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  1. I think this sums up a lot of people's deep rooted worries when it comes down to their "XRP Derangement Syndrome". Of course there are a ton of brainwashed sheep that exist because of the intentional and paid hit jobs on XRP from Bitconners, SEC, etc
  2. I'm no mathemagician, but those values fall in $589+ according to my calculations so yes, very possible......
  3. Who cares? They cucked out and betrayed US XRP holders and should be boycotted.
  4. And zero developments in the past year have been a smoking gun that people should invest in these coins. Pure luck of the draw. Hindsight is 20/20. You won $500 with the last round of scratch offs? Wow let's see you do it again! There is zero rhyme or reason as to why any of the new top 10 coins have done what they've done. In terms of useability and potential, XRP is still far and beyond #1. There are projects that look good, but speculators don't give a shit about that.
  5. Bitcoin maxis are lucky that their slow, expensive, useless shitcoin continues to defy all logic. Hopefully their day will come
  6. Shouldn't try to apply logic to a situation that is not logical whatsoever
  7. I'm selling 80% around a certain price range and then holding the rest to see if it becomes a world beater in 5-10 years. Already doing ok financially and just want to speed up financial independence. That number N would be enough where it would hurt to see it drop and miss out on the sales at that point. Bird in the hand sort of thing
  8. The banking cartel and elites hate Trump because he actually gave a crap about the people and wanted to put an end to the scam of the elites. You'd think that XRP would be perceived as a threat to the cartel and SWIFT. Doesn't really add up to me. Idk. The US has been predatory on the world since leaving Bretton-Woods in the early 70s. SWIFT is an extension of that. Trump wanted to stop ripping off Canada and Mexico with NAFTA and other garbage like that. Allowing nations to do their own thing. Doesn't XRP help that cause by loosening the stranglehold of the elites?
  9. Probably not because that would mean more utility and the crypto space couldn't care less about utility.
  10. I think ADA is a good project, I shouldn't have said that exactly, its value is fair in and of itself. I just think XRP is still miles ahead in its use case and value proposition and believe it should be significantly higher given ADA being where it is currently. I'm really just tired of being treated as the red headed stepchild in this space. Bashed all around, targeted by the SEC almost a decade after doing something bad apparently. On merit we should be #1 in marketcap and it shouldn't be close.
  11. The markets will be vastly different in a decade. BTC and ETH probably won't be a thing in 10 years unless speculation is a stronger force than any of us could imagine. Some coins already probably solve your problem. Who knows what might emerge in the next several years.
  12. I fully agree. Bitcoin and Ethereum are absolute dogshit projects and I still can't wrap my head around the current garbage going on with ADA and DOT. I hope this SEC farce settles soon and the crypto market as a whole stop being mental retards. Even if Ripple dies, the tech behind XRP is miles ahead of anything else out there.
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