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  1. SaladFingers

    Stable coin as iou on xrp ledger

    Would Cow Coin holders be entitled to claim Milk, kind of like Neo/Gas?
  2. Interesting article here on bitprime's website. https://www.bitprime.co.nz/blog/cryptocurrency-banking-new-zealand/
  3. SaladFingers

    Stay strong!

    Craig Wright dumping BTC and BCH to pump SV...? Is a possibility...
  4. SaladFingers

    World Bank outcome?

    Dash and Monero TPS is surprising...
  5. SaladFingers

    NEW CSC/XRP Pair on NUEX.com

    Never had any trouble withdrawing myself. If you are having issues contact their customer support, they are very responsive (got back to me within minutes when I had questions). I believe they now have a live support chat too.
  6. If any of those big names are Ripple customers it will likely go unannounced. The last thing Ripple want is to create even more volatility for XRP.
  7. SaladFingers

    NZ tax rules

  8. SaladFingers

    NZ tax rules

    Articals from bitprime.co.nz https://www.bitprime.co.nz/blog/non-taxable-cryptocurrency-gains/ https://www.bitprime.co.nz/blog/tax-differences-trading-vs-holding-cryptocurrency/
  9. I'd prefer to keep watching Vitalik Buterin politely make him look stupid.
  10. "TransferWise can move money from Australia to the U.K. in 15 seconds" I'd be interested to see their transfer times between other countries, NZ to UK takes closer to 15 hours. I'm guessing there are only limited corridors they can process so quickly which is where their interest in DLT lies.
  11. SaladFingers

    BCH hash war

    The fact that these bitcoins have a leader is evidence they have already failed.
  12. SaladFingers

    Why I stopped buying from Changelly

    Uphold is a good option.
  13. Yep, Daniel has been very active which is awesome. Great team over at CSC. I'm already over at CSCChat - Sal(adFingers) Hope you get your coins back @30k1m