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  1. Such a knee jerk reaction to a nascent market. I wish we were further but price and speculation mean absolutely nothing. Go trade the flavor of the month. Investing in anything is not for you.
  2. ODL has been around for essentially a year. More volume and corridors now than a year ago. Before this they built out RippleNet for years, decentralized it, implemented escrow, etc etc. Your point?
  3. Ripple keeps plowing forward. Haven't seen anything suggesting that this will fail. Only seen impatient loser moonboys be mad that they aren't millionaires after 3 years. Shit I totally would love 589 or even $5 off speculation but it hasn't happened, only real progress has Could fail, that's why you have other plans for success.
  4. You can't equate price progress to Ripple/ODL progress. The market still follows Bitcoin, has low liquidity, and is easily manipulated by whales. It is not a logical market yet so you can't pretend that it is.
  5. Tesla isn't profitable. Many companies that are now big players took a long time. 8 years isn't very long in the grand scheme of things, although I'd hope this would either crash or have large success within the next 5 years. Just because something doesn't happen on YOUR timeline doesn't mean anything really. Think of all of the impatient Apple, Google, Amazon holders in the early days.....of course many things do end up failing. I've only seen complaints from impatient people while this whole use case moves forward. As said with the internet and with crypto among other things: people tend to overestimate the short term and underestimate the long term.
  6. Nothing has materialized? And not really to the second statement. Ripple has also been making a lot of money.
  7. In what world is it reasonable to expect to be a millionaire within 3 years with a 5k investment? Fricken delusional
  8. I invest in things with long term potential. Anyone who cries about price right now is a moron. Use case hasn't matured..... This is a long term project and always has been. We were all hoping for another speculative run when energy was around in 17/18 and we may get another, but here we are. The project keeps moving forward. Maybe we'll be somewhere next year, maybe in 5 years. Nothing has shaken my faith in the long term of Ripple's vision. If you can't handle not making 1M from your little 5k investment in less than 3 years then maybe you should grow up and build skills and a network that enable you to actually do something with your life rather than hoping on a lottery ticket or event to save your piddly situation. Tired of the whiners Edit: There have also been multiple multi-year lulls in this space. You guys probably wouldn't have ended up making shit had you invested before 2017 anyways.
  9. Imagine thinking that price means anything in a market that is still 100% speculation driven
  10. The one where it is working and growing?
  11. Ripple aimed high, proved that ODL works given enough liquidity, which just isn't there yet to support the demand for higher dollar payments. They will continue opening corridors, working higher dollar payments, and now working lower dollar payments which they inevitably would have at some point anyways. Sounds quite reasonable to me. I'm not really understanding the level of tears being expressed by some. I wish we were further along to be fair. I still would love to hear an answer as to why they aren't using ODL for say, Uber payments and things of that nature which at least seem like no brainers if the product is that good.
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