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  1. "banks will never adopt Xrp" Well, your friend is aware that this has already happened ?
  2. Some people sell others buy. Only personnal objectives drive the price down or up when it's purely based on speculation. Your moon is at 10$ but maybe mine is only at 0.3$ because I bought a **** tons at 0.004 !
  3. if it reaches 100$ that would mean I'd be holding tons of millions ! Never get so lucky aswell unfortunately ...
  4. If they really sold for 6.5 billions to FIs and announce this, it will be the fastest skyrocket we've ever seen. keep an eye on the fact that they are coming to new exchanges and they have to gives them xrp... Hope for the number one pick tho !
  5. $1000 ripple?

    If Ripple manage to replace SWIFT and handle as much volume as they do, we will get $500usd per XRP.
  6. Don't really understand why people say this price per XRP "would be impossible because it mean Ripple is worth blablabla". As long as YOU or banks own the token, the XRP price will give valuation to Ripple only by the amount of supply they didn't sold at this point. Will be fairly under a Billion hold by Ripple when XRP will be priced like this IMO.
  7. When FIs, will hold $100bn market cap, traderkids past called "whales" will keep playing with their ******** and will not have any impact like it does today.
  8. Just to tell you that XRP seems to be in real use. Look at this total XRP burning slowly but surely : https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/
  9. Well, after years and years banks will just say : now go f&?k yourself with your coin !
  10. JoelKatz sees partner FOMO

    Haha JK, stop trolling us ! what FOMO are you talking about, almost every single panel said that they were not interesting yet in XRP or crypto in general. You lie or they lie ? Both cases are scaring me.
  11. Prefer this one : "The code always does what you want - and people don't." Mark Zuckerberg
  12. starting to think that at this point, even with small news tomorrow (not expecting significant stuff anymore) they almost killed themselves with their OWN conference... Crazy. They said "Mindblowing" and the only things that blows my mind are how much vodka shots the twitter community manger is taking each seconds.
  13. don't understand a **** from this SBI guy ... damn
  14. JoelKatz sees partner FOMO

    Hi, it was on Discord.