the forum, then you’ll have a place to express yourself.
  5. If you were personally holding 1 Billion of XRP or even massive oil stock (utility) , what could stop you to sell them to any body, directly, and off the market ? then you have the answer.
  6. Is it 2019 already or I missed something ? I could do the exact same post to remember you that we went to 3$ from 0.2 in less than a month. Until 2019 comes in you should try to not over talk and not doing the same mistake than the one you are talking about : predicting future.
  7. Half of the time, he is right every time ☝?
  8. ienviaa


    Yesterday I farted but I didn’t poo at all... Am I decoupling from myself ? Should I go doctor ? ?
  9. Can somebody explain me why I laugh each time to this joke ? ?
  10. Yeah I can confirm what he said, all true ! Last night I was clubbing, I went to pee in toilets and guess who was sitting next to me, a Ripple employee of course ! He told me to hold strong but I realize now that he was maybe talking about my d!ck ? ?
  11. ienviaa


    I was just kidding ! But hey don't dream to far buddy... you will not see a currency owned (for now) at 60% by a private company becoming the world currency. And I'm not even talking about the fact that this is a crypto currency with all it implicates.
  12. ienviaa


    It’s not like pre-printed dollars would be the world currency already ?
  13. If you want to find this guy at Swell, just try to look at somebody who is taking photos with an iPhone 3G.
  14. + a marketcap of 50 trillion for XRP doesn’t mean at all that 50 trillion has been injected into it. This is why marketcap argument isn’t that revelant...
  15. 80 trillion is actually the real money in circulation. Think about derivative and big pool of money that doesn’t really exist elsewhere than virtualy.