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  1. antibond

    Where do you store your XRP ?

    Where do you store your ripples? Online or desktop?And why? I personally wonder how safe offline wallets are, because I myself store there a ripple.It does not require installation and it can be stored on a flash drive, or in an archive, by putting a password. If this topic has already been, then sorry.
  2. antibond

    This Cryptocurrency Could Be the Next Bitcoin

    They just started, I mean i hope they keep their position and expand their co-operations))
  3. antibond

    XRP holders - Where are you from?

  4. antibond

    XRP and usage in day to day life

    I'm wondering if we, ordinary ripple holders, can exchange them in banks for money. If we imagine that all non official exchanges will be banned?
  5. antibond

    This Cryptocurrency Could Be the Next Bitcoin

    Maybe you are right,if china government not fools,they benefit from crypto.In Russia there is a discussion on the regulation of the Crypto-currency.
  6. antibond

    This Cryptocurrency Could Be the Next Bitcoin

    We should not care that the ripple will fall in price along with bitcoin, because the Chinese will still drain their bitcoins,and bad news about the collapse of bitcoin will increase with geometric progression.There is a possibility that the bitcoin price will drop to 1000$.(deadline for Chinese crypto exchanges is September 30) We just need to wait about 5 years for ripple ))
  7. antibond

    This Cryptocurrency Could Be the Next Bitcoin

    The problem is that ripple was tied to bitcoin in some sense.All cryptos tied to it because of speculations on markets.It needs time to break through the rest of the crypto currency.And needs time to increase XRP capitalization,not due crypto markets.It would be great if the some stores started using ripple for payment like bitcoin.
  8. antibond

    This Cryptocurrency Could Be the Next Bitcoin

    Very encouraging topic. I hope ripple will be able to conquer world's bank systems.
  9. antibond


    Ну да,про цели допустим я оговорился,имел в виду схожий принцип работы. Ещё интересно то что часто упоминается Нигерия ,мол мы такие хорошие,хотим помочь бедным людям.Создается впечатление что движет ими совсем не идея,а жажда разбогатеть за счёт экономики Нигерии,внедрив там stellar.Только станут ли важные дядьки в Нигерии доверять stellar. Хотя и численность простого населения там больше чем в России,186 млн.
  10. antibond


    Кстати,кто нибудь может объяснить разницу между ripple и lumens(stellar)? Понятно что это разные проекты и команды,но вроде нацеленность у них практически одна.Конкуренты?(историю читал)
  11. antibond

    Türkiye XRP

    Tek olsun,1$ ulaşa bilse,5$ de ola biler.
  12. antibond


    Только чёрные)) Как то спутанно всё описано.Старый кошель на компе или еще на каком то другом сервисе?На гейтхабе как и на многих других залог берут при активации кошелька.