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  1. Well, there was 6 months to accumulate. Those who understand Ripple and XRP are already in for sure.
  2. I'm glad that many people actually increased their position by a lot. As you say, we were given second chance. I'm not sure how many chances like this will we have in the future.
  3. First of all I'm sorry for being inactive for such a long time. Now I have more time to actively contribute to this community. ? So, since I see a lot of people who believe that XRP has a bright future, I'm interested to see if you used this bear market to fill your bags. ???
  4. So, I'm not sure if anyone is familiar with this budget tracking app. Today I received mail from them that may be interesting. What do you think?
  5. I think he should be thankful to Ripple for keeping XRP instead of him. How rich is he now?
  6. I'm not 100% sure, but I think it is a bit hard to register/trade on Korean exchanges.
  7. I still think that comparing to a dot com bubble, crypto bubble is going to be way bigger before it bursts. It's because it's way easier to buy crypto today then it was to buy stocks in 2000s and informations are traveling faster nowadays, so more people will enter. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  8. Interesting, but I think that 8 billion XRPs destroyed in 5 years could be little bit too much. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. Guys, are you sure that there will be an announcement before years end? And merry Christmas everyone!
  10. IceCube


    Hello and welcome!
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