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  1. Look Billy, just because I'm not a system engineer doesn't mean you have to treat me like a little kid or something. I'm not an unfortunate. I'd rather have to eat the crow of being wrong a million times than for you guys to take pity on me.
  2. People want the freedom of cash combined with the security of a bank where they kiss all your boo-boos and make them go away (but without all the fees that banks nickel and dime you with). Quite frankly, it's irrational. Freedom or security. Pick one, you can't have both. Governments want complete control over the money supply right down to individual accounts. **** 'em. I can think of how to do bits and pieces of what you're describing on the XRPL, but not the whole thing. I don't think the bits and pieces really accomplish what you're trying to accomplish. For example, you could have a fungible currency that's backed 1:1 by non-fungible IOUs representing each serial number. But I don't really know where that gets you.
  3. Just so I know which direction to comment from, what problem are you trying to solve here?
  4. So you're saying your sorting method does work for strings and integers and other stuff like that, not just timestamps? I'm gonna go tell my boss. He'll be so impressed with what I've been learning!
  5. Holy crap guys. I'm so sorry for shilling TIME.
  6. Yes. You only issue one under that ticker. So there's only one coin with that currency code issued from that address and it's not divisible.
  7. You can create NFTs now. You issue the smallest unit possible so it can't be divided and then use one of the fields that's not needed to put the link to the image (or whatever the NFT represents). They might be using the memo for that, but I'm not sure. The new standard will be a new object type designed for NFTs. It's more robust than Ethereum's standard. The real question will be whether or not Ripple will use some of their billion sitting in cash to help get an NFT ecosystem started on the XRPL. It doesn't matter how good Ripple's NFT standard is if no one uses it.
  8. A trustline doesn't give anyone access to your wallet. The only thing out allows is for your wallet to receive that coin - that is, someone can send you that coin. Without trustlines, the only thing people can send to you is XRP. If you have multiple trustlines for the same ticker symbol and you turn on rippling, then there is some risk. But all that stuff is turned off by default and only in the advanced settings - it's not something 99% of people have to worry about. In my opinion the most dangerous thing about setting a trustline is the human element. If you set a trustline and receive an airdrop you're now much more likely to go out and spend your own money to buy that coin than you were before. By setting a trustline you've increased the odds that you will lose money by buying crappy coins that go down in value.
  9. First off, I wasn't talking to you. I was joking around with my friend. Second off, I get to my job by car. Third off, you said you weren't talking to me about things unrelated to the topic at hand and now you've made a liar out of yourself. Don't answer, it will only make it worse.
  10. That's amazing! I had no idea how to sort timestamps before you blessed us with your presence. Wait, does that work for like strings and integers too? Or does it only work for timestamps? I don't know how we got by before we had a real system engineer in here. Your job title must keep you warm at night.
  11. For the record, your argument is that setting a timestamp is a brilliant idea that no one but you could figure out. But now that you've enlightened us, your idea seems so obvious that we're all in denial. I'm not a system engineer, just an ordinary programmer. I don't throw my credentials around because I don't code in the DLT space. I'm no engineer, but may I humbly submit that the architecture of a decentralized ledger is different than a SQL database. That might be a good place to start looking.
  12. I just told you where the money for 19.5% APY on Anchor comes from. It's certainly DeFi. I'm not an expert on Convex because I'm allergic to Ethereum's fees. But here's my best go. Convex is able to pay those staking fees because it owns a ton of Curve that's locked up for 4 years giving it maximum staking returns and voting rights. This allows it take bribes from other protocols who need liquidity for their tokens. Also, it's paying out those staking rewards in its own token that it made up out of thin air. You bring up another good point about composability. Convex, for example, is able to build a whole ecosystem on top of Curve. This ability to combine different financial products in new ways isn't available to ordinary people in TradFi.
  13. Holy crap man. I'm not a senior engineer, but I'm glad you're not my boss. Any idiot can set a timestamp. Do you really think no one in the decade and a half that distributed ledgers have been around for was able to come up with your brilliant idea of setting a freaking timestamp? Distributed ledgers have no central timekeeping authority, there is no easy way to keep precise time across all the validators. One interesting thought would be if Flare, with its data oracles at its center, could maybe use that to implement a common time feed throughout the network. I never thought of that before.
  14. It's not magic. On one side you've got people putting up collateral and paying to borrow against it. That gives them access to stablecoins without having to sell their assets that they hope will appreciate over time. On the other side, you've got depositors depositing funds for the borrowers to borrow. The fees that the borrowers pay are used to pay out the interest that the depositors earn. To me, that's a lot more trustworthy than banks who have totally given up on reserves and just make up magic money out of thin air. The only advantage banks have is that if they screw up, the government will make up more magic money to pay you back. With DeFi, you're working without a safety net in a caveat emptor environment.
  15. It will address the methods by which our ruling class will enrich themselves and screw over ordinary Americans.
  16. I agree with you somewhat. I'm not big on the version of the metaverse that's essentially Second Life mixed with crypto. Even plain old 3D TV has failed to catch on. But the more general sense of the word "metaverse," where more and more of real life gets tokenized and becomes accessible in a digital way, is coming. DeFi clearly has value, even if a lot of it is still very rudimentary. It's opening up types of investments to everyone that only the rich had access to previously. It's also cutting out the fees and rent seekers that have grown up because of our mountains of regulations in the traditional system. You can for example earn 19.5% APY in a stablecoin savings account or .195% from a bank. I don't know how you can argue there's no value there.
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