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  1. @Streamliner That's a very good project and i suggest to go ahead with it. It goes inline with what Ripple want to achieve in the long run. XRP as base pair will be tremendous. Just think about SPEED. Are you implementing directly on Ripplenet like Gatehub if am not mistaken? But Security should be your friend here. DOn't underestimate it. Once launch you will compete directly with other exchanges because it's gonna be disruptive. People will start to target your platform the same way FUDsters are working now. But with proper plan, It's not impossible and gonna be very successful.
  2. @StreamlinerThat's millions $ investment. You better look for partnership with people that can inject money and sustain the project development. Plus you need to have a very good team and Excellent BUSINESS PLAN. TRUST is very important here which means you need a solid IT team. You realize that you would be handling other people money. But it's a good idea and the key here is to get people that are willing to invest in it. Another way is by Initial Coin Offering. Anyway you will need the starting capital. Is an Exchange with XRP as base currency in the making???????
  3. @MistaPrime So! you do know programming! This is what i think will be more useful: 1. Why not create a website that displays market price, market cap, a little bit like CMC but instead you display 10 Top coins only and you focus more on Ripple. 2. Display all ripple base pairs and also price of XRP/USD from all exchange 3. allows user to create an account and track their portfolio(should be private). NO API. User enter information like amount of xrp and price manually. I believe if you come up with a project like this, you might get help from other members here.
  4. and suddenly ERROR 404. Thank you. I will pledge to myself. How about that? If you really want to help noobs. Just create a very good user friendly website with all the information and very good marketing. May be check with ripple if you want to have legit content. People who want to research before they investing will always do it. Noobs gonna noobs.
  5. If BTC is traded around almost the same price as today, XRP will overtake bitcoin around $6.52 per XRP.
  6. Hello guys! Any one here using Bitstamp and has a bank account in the Netherlands. Have you already tried to transfer fund from exchange to your bank account. Are there any issues(like bank block the fund) as i never did it before.? Thank you in advance.
  7. Sorry I don't want to offend but i wanna ask this question right away. Are you new to the world of investing as a whole?
  8. @ZerpDerp Great idea too - I seen that there is a great job being done on twitter to counter FUD. But still i think we need to drive new investors to our source of information rather that letting them reading all kind of nonsense. Also i think that with the rise in price scammers and hackers start to work overnight. Ripple is no longer the penny crypto anymore. Harckers and scammers will start to target zerper stash.
  9. May be he clone the page and added XRP. He purchase some xrp on a real account and add the address here. It very easy actually.
  10. @LordVetinari It's not about teaching the FUDDERS but it's about educating the noobs. You realise that the more new comers the higher the price. Now we have to make sure that new comers have enough proper information to keep coming. As @XRPwatusow says it's also a way to protect our own investment. Beside the dangers don't come from FUDDERS only. Soon you will see scammers and hackers very active in the arena as the coin gain more traction and increase in price.
  11. @Hodor@JoelKatz SO Much FUD and fear mongering against Ripple out there from other coin enthusiast, especially from Bitcoin owners and Bank haters. They are putting all kind of thoughts in the head of noobs and for sure these people will end up loosing a lot of money. So why Ripple don't start a campaign #SaveThenoobs from haters. Here is what i think will be good. Launch a Facebook and Twitter Campaign asap to advise people interested investing in Ripple to stick to official account and forum only. In that way if those haters start to disseminate FUD we can kick them out or at least coun
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