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  1. I've got over two dozen wallets (back in the day we'd actually use the ledger and play around with doing different things on it). I'm just letting them sit there with 20 XRP. If XRP gets big the reserve is going to go down. Why abandon 5 XRP in each wallet today when if XRP is $20 in a few years the reserve will go down to 1 XRP?
  2. Can you explain the steps in how this would work. I don't see how someone would actually profit. If this is what they thought would happen why wouldn't they just sell their FLR for FXRP?
  3. He's ingesting food, obviously. @FOOD eats food. Is he made of food? Or is the food made of @FOOD? He screams, for he does not know.
  4. Honestly, 99% of people don't need to worry about this stuff. When Flare launches, you'll see that the current fee to convert XRP to FXRP is 2% and you'll decide whether you want to do it or not. There's no need to peek into the back room to see how the sausage is made.
  5. Yeah, there's no way that could have been accepted as a transaction on the XRPL, right? The validators would kick it out for having an invalid address. The good news should be that Binance has your XRP somewhere and should be able to return it to you if you go through customer support. Unless... (and this is getting way out in the weeds)... BSC runs the EVM, right? And I know know there's a BEP2 version of XRP that they use for trading on the Trust Wallet DEX. Is it possible they sent BEP2 XRP to the BSC wallet with the same address as the Ethereum wallet that was entered. You're right th
  6. If I've got the basic understanding right (and that's a big if), this raises two questions in my mind. 1) Can I somehow be an agent but choose which transactions I want to be an agent for. Like maybe say I only want to be an agent for transactions to and from a particular XRPL wallet (which just happens to be my own). 2) Can I put FLR into the collateral pool to mint/withdraw F-assets without having to act as an agent for transactions. This would essentially be a free loan. You wouldn't make the money on transaction fees that you would if you gave your FLR to an agent to use as colla
  7. I went back and took a look at the original FXRP whitepaper from last year (PDF): https://flare.xyz/app/uploads/2020/08/FXRP_Version_1.0.pdf You all know Uber's basic business model. They got around all the regulations by saying, "We're not a taxi company, the drivers are all just individuals picking up a buddy for a ride - we just help them find new buddies to give rides to." The reality is Uber is telling the drivers when and where to pick people up and then drivers have to do it if they want to keep being Uber drivers. Flare is trying to make wrapped coins backed only by the network, w
  8. As far as I understand it wrapping locks up (or I think sometimes even burns) the native token until the wrapped token is redeemed back for the original. We don't think about it this way, but our coins on exchanges are wrapped coins. We deposit the real thing and get a Binance-BTC or whatever that can be traded on their exchange while they hold onto the real thing. Even banks work this way. You deposit a hundred dollar bill and get a hundred Citibank wrapped dollars, more commonly referred to as an account credit. Tangentially, Ripple realized that all money is essential a series of credi
  9. I only have a vague conception of how this will all work, but I went digging back through the original white paper from last August and here's what they had to say about it: 5 XRP-FXRP arbitrage The convertibility of 1 FXRP for 1 XRP is the basis of the FXRP system and is further enforced by arbitrage criteria. Indeed, if the price steps out of line whilst there is sufficient collateral in the system, then it may be profitable to exploit the arbitrage criteria, which in aggregate will bring the price back into line. Let XRP_price be the price of buying or selling X
  10. In the Flare Finance beta you could swap FLR and F-assets in FlareX.
  11. XRPScan is a site that reads the XRP Ledger. If you looked up your wallet and it shows your XRP is in there, then it's in your wallet. Is the wallet you were looking up your Uphold wallet or the wallet you were trying to send it from?
  12. Ripple has always had a problem with trustlines being overly complicated. I don't think that having the default ripple flag off turns off all rippling. It just means that when you create a trustline it will be set to no rippling by default. You can still set individual trustlines to ripple. A SnapSwap trustline is going to be old (I miss those days). It may have even been on before Ripple added the default no ripple flag (and also before Gatehub existed). This may not actually be a problem with Gatehub. All that said, trustlines are complicated and I may not understand how they work corre
  13. This is a crime and the people doing it should be tracked down and prosecuted. But come on man, how stupid can you be. If you're not smart enough to see through this scam, maybe you should let a bank keep your money safe instead of playing with cryptos. But that's kind of a catch 22. In order to realize you're not smart enough and likely to be scammed, you kind of have to be smart enough to not fall for the scam in the first place.
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