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  1. I'm not out of touch with the 'majority' of the xrp community AT ALL, the 'xrp army' you think you are part of is the 'youtube shill show', who are HEAVILY out of touch with the reality and with the actual community. Heavily misinformed, you bring no weapons to the table during a discussion - all you can shout is nonsense about stuff that isnt going to happen to people who do know their ****. It looks like you have obviously spend days inside a ********** situation and think the community revolves around you or your 'group', or that you know everything.. but you dont - i'm not saying i know everything, to be fair i'd say the more i know the more i know howmuch i dont know - and i respect my own position in that, and i respect that. At some moment in time you will get the feeling and the hang of things, you know up front what is more likely to be false than true. Maybe you will finally become more sceptical after you find out you have been getting non stop bs information and fake news, and start reading yourself. I'm blessed to work in the financial sector and i know some possibilities and some things that will never be possible.. im pretty sceptic by nature as my job experience taught me to act fast on idea's to deem them probable or improbable, and immediately take action to push the button or kill the idea, yet I still am a massive dreamer when it comes to XRP because there is so much more possible that we havent even figuredo ut yet. and yet, I barely 'sell' my dreams to others, because I rather tell them how and why I got these dreams and what my core believes are instead, and explain to them how my core believes are as solid as a rock. When it comes to pursuading others in a discussion hoping they would get interested in XRP (i dont do this stuff, but 'if') its better to get 20 out of 100 that are aware or risks, know their ****, want to learn, want to educate themselves, try out how the ledger works and eventually write up blogs and have some interestng questions, then idiotic kids who just want to hear how high a price could be so they jump in. Even if these are 70 out of 100, you dont want them in your community as they have low stacks but LOUD mouths and they will non stop push hype as if its true, troll people that try to correct somethign they 'believe' in and they are a giant swarm of annoying bugs compared to the 20 people you will NOT get now as they dont believe in any of this nonsense. We are responsible for the quality of our own community, and it starts with waking the fk up and realizing this isnt a fairy tale world, this is a butchers house. You get slaughtered if you become sheep as you dont even know if the guy you are following is actually smart.. Youtubers.. obviously they dont have jobs, or had an impressive carreer, their whole income is based on clickbait, which means hype and pretending they 'know' information is just a business model. If you actually have a high amount of XRP invested, you wouldnt be watching clickbait, as they seriously have no value. You rather connect to serious people and those people exist in our community. Blogwriters, forensic experts, bankers, lawyers, economists, financial experts, stock brokers, forex experts, market experts - and even these people dont deserve a pedestral as everyone should be sceptic and be able to think of a couple of arguments against it, even if it is not your area of expertise yourself. Educate yourself, learn your own limits and know your strenght. Every time you get fooled should be a lesson that reveals your own weakness and you can protect yourself from that if you open up to believing in your own logical thoughts. just my 2 cents
  2. They faked sending xrp, misconfiguration on the side of the exchange
  3. nah, the groups im in barely watch any youtubers and can easiliy identify hype and fud from facts and know the news before these 'youtubers' talk about it pretending they are understanding it.. i think that the popularity you describe is a picture the youtubers love to spread about themselves, but all i see is fake news, hype, misunderstandings and for a true xrp investor its incredibly cringeworthy to watch. Be your own boss, read & learn, invest some time and efforts into your own brains so you can make up your opinions, they are easier to defend and you can change your vision easier as it becomes a true learning process instead of adapting other peoples opinions and trying to make them your own based on popularity instead of propability, facts and logics. You are way smarter than you think once you take away the limitations of being captured in another persons mindset
  4. ye, they tend to like to shoutout who they think is right, usually just go with the popular opinion as they dont know who is right or wrong, but bet on the majority. Easy targets for hypes, scams, bots and fake stuff
  5. i dont think watching a youtube channel is something people do when they want the 'news', its better to read about a lot of stuff yourself and learn about it - instead of listening to another persons interpretation of something he might or might not know a lot about - sooner or later you will lose the ability to judge for yourself because you stopped taking the effort of reading yourself.. by then you are being used that everything is chewed for you before you swallow. Get the real taste of this, read read read read & read. Way more fun too, and you wont clickbait yourself into becoming a sub on 'secret guest' and 'inside information' that non of them have
  6. the bitcoin forks - i know, a fork isnt an airdrop, but still - you get my point
  7. thats their choice, they could have not done that to avoid it, or give those details later to avoid the multiple wallet creation. i doubt people would lock up 20xrp at the time to assume something like that would occur
  8. would have been easier if you would have put the snapshot in the future, so people could have moved their xrp to a trustline compatible wallet first
  9. does that mean you will wait for them to fix the wallet and keep the possibility for the trustline airdrops open until then? I really dont feel comfortable exposing my ledger to gain coins
  10. So anyway... i had a ripple wallet with 20 xrp on it after transferring it to my nano i did the ALV thingy and added a trust line, got 5k ALV then i removed the trust - nothing happened (it said 'we will convert your balance of ALV to XRP' but it didnt) then i tried to add the trustline again and now it said 'you need 30 xrp to add another trustline' weird
  11. @Allvor u cant get the ALV drop if you hold your xrp on a nano ledger s, can you?
  12. well, since we're putting down some dots THC uses Vocalink Marcus is on board of THC as independent director. https://ripple.com/insights/ripple-executive-marcus-treacher-appointed-chaps-board THC is working with both IBM and Vocalink - for domestic RTP (not Ripple's territory) Ryan Zagone is on a Faster Payment Task Force, amongst 100 others, including 3 guys from vocalink https://fedpaymentsimprovement.org/wp-content/uploads/fptf-member-roster.pdf both use the same advisor http://lipisadvisors.com/our-clients/ The way I see it, vocalink is the domestic RTP solution where Ripple targets the crossborder intercurrency solutions, they 'might' chose for ripple when it comes to crossborder transfers, but it will be working together with Vocalink. Does it matter? nah, knowing ripple - all we can do is connect some vague dots and then wait for the actual news to come. It shouldnt be used as 'hype', the reason to buy XRP shouldnt be in the news-to-come but in the news that was already here and the future path it might take.
  13. The only one I know is that Patricia Pittomvils used to work there.. thats all actually.. there is an event tomorrow The panel will focus on two main themes: The Marketplace model and Open Banking: False Positives. The panel itself will be comprised of companies at the forefront of Open Banking developments and will include: Nick Cerise, Global Head of Product & Marketing, Travelex Anne Boden, CEO, Starling Bank Marjan Delatinne, Global Head of Banking, Ripple Jim Wadsworth, UK Product Director, Vocalink Miles Cheetham, Head of Proposition, Open Banking Phillip Mind, Principal, Payments Policy, UK Finance http://virtual-strategy.com/2018/03/23/travelex-aws-ripple-starling-bank-to-debate-future-impact-of-open-banking/
  14. Mastercard = Vocalink Mastercard is the drive for a collection of banks in europe for instant payments the only link between vocalink and ripple is that ripple posted the whitepaper on a link with a news item on insights a few years ago - could very well just be a nice item at that time to 'show the world fintech is moving' and doesnt have to be linked to them directly - times were different bck then
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