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  1. Huge difference between proven and untested things though
  2. That shit won't make you happy, I promise you that. If you have 5 million in the bank then go for it. Otherwise I don't care who you are, bad thing to use money for
  3. If it continues and Bitcon fizzles, I'll believe. So far we haven't seen XRP stand on its own legs in terms of price due to utility. All too coincidental with the rest of the market going up now to hold that belief. I certainly hope you're right
  4. Willing to sell 80% in the short term (less than 10 years). If we hit my minimum price point to start selling in some sort of DCA fashion, I'll shit my pants and go from there. Since this run follows BTC I'll probably let that guide me ie 20k BTC sees me topping this out at XRPs ATH but if BTC crushes it's ATH I might get more greedy
  5. The early 2017 surge lasted 8 weeks. The late one lasted 3-4. If this turns out to be a real run, it will interesting to see where it goes, how fast it gets there, and how sharp of a drop after. I don't care to sell before $3, but it will be extremely nerve wracking after that. Gotta take some profits here eventually. Seeing it hit $10 would be a kick in the balls, but less so than missing an opportunity and sitting in the doldrums for another 3 years.
  6. Since BTC is around ATH, I won't cream my pants until $3. Exciting times, but we've had so many of these that it's hard to get too pumped up
  7. A big reason why I ever got into this coin is because it has a steward driving most of the adoption.
  8. You don't understand how the election system works in the US
  9. The US is a third world banana republic, not sure what he'd expect
  10. Biden isn't president elect of anything so the rest of your article can't be taken seriously
  11. Continue to hold and discuss things or move on and accept things. The whining is annoying.
  12. Progress has been slower than many had hoped. This doesn't necessarily mean that this will or will not be successful. I'm perplexed that there are so many people who feel the need to be so vocal about their butt-hurt though. Saddle up or move on
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