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  1. Great news! Everything moving accordingly. CryptoXRP I got in in 2014. It took 3 years to see gains. If the cycle is repeated you should see real profit in 2020. But I do not believe this will happen until regulation is clear. Until then this is just pure manipulation on all fronts. Believe in what you see and understand. Ripple are making real moves. XRP is being used by a business that is listed on the markets. No other crypto can claim this. They are doing this the right way, slowly but surely. I firmly believe that XRP is the right horse to bet on. When the real whales come in, the crypto whales will be crushed, walls will fall and true gains will happen.
  2. I have been reading you since you have been posting on xrpchat, . Today I read you with the eyes of someone who got in months post World Community Grid. I smiled. Thank you Hodor.
  3. This forum needs more content, not less. If you're not interested just move on, everything will still be ok if you don't watch it.
  4. Anton is my new favorite XRPCHAT member. Your inability to truly understand something you invested in more than a year ago might be a sign XRP is truly about to go for mainstream adoption. Anton is the first of many to come. So, if you don't have the patience to calm them and their Mexican roid rage down so they can properly assimilate FUD fighting info old timers have gathered since December 2013, I strongly suggest you avoid the mountain of similar threads to be created in the months to come. You're welcome everyone.
  5. Great post!! XRPchat should be the premium place for XRP related info and contribution like yours is what can make this happen. Keep on posting I love it!!! I've been part of this since early 2014. The reason I got in was Ripple's strategy and how they plan on building an ecosystem for XRP. So far they have pretty much done everything I assumed they would be doing. So I plan hodling through the next bullrun and until we see a well established ecosystem.
  6. Been here since XRPtalk days. These forums used to be my go to place to read and exchange, not anymore. At first I did not understand why the Reddit would blow up but this forum seemed to die down. It is when I discovered the clubs that I got what happened. I know I might seem salty and I am. I miss the days when everyone shared and discussed together in general chat and the different sub forums. The clubs created too many places to discuss and diluted the quality discussions. Glad you guys enjoy the format. Not for me. Too much noise in there and browsing through it is a chore. Have a good one!! To 1$ we go!!
  7. The clubs ****** this forum. Now most of the discussion are done in clubs where you will find a big circle jerk of people upvoting each other for stupid memes and .gifs and I don't have the time to scroll through pages of useless .gifs for one interesting comment. I moved to Discord and jump on here once every blue moon.
  8. Why are you feeding Valhalla Guy?? He has been negative and anti ripple/xrp ever since he started posting here. And I think OP clearly misunderstood what Xpring is and how Ripple is invested in it. This has been pointed out many times in this thread so far. I think this is amazing news. Ever since I read Ready Player One I had this vision where cloud gaming and VR would be the future of gaming. A world\ ecosystem where you log and can jump from World of warcraft to Halo to league of legends and where one currency would be used for everything. From buying a new skin to paying your monthly subscription everything could be bought with XRP. . I'm happy they have such a team building this and I think putting 100 million is a substantial investment that shows they are serious about this.
  9. But couldn't they negotiate a contract between a group , institution or exchange and Jed where he sells the whole stash for a reduced price.? Jed might be interested in moving on and selling the whole thing instead of just selling parts of it every once in a while?
  10. So what's the acceptable number? Bezos is worth 157 billion and before that we had Bill at 95. So is the next acceptable step 500 billion?
  11. Juan M. Villaverde is an econometrician and mathematician devoted to the analysis of cryptocurrencies since 2012. For the Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings model, he has played an important role in building the sub-models that calculate the Cryptocurrency Technology Index and Fundamental Index. In addition to his technical skills, he brings to the project encyclopedic knowledge about cryptocurrencies and the cryptocurrency ecosystem. https://weisscryptocurrencyratings.com/our-cryptocurrency-team
  12. So what do you people think about this?
  13. That's a nice find. I think what was said by previous posters makes it so that the dots are easy to connect here. Little hints everywhere. Guys fill up your bags because the zerpening is about to happen. Just ask Weiss ratings!! ??
  14. This is great news. I got into xrp just before Jed left and that was a little scary to be honest. And to think that Bill Clinton is a speaker at Ripple's own conference 5 years later is just crazy. At their OWN conference a president of the United States, with a lot of connections with people with huuuuge stacks of money, will be speaking. Let that sink in. No other crypto currency has a company behind it making similar moves.
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