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  1. Think you know XRP? Win 1000 XRP!

    Just bring rippleflip back...
  2. I still hold those 5000 xlm from the first give away. Interesting to see where this is going; Still in love with my zerps though, they look shiny today
  3. I am currently free floating. It doesn't mean I watch xrp-price less. Au contraire
  4. Imho, it will not. It will just be cheaper to obtain those usd because of the use of xrp. And it will go a lot faster.
  5. Can you give us an idea of the search terms people use to find your site? Much xrp/ripple related?
  6. My speculation

    Why will fiat become obsolete?
  7. How much are you down?

    I just have less profit
  8. Higher Transaction Costs

    The fact that they are not at this moment, i find that verry worrying. One of the main features of ripple is the low transaction fee. It is higher than normal and nobody seems to know what's going on... And we get no official statement... Not how they usually act...
  9. Higher Transaction Costs

    I woud rally like an official statement about this from ripple. One of the biggest advantages is the low fee. But this looks nasty. Need some reassurance...
  10. I have been begging for a coffee mug for the last three years. I keep on dreaming
  11. No, no expectations but I will shave just in case...
  12. I look at 9/12 the way I look at a tinderdate...
  13. I never argue with @JoelKatz . Felt very confident once and tried it. Will never do that again...
  14. Ledger Nano S - Water proof

    You'd need multiple rice bowls for that. But if you have multiple rice bowls, that should be no problem I guess
  15. Sept 12 - Coincidence or Planned?

    12 september 2016: I woke up and noticed that I had to deal with a massive hangover. I dealt with it. As I always do. That's me. I'm awesome, they say. I believe them