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  1. Got an email from bitprime today saying ird are making them hand over customer info. Hopefully this means they have some more concrete guidelines ready for crypto and this is not Just another way for us to have money taken from us.
  2. Probably because a lot of people think Hal Finney is Satoshi.
  3. Would 'spending xrp like traditional money' using your card alter my tax obligations at all? @Trastra
  4. I hold both XRP and CSC so I'll try and answer your questions as best I can. CSC can be traded on 5 exchanges currently: STEX: https://stex.com/ Bitrue: https://bitrue.com/ NLExch: https://nlexch.com/ NUEX: https://nuex.com/ Whitebit: https://whitebit.com/ Yes, volume is low at the moment, Bitrue gets the most volume and usually on the XRP pair. Technically casinos could use the XRPL, however they are at the mercy of any limitations and whatever upgrades/changes are made to XRPL. Because CSC ledger is created FOR the gaming/gambling industry and is developed
  5. https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/new-zealand-legalizes-cryptocurrency-salaries-including-bitcoin-2019-8-1028442320
  6. Neither. CasinoCoin was created by forking the XRP source and runs its own Ledger. It is managed by the CasinoCoin Foundation which is a non-profit registered on Malta.
  7. Interesting that Toast lets you delete a trustline while you hold funds attached to it, Gatehub won't let you delete a trustline if it is funded.
  8. Is anyone here actively trading ALV? The volume looks low but the spreads often quite big, could be some fun to be had with small low value trades...
  9. It will also be at the mercy of CRNs (community Relay Nodes), however it's in their financial interest to do what's best for the network. What is best for the XRP ledger's use case is probably not the same as what is best for the CSC ledger, so having their own network as opposed to running on the XRP ledger makes sense IMO.
  10. Because then CasinoCoin is at the mercy of any changes/updates made to the XRP ledger and would be unable to implement their own changes/updates to the network.
  11. Transferwise uses a p2p order matching algorithm, basically their customers are their nostro/vostro.
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