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  1. Monero attacks Ripple with celebrity center https://getmonero.org/2017/04/01/announcing-the-monero-celebrity-center.html
  2. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwi1z4vhnZbRAhWBPI8KHRP4A-EQFggdMAA&url=https%3A%2F%2Fripple.com%2Finsights%2Fkarl-theodor-zu-guttenberg-joins-ripple-labs-advisory-board%2F&usg=AFQjCNEU2VuLcdH8fyGLwzEj8UW6PHD33w What is he doing? How can a functional analphabet advise Ripple? https://www.theguardian.com/world/2011/mar/01/german-defence-minister-resigns-plagiarism
  3. Why would Monero, Zcash and even Dash, Litecoin and Ethclassic not pass by Ripple in the next few months? The community here is fading away. Never buy only one coin.
  4. This is my message in a nutshell. In order to be commercially successful you need to have a business plan that works in relation to the competitors. It is not enough to develop technical solutions and then wait that they are picked up. A protocol like RCL or ILP is not a product. Even if it is open-source and unpermissioned it doesn't mean that users come by itself, as much as a website does not attract visitors even if the content is good but other factors are missing. I am talking out of experience because I have seen it quite often that tech savvy guys fail in building a business. Business skills beat technical skills. While RCL is good as a platform, it is not being used for real world projects. Right now there are many evolving projects but they are not taking RCL into consideration. Bitshares has/had the same problem, at least they have someone caring about https://steemit.com/openledger/@bloggersclub/close-up-interview-with-entrepreneur-and-blockchain-visonaire-ronny-boesing-ceo-of-ccedk-aps-openledger-info . Then it was said please build away , but the deficiency is not in building more (technical stuff) but connecting to users. I made a proposal trying to attract established and new projects by way of using XRP as an incentive. Let's do some rough calculation. I guess that the next year their will be at least an inflow of $100m in several ICOs and crowdfundings for projects that meet some criteria for being advanced. Let's say Ripple targets a 20% share for XRP besides BTC and ETH. On top of that they would give out 20% incentive to anyone who invests with XRP. This would account to $4m equivalent in XRP, which is not that much in comparison to the XRP market cap. Investors who use XRP would sign up for Gatehub accounts and buy XRP, which will sustain the price. There will also be new XRP holders. If the projects turn out to be successful they can add a decent amount of revenue and liquidity to RCL. I would also sponsor every project that implements ILP, like giving the equivalent of $100k-$500k in XRP to established and prospective above-average projects. Then it needs some management behind XRP that would determine which projects are desired and that actively tries to bring them on RCL. This would be a business skill picking a choice of good projects. As said, there are many in various fields that I believe will make up for a significant turnover of the business power of the internet in coming years. There are also emerging fund indices, various altcoins that gain importance, and for instance gold, silver, lithium and other resources that could be brought on RCL. But this is not happening by itself and needs a force behind.
  5. Not to forget Polkadot, Ethereum is striking back https://github.com/polkadot-io/polkadotpaper/blob/master/PolkaDotPaper.pdf . With Tendermint behind Cosmos it will be a high profile project. ILP seems to require that tokens need to go through an exchange/swapping process, thereby it is only useful for currency type of coins. With Cosmos it appears to be more advanced in that you can transfer tokens around and wrap them on different platforms in decentralized applications.
  6. Maybe Ripple wishes only having FIs on RCL. But I think RCL can be interesting for many projects like Incent or Chronobank because they need fiat and that is where Ripple can be much better than others. It might also be a case for ILP if those IOU tokens can be transferred more easily than with other systems.
  7. Instead of building something new it can be attempted to establish RCL as a place for selected ICO and crowdfunding projects. This sector can grow a lot in the next years and it will add liquidity to RCL. Just sponsor them with some XRP, for the equivalent of $100k-500K in bonuses I guess every project would establish a presence.
  8. Maybe Ripple can get a kind of consumer brand spin off. I would try to get many of the new coin projects on RCL that are in digital assets, marketing, social media, solar grids, advertising, referrals, loyalty, labor hours etc. Here is a new one that looks interesting http://www.referralfoundation.com/
  9. Ripple gets funds from funding rounds but as much as I know they have no source of income from selling licences or whatever. Here is a notice about Gatewayd https://ripple.com/dev-blog/gatewayd-no-longer-available/ Gatewayd is as good as Waves, but it never got used for something. It would be good for crowdfunding and ICOs were preliminary tokens are issued for that purposes.
  10. I was referring to XRP primarily. Ripple is growing, employing staff etc. but to my knowledge they are not producing income. Consumer markets are what is propelling crypto in general, or better said there is a new kind of economy that disrupts the established financial system. In my opinion BTC is strong because it is the base currency for exchanges, and because the ICO and crowdfundings were multi-million the last few months. XRP is missing out here. There is no reason to build more stuff with RCL, let's remember gatewayd is something similar to Waves but nobody uses it. In my opinion the reasons are that there are insufficient efforts in promoting XRP. I made a proposal to incentify ICOs and crowdsales. That is, if XRP is used for an ICO Ripple can pay some percentage on top and there will be more IOUs that are traded on RCL. In my opinion XRP needs a dedicated manager or more (I know they recently hired one) who would be in charge of that. At least it can be given a try to incentify. Do this with the next 3 crowdfundings and ICOs and then analyze if it works out. Ripple has no incentives for participation. Other projects use to have country ambassador programs etc. or pay something for running a node, eg. Dash. Ripple is doing nothing in that respect. It could as well try to learn from Dash and add that kind of activities within a community driven business plan. Creating a currency is about gaining acceptance and making it universal, but nothing is happening with XRP other than the bridge-currency illusion concept for that no reality check exists.
  11. In 2016 there were many ICOs and crowdfundings that brought a big turnover for BTC and to a lesser extend for ETH. Maybe Ripple can sponsor ICOs and crowdfundings in a way that for every amount of XRP that is invested into such a project something like 20% will be indirectly paid by Ripple on top and given to the carefully selected projects. In this case XRP would become a serious competitor to BTC and ETH. It would be a clever way to distribute XRP and on top it can be attempted to bind the projects to RCL and ILP.
  12. The Chronobank ICO is still ongoing. Maybe Ripple can participate with XRP and in return get the option of a cooperation. I know that Incent and Chronobank give high net investors a good sale price for their token. Ripple can generally invest some XRP in the ICOs of the top crowdfunding campaigns and ICOs. Then they can try to consolidate all these projects on something similar like Waves and also utilize ILP. I believe doing a product based on a Ripple gateway with simplified gui and good design offered as browser plugin can have success when it comes with a selection of good platform tokens and fiat currencies.
  13. Flash FX is great, projects like that are required and maybe need more support (XRP incentives) from Ripple.
  14. I understand the issue but I believe that is not the reason. Running a business like Ripple exclusively from United States might be a bad choice and one where you get the most severe obstacles that are possible. I believe with opening a foundation in Switzerland, Singapore or the like these problems can be avoided.
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