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  1. check the address on bithomp. If your xrp are there, they are safe. Sometimes the nano shows a 0-balance. God knows why
  2. No I am not, yet. But I am freerolling on my xrp-investment. In the meantime, I doubled my income from my job and I have set up a plan to get to financial freedom. I will get there. XRP could make it happen faster, but if it goes to zero, so be it. It's an advice I am happy to share: don't care about the price of xrp. Get your life on the right track. See your investment in xrp or other cryptos as a possible turbo to get to your goal a lot faster. But don't panic if the price stays this low for years. Don't let your happiness depend on the price of a crypto-asset
  3. your current balance is 564,32 xrp. Your account has received two payments from coinhako.com https://bithomp.com/explorer/r4eNZHKMWBmyq3M7vcEuwATiJ2ySEx1L1R There is no btc or eth in your account.
  4. You are wrong. They have always presented themselves as company that does not discriminate. Since the beginning, the following has ALWAYS been mentioned on their job offers:
  5. in 2017, they did manage to communicate in a decent way: https://gatehub.net/blog/gatehub-ltd-announcement/ What a contrast with todays disaster. @gatehub: you should be ashamed. This is a disgrace
  6. no no no. This has nothing to do with the theft. It is just a user that send xrp to an exchange without a destination tag.
  7. well, they did not use the gatehub ui. They somehow got hold of the secret keys of accounts migrated to, or created at gatehub. And with the secret key, you can use whatever wallet you want to transfer funds.
  8. So if I get it right, this is a summary of what happened: - The funds were stolen from ripple accounts (not hosted wallets) that had been imported into, or created on, gatehub - To move the funds out, no logins happened to the users gatehub accounts So to me there are only 2 possible explanations: - the secret keys were somehow hosted by gatehub and someone got access to those secret keys. - when someone asked to show their secret key on the gatehub site, the secret key somehow got intercepted. Damn, I feel for you guys, I really do.
  9. in the past weeks he did hint to may a few times...
  10. I bought in 2014. Did some daytrading and got my initial investment out in june 2015. I am freerolling since then and hoping for the price that allows me to sell half and pay off all my debts It has been a bumpy ride... And more bumps to come. We might never arrive... Or we could arrive next month. No-one knows.
  11. absolutely no interest in Ripple. Let us all sell FFS
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