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  1. Given that there's so much negative information about Jed, I am not sure if I wanted to do any business with him, however smart he is. Either IBM was desperate and went with Ripple's direct competitor or there's something else going on behind the scenes..
  2. kudlajz

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Hey @BobWay and @JoelKatz. Thank you very much for the information you're sharing here, it's been really, really helpful for deeper understanding of what Ripple (and XRP) is solving (even if I was sold on it already!) And Bob, you're probably already aware of it, but low carb and/or keto diet has been proven to work wonders for Type 2 Diabetes and other similar diseases. I'm doing keto myself and have never felt better in my life. I am also looking forward to all that Ripple is building (and what you've helped to build/shape) and the whole XRP ecosystem, as the possibilities are endl
  3. I would be really interested in a conversation between David Schwartz vs Tone Vays & Peter Todd. I am 99.99 % sure David would just blow them away with his knowledge and would debunk every FUD they'd try to throw his way. It's nice, that some countries use renewable energy sources for mining BTC, but imagine if there was no need for mining and this electricity could be used somewhere far more useful.
  4. For all we know they might have already been testing xRapid on a handful of transactions for some time, but I think for a full production deployment, there's not enough liquidity yet.
  5. Why would Ripple's xRapid customers care at all what the price of XRP is?
  6. By end of the year? No. By end of 2020? Maybe. By end of 2025? Definitely.
  7. What's the point of XRP becoming a mainstream? My grandma doesn't care what XRP is or if her bank uses it on the backend. She just wants those sweet super fast banking transactions ?
  8. It's not about whether XRP is a security or not.. it's because they're afraid XRP will make 99 % of other cryptos obsolete. XRP is not a security.
  9. Brad Garlinghouse said that he's certain several banks will use xRapid before the end of the year. Just that + speculation from retail investors should bring us way above $1.
  10. His 10th tooth is larger than the others.. might be XRP becoming #1 in October..
  11. https://twitter.com/bearableguy123/ The header picture.
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