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  1. Your rewards become available to claim each Saturday. This is the first week of earning rewards so the first time anyone can claim their rewards is this coming Saturday.
  2. It seems like every week Nexo stops playing interest in another US state.
  3. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you can see what they're providing prices for: https://flaremetrics.io/ They are not providing price feeds for SGB yet. I think the first look we'll get will be from Bitrue tomorrow.
  4. If you claimed the FLR airdrop you get the SGB one as well. I suggest doing what @Fireballseven said and looking up your XRP wallet on one of the explorers. They'll tell you exactly how much SGB you were supposed to get. Maybe you had more XRP in a different wallet.
  5. I think that's the weekly rate if you extrapolate those winnings out for the whole week. They won 1.4871 per 100 for approximately 1 day, so if you multiply that by 7 it works out to about 10.5%. That's insane, you make up for the 10% inflation in one week and then the rest of your year is pure profit.
  6. Chill man, it's only been a day. At least wait and see where things are at on Wednesday.
  7. The airdrop was ~15% of however much XRP was in your wallet on December 12, 2020.
  8. I have no idea how either one runs a company, but Chris was definitely better at the public facing stuff.
  9. At this point there's advantage to switch now, I can wait until closer to Thursday and see how it's going before committing. I suspect things will even out as providers work out all the kinks.
  10. This sounds like exchanges are going to be providing price feeds. It makes sense, they're already collecting price feeds all day anyway to run their exchange. It allows them to earn money using the SGB and FLR that are just sitting in their vaults.
  11. So what I see right now Bifrost is earning twice as much as FTSO-AU which is earning 3 times as much as FTSO-EU. I was not expecting that level of disparity.
  12. Seriously Is there a way to see the overall results without having to check individual wallets?
  13. I don't think it works that way. You can still vote for a provider if they're over the limit. But each vote a provider has gives more weight to the price they provide and also how big of a reward they win. If they're over the cap, that weight stops growing but I think the rewards that they win will still be divied up among all the votes. You'll earn less if they're over the limit, but it's not like everyone who votes once they're past the limit gets nothing.
  14. It is suspect. This is all about totally made up American legal definitions. There's nothing inherently wrong about being a security, and most of the world doesn't treat them that way. DeFi is a low-trust financial system that runs parallel to our high-trust traditional system. It is recreating traditional types of investments in its own way. I think it's dumb of us to pretend it's not. Better to rip the band-aid off and be honest about it. We're better off saying, "You're damn right these are securities and they're in an environment where they work and traditional regulations are only a hindrance. Come up with some new, sensible regulations for this space so everyone can benefit from it."
  15. @Ripley Peel the onion even further. I don't know if giving away an NFT is a security. But FTSO rewards are a common pool of investors (all the people delegating their votes to a data provider) who profit primarily from the efforts of another party - the data provider who collects and submits price feeds. FTSO voting is a security. Delegated proof of stake is a security. Most things that happen in DeFi are securities.
  16. Is it illegal for individuals to buy unregistered securities. Or is the illegal part only on the end of the people originally creating and selling them?
  17. Yeah in my experience, staking works pretty much the same way. If you pick one of the good, reliable ones, they're all about the same. On the other hand, the bigger thing is how much rewards actually get paid out. We could get huge rewards early on if only a few exchanges distribute SGB.
  18. XRP isn't a security. Garlinghouse's job isn't to represent XRP holders' interests. I wouldn't expected him to know details like that. I didn't even know how many people Deaton is represented and I'm one of them.
  19. If they're all going to perform fairly well, then diversifying is like taking the index fund strategy. You're just trying to collect the average reward and prevent yourself being impacted too much if one of them has a bad week and their servers go down or something. You're probably fine just picking one and sticking with it. I mostly just like the problem solving aspect of it.
  20. Aren't there only 17 validated days providers? Even if the votes were all even they'd all have more than 5%.
  21. Oh man, I could set this up as a service that anyone could use. Let's say we make the top ten validator list. I could get the eight extra wallets all set up to delegate approximately 10% to each validator. Then anyone who wants to use it would just delegate 10% to FTSO_AU and 90% to the first wallet in the series. There's little risk, the most I could do to screw you over is change how the wallets vote - I don't think there's any way your funds could be at risk.
  22. Does Flare have some kind of logic to prevent an infinite loop? What happens if Alice votes for Bob and Bob votes for Alice? I've had this same question about hooks on the XRPL. What happens if Alice makes a rule to send any incoming XRP to Bob and Bob makes a rule to send any incoming XRP to Alice?
  23. Somebody posted that there's a way to make a new wallet that delegates votes to multiple providers in fixed amounts, but I don't think that's really feasible for most people unless you're going to update your delegation every time your balance changes. But I think I've figured out a relatively simple way to do it so that you'll always be using your full WSGB balance to vote. This post is speculative, I have no way to test it out at this point in time. Did you know that you don't have to vote for a data provider directly. You can vote for another wallet, which is basically saying, "I want to vote for who that guy votes for". Practically speaking, I don't think there's a way to do this yet unless you're going to compose and submit a transaction yourself, but maybe our favorite data provider could add the ability to delegate to a custom address to their very handy and easy to use web app. So my idea is to create as many extra wallets as you need. Each wallet will contain 1 SGB (to be used for fees) and 1 WSGB. So lets say I want to delegate to 4 data providers. Here's how I'd set it up. MAIN WALLET (contains 1000 SGB): 25% to FTSO_A and 75% to my secondary wallet SECONDARY WALLET (contains 1 SGB): 33% to FTSO_B and 67% to my tertiary wallet TERTIARY WALLET (contains 1 SGB): 50% to FTSO_C and 50% to FTSO_D This should result in: 250 votes to FTSO_A (all from the main wallet) 247.83 votes to FTSO_B (247.5 from the main wallet and .33 from the secondary wallet) 252.085 votes to FTSO_C (251.585 from the secondary wallet and .5 from the tertiary wallet) 252.085 votes to FTSO_D (251.585 from the secondary wallet and .5 from the tertiary wallet) You get approximately 25% of the vote for each of the four FTSOs and almost all of the rewards can be claimed from the main wallet - you might not even worry about claiming the rewards that the secondary wallets earn from their 1 WSGB each.
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