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  1. That's fine. It's always good to look at other successful models and the microlending one is a particularly good fit for what Mercury was describing. Back in the day I tried to do something with Ripple and and one of the microlending charities. Unfortunately there was literally zero interest - it's the nature of nascent Ripple. It's hard to get value in and out, and the value you've got in is working hard for you. Anyone who wants to do something charitable would just do it directly.
  2. Here's the thing. Most of the community is interested in trading and speculating. I don't think the demand for other services is there. One problem I think is out there to be solved is exchanging money from fiat to crypto and back. If the fees don't get you, the restrictions and regulations will. Does anyone know what percent the average person pays to get in and out of the crypto world? Could we provide that service for less than 5% per transaction? What about 1%? Can we help the guy who wants to deposit $20 from his weekly paycheck into XRP? And the guy who wants to sell $100 worth of XRP per week so he has some spending money? I think if we solve that problem, you can grow it into other services. If someone has used you as a gateway 10 times without ripping you off, you can consider trusting them with a small loan. If the model works with XRP and a few popular fiat currencies, it should work with other assets as well like the gift cards that someone mentioned. The more I talk the more i realize I'm just describing Ripple Labs' original conception conception of Ripple.
  3. @Mercury the way I read your original post is that you're thinking of something that serves the XRP Chat and maybe the larger Ripple community, not something for the outside world. I also get the feeling you're thinking that the main resources would be the people, not necessary the technology. An interledger implementation would be an obviously future step if the thing takes off, but minimal viable product is basically one that runs on the social capital of the community using any means necessary to make transactions. Am I in the ballpark, or am I projecting my own ideas into yours?
  4. I would be interested in participating in something like this. I've never quite figured out how to make it work, though. This same model can also act as a gateway for buying XRP (or any other crypto). Many people don't have a direct way to buy XRP. As a New Yorker, it's very hard for me. Hmm... This is kind of the opposite of what Mercury talked about, but I bet there's a lot of people who are Ripple rich and fiat poor. We could offer loans where you put up full collateral in XRP. Low risk, low trust, you can enjoy some of your XRP's value now and still win if it moons later. You CAN have your cake and eat it too.
  5. I'll grant you that the shampoo model Jesus art is horrible. 1) Can you elaborate on what you mean by non-white (or define white, whatever is easier)? 2) Christians have always portrayed Jesus as looking like themselves. Is there a problem with this practice?
  6. There are two ages in Ripple. The Ripple Labs age and the Ripple age. The Ripple Labs age wasn't opposed to banks, but they were trying to get a foothold with people and businesses who would benefit from doing an end run around the fees and delays of the established banking systems. There were people trying to get Ripple related businesses up and going. A significant minority of people on The old XRPTalk and official forums were running rippled servers. There were all kinds of IOUs on the ledger, heck I still give my kids dadbucks (DAD) issued from my wallet. Sure there were speculators - the speculators you will have with you always - but there were also a bunch of people who were curious about experimenting with the technology. The adoption problem was always a chicken and egg game. People won't adopt a payment method unless it's easy to use and widely accepted. Businesses won't adopt a payment method unless there's a large group of customers who want to use it. And so in 2015 Ripple dropped the Labs and began pursuing Banks in the hopes of becoming the backbone of the worldwide payments system. I still remember my amazement when I first wrapped my head around interledger and what it would accomplish if it ever became a standard followed by my sadness at realizing that our involvement in Ripple was essentially over until Ripple's business strategy pays off. The pivot was necessary, but it's changed things. Ironically, as Ripple has expanded its products and services the forum has become much more focused on XRP. Back then there was a greater understanding of and involvement with the ledger as a whole.
  7. Good to see you too @Mercury. There's not too many old guys around here.
  8. Nope. My state won't let Poloniex accept me.
  9. Thanks. It looks like I can't do Bitfinex as an American, but I might try a small amount at Poloniex.
  10. https://ripple.com/build/xrp-ledger-consensus-process/ While XRP is the native currency of the Ripple ledger, you can represent any other asset as an IOU (not sure if that's the term being used for it today) and trade it right on the Ripple ledger. Any Ripple wallet can trade on the Ripple ledger. Gatehub is the main place I know of where you can add your Ripple wallet to your account and then trade assets right on the ledger. The main benefit of this is that all assets you trade for are held right in your own wallet. But you still have to trust that the party issuing the IOU will redeem it. Your can also run your own rippled server and make a bot to trade rather than doing it manually. Maybe @hammertoe can provide some more insight.
  11. You can lend XRP? How do they stop people from running off with your money?
  12. Thanks @ThomasTheTGV. I've tried trading and I'm terrible at it. That's why I was happy to let someone else do it, absorb the risk, and give me the crumbs. Good to see you again!
  13. Thanks, but I've already got a bunch of those. I'm looking for a different class of investment.
  14. I don't trade often, but when I did back in the day it was on the Ripple ledger. Today it seems like everyone trades at exchanges. Does anyone still trade on the ledger?
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