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  1. What has that done? I didn't realize banks started using it
  2. And we were at what, .40 last week? If I had a zerp for every time someone said we're about to break out over the last 24 months.......I'd have a lot of zerps.
  3. I'm not sure what has changed, but the sentiment of the community has really gone to **** lately. This is the same game that we were in 12 and 24 months ago.
  4. Logic would make you think so. But it's made you think that for the past 18+ months as well....
  5. At least we found something that we think may increase price. Clearly, "more amazing news" doesn't seem to be a part of the price function.
  6. I'm out of expecting logic to apply to this market any time soon. I'm not selling any XRP though LOL. Have you paid attention to anything going on the past two years? Mistake
  7. Fusion will make it irrelevant.....it's just 20 years around the corner you know....
  8. Either people in the crypto space are just really really dumb, or there is an effort by big players to hold XRP back because they are scared of it. I'm convinced. No other coin gets as much blatant FUD nor a hundredth of the real developments. If it weren't treated differently than everything else in this space, many of us would be retired by now.
  9. Tell me again why it is valued higher than XRP?
  10. Galgitron: Weekend at Bitcoins springs to mind
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