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    Hi! I'm Bob

    Bob, A few points that I'd appreciate your feedback on: I'm hearing reports of it being a possibility that Ripple will give away XRP in the same way XLM was freely distributed. I know you speak of a patented mechanism which enables this to increase the price of XRP, but how does giving people something for free (when others have already paid for their stacks) actually work? People get given free XRP at 30 cents and then it's suddenly increasing in price and they get the benefit for no risk...? Why would Ripple have a patent on increasing XRP price when they're making such a
  2. But what does it mean for Ripple if SWIFT are forced to withdraw service to Iran? Surely Ripple, as a US company, couldn't just enter and open multiple XRP corridors? But so much of Iran's oil trade would be affected if SWIFT blocks them out.
  3. https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2018-11-02/trump-s-iran-bank-cutoff-from-swift-will-make-u-s-sanctions-hurt How do we expect this to affect the overall situation? Does anyone place special significance in the timing of all of this?
  4. This old guy is a disgrace... absolute SWIFT shill Amazing how he's convinced he's right, but Ripple have sat in meetings with some of the most massive companies in the world and they haven't had the same concerns.
  5. Ripple have already chosen and stated their 3 preferred exchanges for XRP liquidity
  6. A few other interesting hands in the SBI mix...
  7. It's an article from a Bitcoin website... Forget it.
  8. Now you're not just being an embarrassingly transparent shill, but you're also being really silly as well.
  9. So on that basis alone, that's a 20% reduction in SWIFT control... So now let's watch Ripple take an overall 20% and go from there. A 20% takeover of SWIFT business would be astronomical. Get cheering for it instead of being a mood hoover.
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