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  1. Wow, Citi als states that XRP was “created by Ripple”. Can these people not do simple research? Things like that completely make me speculate the credibility of the paper. Is all of the info correct? It just some of it? Either way, XRP is a long play - banks move slower than anything else. Trust the tech
  2. Didn’t know they recorded it. I was there, Miguel’s year goal is to make XRP liquidity as high as BTC. He said this as if it wasn’t out of reach, almost like he knew he could make this goal. He also mentioned that there is a lot he “can’t say”. Based on Miguel’s comments 2018 will be a huge year for XRP.
  3. Does Brad have any restrictions on the “cashing out” of XRP? 9 Billion is a lot to flood the market.
  4. I’m just a poor boy, I need no sympathy.... ironic because with XRP, I’m no longer a poor boy
  5. Is it xRapid or xVia? xVia would be great, xRapid would be HUGE
  6. Can someone explain how it is .98 USD? I am not seeing this.
  7. I bet the timing, from Ripple’s perspective, is perfect. I know they do not purposefully control pricing, but they do want a slow/steady increase (@joelkatz has said this repeatedly). What they do control is the timing of when they make major accomplishments and they always seem to be at the inopportune time for a significant pump in XRP. Not hating, I’m a die hard XRP hodler and trust in the leadership 100%, but this trend has been prevelant lately.
  8. I bet the price surges, then settles around .26 as non belivers sell off
  9. I do not know for other countries, but some have already discussed above. However, in the US crypto is considered property, so any transaction where an “investor” sells XRP, the gain/loss would be calculated on the basis of the purchase price (how to determine basis is still an ongoing issue). As mentioned above, this could become a logistic nightmare for banks to track. I’m a CPA living in NYC and I am part of the “Accounting Blockchain Coalition”, where we gather to discuss issues like these. This is truly the Wild West when it comes to regulation and regulators are purposely being “standoffish” when it comes to making clear cut regulations because they do not want to stifle this emerging tech. However the pressure is building as more mainstream adoption is building momentum, regulators will begin to solidify tax implications. It will be interesting to see where the regulations begin to emerge, but this will be an ever evolving issue - likely changing from one stance to the other as it progresses. In the end, I see crypto being regulated/taxed like currency. Note that this is different than asset tokenization and utility coins.
  10. This photo goes with the above. Definitely a “for those who are early” lounge.
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