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  1. Hodor, thank you for the article and the follow up on the IBM stablecoin. Now I can sleep better and accumulate more xrp!
  2. http://fortune.com/2018/06/07/blockchain-firm-r3-is-running-out-of-money-sources-say/ Read the article from Fortune Magazine a credible source. This is huge news.
  3. What is missing in the technical analysis is the psychology of the market and the institutional longs and shorts. If and when the Ripple market cap goes past and dethrones Bitcoin at the $5-$7 level (for Ripple) it will create a frenzy of retail buying. It will be on the front page of every financial paper in the world that Bitcoin is now 2nd place. Additionally, there will be a major FOMO from Institutions not using Ripple as well as investors (professional and retail). Ripple will be re-branded overnight. Also due to its low price of $5-$7 it will be inexpensive enough for retail to get in and want to ride a wave as they can pick up hundreds of coins/shares. With that being said, I still see Ripple on a path close to that of Ethereum and possibly even higher as adoption from financial institutions takes hold. Look at the psychology of the market now. There are tons of coins with no utility at all and they are valued $1-$100. All driven by hope, a white paper and dreams of future value not by reality, utility, use case, business plan or adoption of the crypto.
  4. When added to Coinbase that will be the big step for retail adoption. Announcements and usage by banks and FI's will fuel the rest. Once it hits $7-$10 Ripples market cap will vault over Bitcoin causing major FOMO. The rest will follow. $100 will be a floor not a ceiling.
  5. Welcome. To get grounded it might be useful to see some of the older posts and compare to the xrp price at the time. That way you won't be caught in the moment and will learn xrp is about the long game and not about short term emotions. Just some friendly advice.
  6. Well, I expect some new news on companies adopting XRP. But the two that I am looking for to really drive price is Airbnb and Coinbase. Airbnb more likely at this point. Even if they say that they are launching 6 months from now, that is good enough for me. That consumer use case will drive the price, you know where!
  7. I have read many articles on Reddit and on XRP chat regarding prices, marketcaps, and day traders trying to apply the mechanics of stocks to cryptocurrencies. However, there is something being overlooked when it comes to the future value of XRP and crypto's in general. It is a simple case of supply and demand. Right now it is not easy to buy XRP and/or other crypto's. There is a lot of friction in order to purchase. Additionally, most hedge funds, Etf's and retail purchasers are still on the sideline but want to get into the space and are slowly getting FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). There are hundreds of billions waiting to get into the crypto space. That doesn't include trust funds, and endowments which would have a small exposure in their portfolio probably at the same rate as precious metals. The demand will drive the price of XRP. How high, I do not know but due to its small price, once it hits the retail market on a coinbase (hopefully), and others, it will fly even at $1, $2, $5, and higher. People will compare the price rise to bitcoin and the limits of their expectations will be at that level, even though XRP has a different use case. While XRP rises it will pass those in front of it in marketcap and create its own headlines. There is a ton of demand coming. I am personally HODL'ing (as I own some). But the future success if we look back 5 years from now won't be for day traders (they will make some money on the way up) it will be those who HODL and keep riding to new highs. Ripple is positioned like no other company in the cryptospace. Their leadership, connections and head start give them a big advantage to weather most storms ahead. I like many of you can't wait and in my mind it is just a matter of "when" not "if" it will take off. Let me know what you think.
  8. Looks terrific. I hope there is lots of coverage from CNBC, Bloomberg, WSJ and Financial Times. This could truly be a transformational conference.
  9. From my understanding, the market cap of any cryptocurrency is based upon basic supply and demand for the coin. The business terms for stocks do not fit.
  10. After viewing the most recent news, press releases and reactions from Ripple and the major banks, the following seems to be likely: 1) The major banks and central banks of Europe and America are slow to adopt the technology and want to create coins of their own in order for control. This is not to say it will be better than Ripple or will succeed; 2) Ripple has a foothold in Asia, India, Middle East etc. and can be a major player in those spaces to convince the "banking establishment" that their product is viable and profitable; 3) The Swell Conference will lay the foundation and plenty of good face time to build the rolodex for the future of Ripple. (Not many big deals are done on the first introduction); 4) Ripple is scaling up with staff and is uniquely positioned to expand; 5) True demand has not hit the Crypto markets yet, more than 60% of Ripples volume is from South Korea. Once retail and institutional buyers are in the space, the price of XRP will rise significantly. Once institutional sellers can ETF and retail crypto as a group and/or individually it will receive much more positive press on CNBC and Bloomberg and will take off. (Have you ever heard anyone ever say sell on those channels?); 6) Ripple has talented, professional and experienced leadership that can leverage their knowledge to grow; 7) The Swell Conference and impending Lock Down of XRP for escrow will provide the lift off. Let me know what you think? Please be advised I do not give investment advice and am invested in Ripple like many of you.
  11. Just nominated them myself. Out of all the companies I have researched, they are the most pragmatic.
  12. XRP is still not easy to invest in here in the U.S. Most of the activity in price is being driven by Korea and Asia. Once it is easier to invest in by the normal brokerage account that is when the price will pop and stay consistently higher in my opinion.
  13. I think XRP needs us as banks will be skeptical to in the creation of its value. They (ripple) have to have a price that they want in mind to be stable for banks to buy. In order to replace SWIFT my back envelope calculation is that XRP would have to at least be $140-$150 per XRP. It would probably have to be higher than that for some cushion. The lockdown of the majority of XRP shortens the supply to fuel the demand on a limited XRP. That will fuel the price rise.
  14. Looking forward to buying XRP with Bitcoin IRA. I'm glad to hear the news that XRP is opening up more ways to buy in the U.S.
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