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  1. i'm picking out moonbases. I'ts very hard to decide I like them both.
  2. I've been drinking beer since February 4th 2018. Oh, I mean i'm still here.
  3. Just send .4-2 ETH to the address below and you WILL get 4-20 ETH back to the address you used for the transaction. #LMFAO...
  4. your telling me i've got to wait months? that's not what I signed up for. I want moon now
  5. looks like i slept through the big drop. makes it really easy to HODL when your passed out.
  6. Did Brad get rescheduled? haven't heard been working and sleeping. Time?
  7. So how many think we are back to $.90 if there is no announcement tommorow?
  8. @PickleRick On a dangerous mission to wrest control back from the whales and return it to the people.
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