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  1. I agree, Libra doesn't sound like a genius idea if they blew their first and maybe only chance of creating a Facebook crypto. They scared the $#!+ out of everyone so badly that they're on notice now.
  2. But no one here owns (much) Bitcoin. And if they do we just make fun of them. The answer is simple. Find a coin that is worth as little as possible, preferably 1 sat and buy truckloads of it. The only way is parallel to Bitcoin, or up. Ergo, that's why CSC is a better hedge than Bitcoin.
  3. Excellent work thank you. I don't see BTC, ETH or anyone else doing anything within light years of this initiative. Ripple must be gaining the most brilliant insights into the future of blockchain from this - I think they're setting themselves up to be THE leader of the industry well into the future.
  4. Well I was referring to the demonstrable quality, ethics and engagement of the people they have working for them, the alumni that goes on to other companies and Ripple's strategy in a chaotic industry. Although they don't publish their financials, they're not required to because they're a private company. I don't see how that's in any way a reflection of the quality of the company. It's none of our business how much their CEO or CTO or legal department are paid. We are not investors in the company, we are speculators that believe their service/product has the possibility to change the world. They are very open about the aspect that should most interest us - their XRP sales and strategies and they have committed to be, and are by far the most transparent company in the crypto industry.
  5. I don’t know if you’re referring directly to me when you say you get the pain from your point of view but maybe I forgot the /s at the end. I’m more than fine with my investment because of the knowledge that Ripple is such an amazing organisation from top to bottom as I described. When I bought my first XRP 2 years ago I knew I was in for a 3 - 5 year investment, possibly even 10, and I too have sympathy for those who bought high and have held since without much reward. But sorry, I don’t have a lot of sympathy for those who have lost money due to greed. Clearly crypto is speculative, isn’t magic and is loaded with uncertainty so an investment in it needs to be treated as such from the start.
  6. You know, you’re right, you’re so smart... It’s a crying shame that a company that’s developed the fastest and most versatile DA and financial transfer network in existence, has been around since Bitcoin was ******** in its diaper, with hundreds of millions in revenue, a dozen offices across the globe, partnerships with hundreds of banks and FI’s, over 400 employees comprised of some of the most brilliant minds in programming, has some of the best business leaders and respected philanthropists who rub shoulders with world leaders and central banks and are regularly invited to participate in peak industry bodies to educate senior bankers about advances in fintech, have vast amounts of experience in running tech and finance businesses, some of the most experienced attorneys with impeccable personal reputations who have held the highest positions in governments and peak regulatory bodies, it’s such a pity that they all should all complicit and responsible for this massive scam that’s so comprehensive and brilliant that it’s sucked in so many of the worlds top companies and now, now even governments are falling for it! Oh, mercy please, when will it ever end?
  7. With ... anticipation? So only tiny little pr0n?
  8. I hope you haven't lost money and I also hope you regret your decision to sell.
  9. Considering the bureaucrats are the undisputed heavyweight champions of hiding money and transactions from the public maybe it’s time for change? Honestly, as long as I’m filthy rich I have nothing to hide. Maybe that betrays my origins as someone who has never had huge amounts of money to hide though.
  10. Well, if someone takes a **** in the corner you’re gonna wonder why their brain don’t work so good.
  11. This argument (actually it’s not an argument it’s an opinion) is wrong on so many levels (simplified hints to debunk your two points : voting/custody). If you still don’t know why it’s wrong then please kindly find out before posting.
  12. How much will I have to pay for your service if I live overseas? Bur seriously, I agree with the point re 'advice'. Besides Googling stuff all day, what qualifies him 'educate' to anyone?
  13. Send me your pay check in USD and I’ll send you XRP.
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