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  1. I wasn't. I had heard about Bitcoin - I think I remember hearing about it when it hit $400 for the first time. But I had only done a quick look into it as an investment and once I determined it was too risky for me I didn't look any deeper. When Doge sponsored a NASCAR team was when I first started learning about crypto.
  2. It's been around for a while. I knew about it before I knew about crypto. I really like the concept but it's vaporware - no one has actually implemented it for any real purpose.
  3. Is ILP going anywhere?
  4. Is it any good or is it the same old really neat idea but way too complicated for practical use?
  5. Had a baby (man did that hurt) - that and a new job has kept me busy. Anyway she just turned one this week, and I account for the birthday money she received using Ripple IOUs - which reminded me I should check in.
  6. Sorry I haven't been around. What's new the past year in Ripple and the crypto world in general?
  7. @karlos Ok, try it now I think you're set up. Send your hot dogs to rNMc8DY5pQFvSy87qL9XZ7s933kBqH3s1H (formerly ~hotdogheaven) to record them. @Mercury Yeah I can't wait 'til summer when I can grill and do more interesting stuff. My strategy so far has been to have one day per week-ish where I eat hot dogs for 2 or 3 meals. For me that works better for me than trying to eat a couple hot dogs every day.
  8. Does anyone know how to turn on rippling for a trustline in Gatehub? I just got into Gatehub and so far the experience makes me want to punch my computer. Once I get that figured out, Karlos wants to join the club.
  9. Just in case anyone's watching the ledger I reported 13 hotdogs today, but now I was not in a hotdog eating contest, they're a week's worth of effort (still a good week, or bad depending on your perspective).
  10. OK I'm on the board. Two Ballparks with sriracha for breakfast.
  11. I would have to say haggis counts. The only thing missing is the shape because it's encased in a stomach instead of an intestine - I'm not gonna disqualify it for that. And given the size of our group, I've got no problem with you using Scottish time. I think a wise man once said, "It's 12 o'clock somewhere."
  12. Sorry I haven't been around much, life's been busy lately. New years day has found me without any hotdogs in the house, but they're on the grocery list for this weekend. Looks like Mercury and I are going to be eating a lot of hotdogs. Anyone else who wants to participate is welcome to join at any time.
  13. Sorry, but unless it's a link, no. You're welcome to eat turkey dogs/sausage, veggie dogs/sausage, or tofu dogs/sausage, etc.
  14. I agree, I miss the witty, punny titles of old. Now it's all about driving search engine traffic. That said my title is entirely true. Chris Larson said something like "The world doesn't need another currency, we have enough of them already." This is probably right in the short term but is certainly wrong in the long term (for example how many currencies from 1000 years ago are in use today). I think the future is a decentralization of currency issuers, hopefully all the way down to the individual level.