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  1. Bitcoin is like the dipshit silver spoon rich kid who does nothing by his own merit, but drives the nice car and gets into the nice schools all because daddy made it so. Complete garbage but gets all of the fame and fortune.....for what?
  2. One other person. Someone here posted something like 5% of Americans own Bitcoin or something. That seems extremely high and must have some bias, because there is absolutely no way.
  3. Yeah but Bitcoin is on 60 Minutes tonight guys (I wonder if they'll mention all of the scaling issues and unconfirmed transactions)
  4. Selling 80% once it can retire me (already have a decent stock/bond portfolio). I *hope* the price will continue to rise quickly after I hit that number before I sell, but I will NOT screw around with life changing money for greed. I'm mentally prepared to have the price go 10x months after this point and that is ok. I've never cared for material things and have always disliked working. Freedom is what matters to me. I'll be using Bitstamp because CB can eat a d***. Wiring money back to the states is going to be nerve wracking if/when that time comes.
  5. Penalized for intelligence in this space it seems. You back the project that has a use case and constantly play second fiddle to one that does nothing. Hopefully not for too much longer.
  6. A far cry from the $589+ that we were promised from an internet bear
  7. I can't wait for Bitcoins demise. Just to 'get back' at all of the smug maximalist pricks out there who constantly spew out lies and garbage about XRP.
  8. People love to talk, but talk does nothing to our wallets, only price action does. You'll see a lot of 'talk' over the past 2 years.
  9. Why does everyone bring up late 2017? That Bull run was a JOKE. All gains erased. The one that actually did something was the spring one. Just an observation.
  10. We need regulations against market manipulation, and then need to prosecute these asshats who are raining on everyone's parade. If such a thing is possible.
  11. This has nothing to do with anything. The entire crypto market is moving in tandem.
  12. You're right. This market has never seen mind blowing, massive price action in it's history.
  13. Just because something doesn't sound realistic to you has no bearing on reality. Just think of what people thought about the world even 100 years ago.
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