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  1. Considering the bureaucrats are the undisputed heavyweight champions of hiding money and transactions from the public maybe it’s time for change? Honestly, as long as I’m filthy rich I have nothing to hide. Maybe that betrays my origins as someone who has never had huge amounts of money to hide though.
  2. Well, if someone takes a **** in the corner you’re gonna wonder why their brain don’t work so good.
  3. This argument (actually it’s not an argument it’s an opinion) is wrong on so many levels (simplified hints to debunk your two points : voting/custody). If you still don’t know why it’s wrong then please kindly find out before posting.
  4. How much will I have to pay for your service if I live overseas? Bur seriously, I agree with the point re 'advice'. Besides Googling stuff all day, what qualifies him 'educate' to anyone?
  5. Send me your pay check in USD and I’ll send you XRP.
  6. Just to underline how amateur coin telegraph is, they’ve corrected the heading of the article but kept the grossly misleading URL. Bitcoin maxis would be proud.
  7. Not sure what you're referring to - you mean 'unlisted'? Or has it been taken down? Probably just an early version of the video. Or maybe because he said something about other corridors going live very soon if that's the one where he says it, and they didn't want that info out yet? Other than that there's only one delisting everyones talking about today.
  8. Thanks Count, I was just about to add that while the XRPL is public, Corda IS a private ledger.
  9. Thanks for this. Accenture has historically had a lot of extremely positive things to say about Ripple, starting 2-3 years ago with the ReiseBank tests.
  10. Hmm. A $140 billion market that is moving towards streaming/pay as you play business models. i wonder why XSpring is interested?
  11. Zerpaholic

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Completely agree, please write it Bob. Lol, we'll all be reading Bob's book of fairytales to our grandchildren to explain how we became XRP Barons.
  12. Ummm, and here was me thinking I'll be ABSOLUTELY ECSTATIC about a 16,000% return on an investment. I guess i'm showing my age as an investor.
  13. LOL Messari. Their CEO is a TwoBitIdiot. Their reports must be unbiased and fully legit. I'm sure their investor Kyle Salami was disappointed he didn't get invited to write the report himself.
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