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  1. absolutely no interest in Ripple. Let us all sell FFS
  2. 1. He does not provide any information that proves that this is a wallet owned by David Schwartz 2. If it were to be a wallet owned by DS, than the only thing we can see is that a lot of xrp has been moved to coinbase recently. This does NOT mean that they are sold there. A few possibilities: - the owner is a market maker and wants to make market on coinbase - the owner wants to have his xrp in place, ready for the next bullrun. He is setting his selling orders, but way above the current price - the owner wants to move his funds to another wallet so nobody sees how much xrp the owner has (this is a great way of doing this, I did the same: XRPL -> coinbase -> XRPL (new wallet)) - the owner is selling it all because he has some bills to pay - .....
  3. this one????: https://developers.ripple.com/data-api-v2-tool.html#get-single-validator-reports It gives a response per day in the given time period you could make a sum of all the "totals" and "missed" returned?
  4. oe oe i am so excited. Can't wait to hear more about that new project. Hey @JoelKatz, please tell us
  5. great post and video. But it was recorded at swell (october 2018) so why has it not been posted until now?
  6. Whiskey. Drinking it naked, most of the time
  7. Let this be the big one so we can keep on discussing it in this topic called "Nice little pump"
  8. Same. But i cant guarantee i wont kill you . But i Will keep the info to myself
  9. Better hope that policeman does not have a nano ledger s then...
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