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  1. its all good just the fact that Joel retweeted it means they are working with some major partners which they may announce soon. he obvs would know our money is safe guys
  2. When XRP is $100 how do we cash out? Coinbase is 15k weekly and i'm not familiar with how to cash out large amounts into your bank account from cryptos aside from Coinbase HELP?
  3. I was thinking of doing this all week too FML atleast we are HODL on the BULK! MOON!
  4. http://fortune.com/2017/12/27/ripple-buy-how-to-cryptocurrency-bitcoin/
  5. https://www.bloomberg.com/live/us It says brad is going on at 5:10 PM EST
  6. I keep having dreams about checking my laptop in the morning when I wake up and xrp OTW TO MOON
  7. you guys saw this right? interview on Bloomberg next week skip to 2:18
  8. coin desk always hating on ripple these days I dont like it
  9. this seems like a big panic sell with huge opportunity?
  10. I think that was good for us. Now people will actually evaluate most of the cryptos and come to xrp. Maybe moon tonight?
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