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  1. Ing, no fees or transfers rates. Literally free to use.
  2. The hell are you with.... Inter-bank intra-country is free in australia..
  3. I'm sick of fake news! Are you? It's hard being an investor or trader in the cryptocurrency industry, especially when its such a new industry and is growing rapidly. The problem with rapid growth is that news can be fabricated to control coin prices. I have spent hours and hours on Reddit threads and official currency websites trying to sift through the broken information. My goal here is to create a simple website (Mobile app to follow) that allows users to receive verified information about the coins that the users have interest in. Sounds easy right? View my gofundme page for more info. https://www.gofundme.com/CryptoCurrency-News-App
  4. Hello Community, I'm looking into starting a online/smartphone app that is similar to 'Tipranks' or 'Drivewealth' where all relevant crypto news, a summary of your crypto portfolio can be found and also to create a place where information can be shared and found easily, rather than surfing reddit or 4chan threads daily. Need a little info from you guys though. I haven't found an app that does exactly what I want to do, is there one out there? Suggestions welcome (P.s of course it will be based around Ripple first)
  5. Yeah, we can try... just need a few more whales.
  6. Doing my best to make Australia the majority trader
  7. Fix coming soon for fee issue. Nikb commented in Zerpbox. Hopefully some answers to follow. One major question is that if one person is spamming the gateways and the fee skyrockets, why do others also pay the price in the short term around that transaction?
  8. # of transactions is definitely dropping. Due to the identified gateway not allowing maximum transactions through, will there be a spike in transactions/fee when the gates are completely open? or will the current rate of txs processed cope?
  9. Has anyone noticed that the # of transactions has plummeted? Hasnt been this low since 2014-2015?
  10. @Joseph Yes, But the new T and C's almost appear to be stating that etoro is hiring a 3rd party to hold coins. Im not 100% on the wallet scenario but yes im long XRP. I dont see a difference between CFD trading and having coins (If you're in it to invest)
  11. Have held Ripple on Etoro for a while. Though their latest update to T&C is a little questioning, have had no problems trading XRP.
  12. Bitcoin opening 3000 ATM's in Australia. https://www.itnews.com.au/news/three-thousand-bitcoin-atms-to-launch-across-australia-472448 Side question - Ever think XRP will have a role in ATM's?
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