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  1. Maybe putting Clayton and Hinman in prison will push back these parasites
  2. I set things up for Flare. Does that mean I'm set up for this too? I'll wait for a Nano app
  3. Evidence about anything hasn't mattered to the US government for 16+ months. Hard to expect the right thing to happen just because of measly evidence.
  4. No space wide move in the history of crypto has had anything to do with fundamentals. I mean if the space gave a lick about fundamentals the top 10 would look a lot different.
  5. God we deserve ATH after this garbage this spring. Will the crypto gods continue to be cruel?
  6. Bitcoin is still over 2x the 2018 ATH and we are less than 1/3. Yawn
  7. The scary thing is how bold the US government has gotten in the past 16 months. Rotten to the core in all areas.
  8. US Congress is even more corrupt than these two ******** so I wouldn't count on anything
  9. I hope this too. It's such a shit project and needs to die. So many projects are better and never get the light of day.
  10. My US tax advisor for my business said I don't owe the IRS shit unless I sell. First drop and subsequent drops. If it trades at $1 on month two and I sell a year later at $3 then I'm taxed long term capital gains on the $2 profit.
  11. Quincy is picking up steam because he tells people what they want to hear. BG123 and others have done this before. Hell even Bob Way came in and made people think really great about their investment for a while too. He has substance for sure, maybe he will be correct in the end. People should never get their hopes up because of any influencer and that goes for Brad, David, or anyone else.
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