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  1. I mean, this is kind of what the escrow is for. If you totally removed the human element, you're losing a lot of good things too. As I stated above, the reason that I invested in this is precisely because of what Ripple is doing. The escrow was a smart play because it systematically removes a huge downside of the human element around this.
  2. Are you talking about the 100 billion or the distribution method. Because I think a lot of people get hung up on the former. A single unit has no more utility than a divided unit so you may as well say that there are only 4761 "megaxrp" (100 billion / 21 million) so by that metric there are less XRP than BTC. You can compare drops vs satoshis and it is really irrelevant because they are so tiny that they'll never be worth anything significant enough to change anything in relation to fiat value.
  3. I'm into XRP because of the model. A strong benevolent force that has only been a great steward thus far gives me nothing to worry about.
  4. If/when the price starts going up, it will be stressful as hell. You don't know when ATH is reached. Based on the past charts, there isn't a particularly huge window. I'm going to probably plan on doing a few different sells. The first one would be at $5. From there, its really a matter of luck where the market goes after that. Hopefully it keeps climbing and I can sell more. A pullback would create quite the conundrum......panic sell to capture profits or hope it goes higher. I definitely plan on hodling a chunk long long term, but I'd like to make some sells around those levels and hopefully slash a few years off of work. It would really burn to be greedy and not pull the trigger on a substantial amount of money and portfolio diversification, and then have things crash for 2 years again. First world problems
  5. I wonder if ODL can do enough to put XRP in the #1 spot this year and forever turn the market into a more rational one
  6. 2020 is going to be epic, I'm amazed at everything going on in this space this year so far. Arthur Britto is a very private person. Intriguing. *And 2020 is likely just the start. We are in for a ride!
  7. I think we're starting to see a crypto wide bull run starting to emerge. It may take a while, but good sentiment is in the air
  8. Sending money from the moon. I'm sold
  9. MGI is already big and their use is becoming more and more prominent. Volumes are rising and so are corridors. Nothing is certain, but I don't think it takes much imagination to see where this is going. There should always be some skepticism, but I think it is more of reach to say that this coin won't be used in a major way in the future than to say it will be. You state that XRP hasn't delivered as much as you'd hoped over the last 2 years. I say, BTC has been around much longer and has still failed to be anything other than a speculative instrument. My post was more about BTC and the fact that the emperor has no clothes, than XRP.
  10. 2 years from now you'll have a highly used coin in the real world by big players: XRP. You'll also have a coin that has failed to have much of a use case, has proven time and time again that it hits a glass ceiling when trying to scale, and has a garbage centralized 2nd layer solution that still can't scale reliably: BTC. Remind me again why people would see BTC as digital gold over XRP at this point? It's all propaganda and hype driven by the big pockets/powers that be. The farce won't continue and I absolutely welcome the demise of these people. We've endured years of psychological warfare and bs from them and I'm just grabbing popcorn watching it all reverse.
  11. Smashing ATH once more would be good. Then it can go die in a hole. It has already impeded progress long enough
  12. JPM Coin, Digital Yuan etc. What purpose do they serve? Isn't fiat already digitized? I keep hearing "walled garden" but wanted to know more. A lazy Google search doesn't bring up too much. Why does there seem to be so much FOMO and buzz for creating these things? Doesn't Libra essentially fall in the same bucket? Are these actually innovative in any way or are they just trying to steal the crypto/blockchain buzzwords?
  13. They already regulate all sorts of things. I really don't understand what is so difficult about this and why there isn't much hustle. Bunch of dipshits if you ask me.
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