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  1. Tadaaaa And for my next trick, watch XRP value plummet haha. Really though, this is what the big boys wanted to see, congrats on moving forward.
  2. I'm not sure if this has been discussed. http://www.zdnet.com/article/mastercard-opens-access-to-its-blockchain-tech/ it mentions their efforts in B2B and cross-border payments in near real time, to be rolled out with their 22,000 existing partners. Thoughts?
  3. Another 100 banks (you didn't give a time frame of how long after the event )
  4. I'm late to the party, but last night I turned the comments off to see what it would look like.
  5. Personal Opinion/Speculation: The price is heavily manipulated, and I don't mean by ripple. We're being played by wealthy, intelligent people who know how to play the game. These guys got in very very early and hold tens of millions of XRP and can regulate the price for the time being. When you sit back and try to figure out why they would stifle the price of XRP now, it makes sense. I assume they want a nice gradual, slow and steady increase in price so that when it does reach their target, whatever it may be, they can slowly sell off their stack without sparking a downtrend. A big exp
  6. Yeah I was just rummaging through the code turning off comments and what not to bring the widget back to life, but I got side tracked, might try again later.
  7. There was a post about it, and If I remember correctly, I visited the site and saw it too *I think*. This code though, you'd think they would delete if they weren't going to use it again.
  8. At first I was really quite pissy about it, for the same reasons. Over the day I've come to accept that the information might be sensitive enough that it needs to wait a few days or whatever to be published as an after video. But if there is nothing crazy in the videos that can't be shown yet, then, yeh it sucks.
  9. https://www.coindesk.com/ibms-stellar-move-tech-giant-use-lumen-cryptocurrency-payments-rail/ Only just saw this on Reddit, not sure if posted already.
  10. Lucky, patient is actually my middle name, unfortunately my first name is, Im. Dad jokes aside, I'm still extremely excited about Swell, even if amazing news came out and the price fell, because the future would look brighter for my children. I think what Ripple is doing has far greater implications than we can think of right now, I like that.
  11. My hopes for pre-Swell pump are all but dead, the manipulation is off the charts. Only reason I'm mad is because I wanted to re-inject the pump back into XRP. Now I just have to sit there and watch it grow slowly like a normal person, boooo!
  12. I doubt many Swift employees pull themselves up daily to spare a thought for those in third world countries without access to banking haha.
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