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  1. Chinese New Year and Wall Street bonuses are much more of a factor
  2. I consider Galgitron to be an authority on the market. Unlike basically all of the rest of the YouTube, Twitter, and XRPChat personalities. He's the only one that my more serious mind, takes seriously.
  3. Or the next crypto wide bull run. I don't think we've hit the point where 'this time is different'. The market is still so young.
  4. I'm honestly glad that the market is getting rid of the whiny crybabies
  5. ODL is going, volume is ramping up, and more corridors are lighting up, just as they said. Maybe not on the most optimistic timeline, but it is happening. The point of investing in a speculative asset is to make massive gains. I think if you're too worried now and would rather recoup whatever measly 4 figure investment that you put in instead of waiting to see how adoption goes, then you probably shouldn't have ever gotten into this type of investment in the first place. I completely disagree with you that things look grimmer now than 2 years ago. Of course everything can go to zero, that isn't some novel idea that we weren't aware of.
  6. The same type of people lost a ton in 2009 by selling their stocks when the market was in the depths. The people who held and made dollar cost averaged buys ended up with massive portfolio gains over the next decade. A speculative asset should be treated with more caution than traditional investments. I think that now is a very stupid time to sell. ODL is just starting to ramp up. I think it is highly probable that XRP will be at a higher price (maybe massively) within the next 1-5+ years. The sooner the better, but beggars can't be choosers. If you *need* the money right now then that also signifies poor financial planning overall. Buying what you can't afford to lose, not saving enough to buy traditional investments overall, etc. If XRP and Ripple were in the same place that they were 1-2 years ago, as is the case for many coins, I wouldn't blame you. I also wouldn't blame you if the remaining part of your stash was 10 million XRP because hey that is life changing money.
  7. You wonder how long this can go on before things shift.
  8. If you look at the history of BTC for example. What you'll see is that these last 2 years aren't unusual at all. Is this time different? Nobody knows.
  9. The benefits don't match the costs of switching over.
  10. You've sure chosen a strange way to occupy your time then
  11. I expect a flywheel effect and massive business FOMO for ODL usage in the future. Pending regulation and time. I think we all do. I wonder when that will be though
  12. I want a toilet seat made out of solid gold, but its just not in the cards baby.
  13. This idea that you should constantly be grabbing up more and more XRP as if future price appreciation is a sure thing, is foolish. Do your research, put in some money that you can afford to lose, hodl, and move on to more standard investments.
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