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  1. Any thoughts on how the new Steam rules might affect the development and viability of crypto-gaming or exactly what's behind it? Maybe they don't want to take on possible risk, present or future, from promoting unlicensed/underage 'gambling' or 'selling' something without adequate consumer protections, or tax implications? That whole loot-box controversy again. Once again a direct result of the shocking 'clarity' on crypto assets from yours truly at the SEC.
  2. If their prices were so far off the average in an attempt to game the system wouldn’t this just make SGB holders delegate elsewhere because their rewards would be so low, decreasing that Oracles ability to influence the average and profit from arbitrage?
  3. The story is true, the document referenced is an actual document lodged in the case. It's really worth a read. Link at bottom. But it's not actually a 'leaked' email. The email the article mentions is a reply to Ripple's request to the SEC ethics department about whether BTC, ETH or XRP have ever appeared on a prohibited holdings watch list. Not sure exactly how much of a bombshell it is but if the SEC didn't stop their own people from investing in an unregistered security then... https://www.crypto-law.us/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/08272021-LETTER-MOTION-to-Compel-Preclearance-Trading-Documents.pdf
  4. This is way above my pay grade but could it mean it's not so much Ripple selling their XRP one way to exchanges and banking the $ from FlashFX, but allowing Ripple to absorb selling pressure by removing the need for XRP to be sold immediately at the second exchange to cover the trade? E.g. (I know they don't say 'where' the XRP is coming from in the video but) Ripple could buy XRP back from the exchange (or from the exchange that the sender would have otherwise purchased from) at exactly the same price they sold to FlashFX for, buying after the XRP was sold, effectively lessening or equalising selling pressure and in the process increasing volume but insuring value isn't leaked from the network? I dunno if that even makes sense to me. I wonder if this has anything to do with the Bobarithm?
  5. Absolutely. I've been thinking this about Brad and other parties being 'complimentary' towards BTC and ETH lately. It's classic killing them with kindness. The more attention drawn to them, the more everyone finds out about their bad traits.
  6. It's not even an argument, it's common sense. Of course bitcoin 'should' move towards another more eco-friendly consensus method. And I agree, they can't, or at least it would be bloody hard - I'm sure the miners that have complete control over bitcoin now would be upset - and in the process bitcoin would destroy their god complex decentralized argument because it would show the magical code can be changed at a whim by the decision of a few. So **** them. When the world grows up, hopefully in another 5-10 years, bitcoin will be a pariah. BTC's corporate backers will see their sustainability ratings being downgraded severely and things will slowly happen. Bitcoin has no future, there are many better options already. https://www.newscientist.com/article/2273672-bitcoin-mining-emissions-in-china-will-hit-130-million-tonnes-by-2024/#Echobox%3D1618182272
  7. Dunno but I think the XRPL DEX should be an option. But it's a bit more complicated
  8. Well at least it's not Rule 589. Now that would have been too much.
  9. So how's your #flippening going these days?
  10. I won't be surprised to see whales dump it as soon as the markets open to tank the price and then turn around to scoop up the cheap FLR at a fraction of the price when the rest of the market panic sells after them.
  11. It's proof of what a mess regulation in crypto is. The NYC financial regulator gives validity to a crypto that has the integrity of a house of cards. Even if ETC's only approved for custody, someone willl get burnt and all cryptos will pay the price for years to come because the regulators don't know what they're doing, or worse. Maybe Brooks just has a bag of ETC from his Coinbase days or some favours to repay.
  12. LOL, that’s Cory in the Bloomberg interview in the vid.
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