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  1. yes the XRPL may even no longer exist. Doesn't matter for flare
  2. and then THEY JUST CREATE MORE I am still holding. Well, actually not. I sold all but my stop loss buy orders have been submitted. The further it goes down, the more xrp I will pick up. I will have more xrp, that is for sure already, when the orders get triggered. Could it go to 0? Yeah. Will it? Nobody knows. I have no hard earned savings in xrp. I am freerolling since 2014 or something like that. No I will not invest in BTC. Too many fundamental flaws imo. But I could be wrong. I don't care if I am wrong. I am zen
  3. Indeed I read things like "xrp should be at 1 or 2 usd by now". Should it? Is there a law that tells xrp what to do? Or was there a memo I missed? And hey, it could be at 2 dollars in a week. Will it? I don't know? Should it? No (see above). We are still victims of the whales. The big boys decide what happens. If they decide that xrp should go up, it will at this stage. And if it does and it reaches the targets I have set, I will cash out. But if it does not, if the big boys tell xrp to sit and not grow, well, so be it. The price you see today, the price of all crypto's, is
  4. i see 3 possibilities: Up, down or sideways. One of those, #nodoubt
  5. everyone says they are in for the long term. But when it rises quickly or drops sharply, they all go nuts (in both ways). Just stay calm, never panic, set your goals, stick to them. I did not sell in 2017 because I had no plan, just greed. Now I have a plan. Only thing I can do is wait for it to unfold. It might never unfold. So be it
  6. if we would not have corrected but just steadily moved from .25 to .54 in a few days time, all would be happy. Just don't look at the peaks (high and low). Think in averages. Look at weekly charts (instead of the 15 minute chart) and so on and so on
  7. today's low was .46 price now: .54 up 15% since today's low
  8. we are still 80% up compared to last week. 3 days ago everybody was happy with the price. We are at the same level as three days ago No need to panic.
  9. she is an old and slow lady. Give her some time, she will get there
  10. No, but I can influence the price. When it shot up to over .70 i told everyone to stop buying beacause ManBearPig wants to see that .7 live, with his own eyes. They all backed off. You're welcome
  11. they sweeped all the cheap coins, time to move up again
  12. no problem. See you at .85. And then you go back to sleep because a man can't live with just 3 hours of sleep. You need to sleep
  13. I just woke up. I'll take things over from here. Have a good rest
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