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  1. smoothy

    Galgitron’s blog: Fake News

    Best scam evah
  2. oe oe i am so excited. Can't wait to hear more about that new project. Hey @JoelKatz, please tell us
  3. great post and video. But it was recorded at swell (october 2018) so why has it not been posted until now?
  4. this used to be a fun place
  5. smoothy

    December came early

    Whiskey. Drinking it naked, most of the time
  6. Thank god this is the last time. Thank god
  7. smoothy

    Nice little pump

    Let this be the big one so we can keep on discussing it in this topic called "Nice little pump"
  8. Same. But i cant guarantee i wont kill you . But i Will keep the info to myself
  9. Or in two days.? More to come?
  10. all those, great, questions can be answered by @xrptipbot
  11. smoothy

    The coming millionaires of XRP

    Better hope that policeman does not have a nano ledger s then...
  12. ^this selling now is like commiting suicide when you have te flu
  13. I still see ripple making progress, though. More than ever. That is a good sign, and it prevents me from selling. Because the next bull run could happen any moment now. Or never. Nobody knows