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  1. One thing I've noticed here is that none of the Stellar threads have aged well for XRP..
  2. Well, the ratio is less than 1:2 now. 1:1.93
  3. Have you really done your research though? IBM is far from their only partner, they have quite a few. One of their biggest is Deloitte who's, I'd say is equally as powerful as IBM..
  4. As for buying XRP in Australia. You can use BTCmarkets. I can personally vouch for them as I have used their site to buy most of my XRP. And you can buy directly with AUD; so no need to go through the Fiat>BTC>XRP process. One piece of advice is that since the volumes are relatively low, there can be a premium on the price sometimes. So just look out for that.
  5. 5 Billion is 5% of XRP. In my opinion if Ripple was truly seeking a solid partnership with R3, 5% is not unreasonable at all. Because from Ripples POV, if R3 had seen the bigger picture, they would have started pushing XRP from that point onwards, as the rise in the asset would have directly benefited them along with Ripple and XRP holders. The point of contention that Ripple now has is that while R3 was busy doing their fundraising and not promoting XRP as promised, Ripple had to do all the leg work. Basically, R3 benefits hugely for doing nothing to help. Do you disagree?
  6. This was just a Google search away. Clearly states that they are using XRP for liquidity. https://ripple.com/insights/flashfx-uses-ripple-xrp/
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