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  1. XRP picture, so sorry .

    I'll grant you that the shampoo model Jesus art is horrible. 1) Can you elaborate on what you mean by non-white (or define white, whatever is easier)? 2) Christians have always portrayed Jesus as looking like themselves. Is there a problem with this practice?
  2. Generational* changes in cryptoforums

    There are two ages in Ripple. The Ripple Labs age and the Ripple age. The Ripple Labs age wasn't opposed to banks, but they were trying to get a foothold with people and businesses who would benefit from doing an end run around the fees and delays of the established banking systems. There were people trying to get Ripple related businesses up and going. A significant minority of people on The old XRPTalk and official forums were running rippled servers. There were all kinds of IOUs on the ledger, heck I still give my kids dadbucks (DAD) issued from my wallet. Sure there were speculators - the speculators you will have with you always - but there were also a bunch of people who were curious about experimenting with the technology. The adoption problem was always a chicken and egg game. People won't adopt a payment method unless it's easy to use and widely accepted. Businesses won't adopt a payment method unless there's a large group of customers who want to use it. And so in 2015 Ripple dropped the Labs and began pursuing Banks in the hopes of becoming the backbone of the worldwide payments system. I still remember my amazement when I first wrapped my head around interledger and what it would accomplish if it ever became a standard followed by my sadness at realizing that our involvement in Ripple was essentially over until Ripple's business strategy pays off. The pivot was necessary, but it's changed things. Ironically, as Ripple has expanded its products and services the forum has become much more focused on XRP. Back then there was a greater understanding of and involvement with the ledger as a whole.
  3. Fund that pays XRP dividends?

    Good to see you too @Mercury. There's not too many old guys around here.
  4. Fund that pays XRP dividends?

    Nope. My state won't let Poloniex accept me.
  5. Fund that pays XRP dividends?

    Thanks. It looks like I can't do Bitfinex as an American, but I might try a small amount at Poloniex.
  6. https://ripple.com/build/xrp-ledger-consensus-process/ While XRP is the native currency of the Ripple ledger, you can represent any other asset as an IOU (not sure if that's the term being used for it today) and trade it right on the Ripple ledger. Any Ripple wallet can trade on the Ripple ledger. Gatehub is the main place I know of where you can add your Ripple wallet to your account and then trade assets right on the ledger. The main benefit of this is that all assets you trade for are held right in your own wallet. But you still have to trust that the party issuing the IOU will redeem it. Your can also run your own rippled server and make a bot to trade rather than doing it manually. Maybe @hammertoe can provide some more insight.
  7. Fund that pays XRP dividends?

    You can lend XRP? How do they stop people from running off with your money?
  8. Fund that pays XRP dividends?

    Thanks @ThomasTheTGV. I've tried trading and I'm terrible at it. That's why I was happy to let someone else do it, absorb the risk, and give me the crumbs. Good to see you again!
  9. Fund that pays XRP dividends?

    Thanks, but I've already got a bunch of those. I'm looking for a different class of investment.
  10. I don't trade often, but when I did back in the day it was on the Ripple ledger. Today it seems like everyone trades at exchanges. Does anyone still trade on the ledger?
  11. I'm looking for a replacement for Ripplefox's FMM which was a market making fund that payed XRP dividends. I know that type of thing isn't real sexy for crypto traders, but it was perfect for me. Is there anything like that out there where I can buy in and get dividends in XRP or some other crypto?
  12. It's Happening? The Zerpening!

    I started reading this thread on January 5th and finally got to the end of it today. What a roller coaster ride of emotions. Here's a HODL story for you: I got into Ripple in May 2014. A few weeks later I had just gotten my young daughter back to sleep in the middle of the night and quickly checked into XRPTalk to see if anything was up. To my horror Jed had posted that he was selling all of his (billions of) XRP over the next two weeks. I couldn't describe the fear. Ripple would be crippled for years, if not forever, and I was going to have to tell my wife that I invested without telling her and lost a whole $100 in a cryptocurrency no one had ever heard of at a time when most people couldn't even tell you what Bitcoin was. Well you know what I did? I strapped on my titanium balls and I HODLed! Not really. I dumped like a truck. I dumped like a g-ring-o who drank the tap water (I can't believe that word gets starred out). But once the price stabilized I bought back in, I think I even made a little bit by buying lower than I sold. But a few guys with fortitude were buying all the way down into the $0.002s if I remember right. I don't know exactly what to take from this, but if I can survive the Jedpocalypse you can survive Ripple going sideways just like it has for most of it's history. Listen to what others have said: Only buy what you can afford to lose, then pretend it's lost and forget about it. Unless you're one of the few people who has the constitution for day trading, you're gonna drive yourself nuts staring at the charts all day. As long as I believe in Ripple's business plan and see them making progress towards it, I'm leaving my core stash right where it is. P.S. If I ever become a Ripple millionaire you'll see my ride roll up to the party, the doors will automatically slide open, and my family will all come out of my hot new minivan.
  13. Back in my day, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, I would use SnapSwap as my gateway or but Bitcoin and use the Bitcoin bridge. I did my trading on the Ripple ledger, not exchanges. Things are much different now. What are the best gateways for Americans to move fiat in and out of the cryptoverse? What are the best exchanges? Is there any good trading happening on the RCL these days?
  14. Ripple's new services

    I've been away a while. I have a good conceptual understanding of the RCL and interledger, but I see all these new terms, can someone help me out? Can I get a quick summary of what Ripple is up to these days? How is interledger going? What is RippleNet? What are all the xProducts that are coming out? Is Codius under development again?