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  1. Nah, it's legit. Read it as well earlier today. Interesting that they have edited out the mention of Ripple.
  2. Sorry if this has been discussed before, but this has been new information to me. I stumbled upon an older tweet in one of the other threads: For clarification, this was part of a feud between Brad Garlinghouse and the reporter Nathan Popper, who discredited Ripple and XRP, stating that he had reached out to several banks and that their responses was that they would not want to use XRP. Then I noticed in the above tweet that Kausik Rajgopal was mentioned. So apparently during Brad and Nathans feud, Brad had told Nathan to reach out to Kausik Rajgopal in order to get a validation of the promise of XRP. I then looked into who Kausik is, and McKinsey has a great profile on him: https://www.mckinsey.com/our-people/kausik-rajgopal So apparently Brad counted on Kausik Rajgopal to tell great things about XRP and Ripple. And as the link states: "Since joining McKinsey, Kausik has worked primarily in the financial services and payments industries, helping banks, merchants, payments processors, and software and technology providers address strategy, operations, and organization issues. He also leads the West Coast Public Sector Practice with a focus on improving operations and successfully managing transformational change." He sounds like a pretty damn good advocate to have for Ripple and XRP. What do you guys think?
  3. In order for the xrp to be "converted", someone in Argentina needs to buy the xrp for pesos. Therefore the xrp sits at whoever bought it.
  4. Okay cool, thanks for the clarification. It sure does help :-)
  5. I'm sorry to hear that. I think I need a bit of clarification: I have my XRP stored on a cold wallet, which I created through the "Ripple Desktop Wallet"-software, which i downloaded through your website. (By creating a Rippex account). I then transferred my XRP to this wallet from Bitstamp. Do I need to move my XRP from the cold wallet, or will they not be affected? If I need to move them, can I just use my secret key, to restore the wallet at fx Toast Wallet?
  6. Where did you get the 100m number? I'm quite sure it is 200m
  7. Great topic. I have started the same thought process myself, but aint quite there yet. So I appreciate the examples. On a side note, I'm quite curious as to what amount of money you believe that these dreams require? Is it €500k, €1mil, €2mil, etc? At what point are you satisfied for cashing out the XRP, and putting the funds into other investments? I myself just turned 26 and a newly graduate, and therefore just started my career. My current financial responsibilities are quite low. I have often thought about just buying the condo that me and my girlfriend lives in (owned by her parents), which equates to around €500k. But I've also heard that it might be better to only pay 20%, and get the remaining 80% as a credit (with the current low rates for buying property in Denmark), and then invest the remaining.
  8. Do anyone know if Arrington XRP Capital has started buying up XRP? I recall that he mentioned that the fund would "start" in the coming weeks. Do anyone have any new knowledge regarding the status of the intiative?
  9. Once they started discussing XRP, I found myself in a moment of panic sell, followed by an instant regret and re-buy Lost 100 xrp in a matter of seconds. After SWELL, I'm gonna stop looking at the forums/facebook groups all the time, and just look at news once a month.
  10. There are around 500,000 ripple accounts. So that is 10,000,000 XRPs being locked. Edit: probably there are some accounts that has not been activated, so I guess the number is lower.
  11. Does that corresponds to saying that the first FIs on board receives 1b XRP each?
  12. I'm not quite sure I know how the xRapid works. Say for example that I trade XRP on Bitstamp, do I then contribute to the liquidity of xRapid? Or is it only some specific exchanges? Is there an overview of exchanges working on the XRPledger?
  13. You are welcome to use the script for making the data update every minute. But then the spreadsheet is not as "plug'n'play" ready of course.
  14. This might be a bit off-topic, but can someone answer me this: When the XRP starts flowing across the world, going from bank to bank. What will happen with the XRP used in the less "attractive" FIATs? Say for example that there are more people wanting to transfer Mexican Peso to USD, than there are people wanting to trade USD for Mexican Peso. Wouldn't this "drain" the XRP pool from Mexico? I guess sitution is the same today with FIATs and without XRP, but how is the situation handled?
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