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  1. The market has never had a slow and steady rise. I don't know why people assume that it will ever happen, and why they think it is some sort of good thing. The lows have gotten higher and higher through all boom/retracement cycles in the history of crypto. You're creating a false dichotomy and this slow/steady argument relies entirely on conjecture and what you think "feels logical".
  2. The problem with holding forever except for living expenses, is that it can eventually violate the Golden rule of wealth preservation: don't put all of your eggs in one basket. You'd be dumb to not diversify over time after you've built some level of wealth.
  3. The only thing that will make me feel good is $589+. Not $588.99, but $589+
  4. I'll eat crow for all of the CB bashing I've done, because at the end of the day, when this thing moons, I'll feel a lot more comfortable cashing out from there than doing some crazy international wire from Bitstamp.
  5. I never said anything about fiat. Stocks, bonds, property (if that's your thing), maybe even other crypto, etc. It would be dangerous to have so much of your portfolio in one asset once you've already made enough wealth.
  6. My problem with this is portfolio diversification. Not sure if you'd want 90% of your portfolios value in xrp alone, or something like that. This of course is once you get to the "wealth maintenance" stage.
  7. More crap about what "could be" and not "what is". Color me unimpressed, but this bear market has gotten to me.
  8. Selling 80% when its enough for me to retire (or be within 1-2 working years of retiring, depending on sentiment at the time). Lets get to .50 first before talking about these insane things.
  9. Centralized banker scamcoin, is what I've been told.....that won't be used by banks......well, LARGE banks
  10. I care about XRP vs USD, not BTC. A king amongst losers is no king.
  11. This market is a joke. So much for using logic and looking at fundamentals.
  12. Username checks out
  13. Gonna be an ugly year because of that, unless Bakkt and regulations can save crypto in the short term.
  14. Trump is very pro business so I disagree here. I won't say anything more because he seems to be such a touchy subject for a reason I don't really understand.
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