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    Fair XRP - XLM comparison

    I really cannot comprehend how it doesn't seem to be phasing Stellar's 'customers' or crypto investors one bit. I mean what's needed for them to jump ship? To stop making money? To know they are doing business with the most fraudulent character in the business? Just what?
  2. IMO this is a more interesting take on it. https://coingape.com/binance-using-xrp-base-currency-weiss-ratings/
  3. "Kim Kardashian Receives Her First Physical Bitcoin" She would probably have looked just as impressed if she had been given one 'physical' XRP. But maybe that's the botox.
  4. Zerpaholic

    Does Claire still work for Ripple?

    Get back to work!!!!
  5. Zerpaholic

    Realistic Potential % Gains in CSC

    You wanna piece, let's see a selfie? Wonders if I should have asked that?
  6. Zerpaholic

    Climbing in Bed with the Clintons

    So you set up a troll thread and then passive aggressively criticise people who state facts? Do you know anything about Net Neutrality and the Open Internet Order? And what the current administration is doing about it?
  7. Zerpaholic

    CasinoCoin Talk

  8. Zerpaholic

    JPY disappeared from XRPCharts.com

    Thanks @Streamliner Putting these two together, my guess is that they are withdrawing the JPY/XRP pair via Mr Exchange (which has/is closing down) and will replace it with a JPY/XRP pair via SBIVC. When? Soon please.
  9. Zerpaholic

    Climbing in Bed with the Clintons

    Regardless of whether this is the right decision by Ripple, Clinton oversaw US policy at the time of the development of the Internet and whether you love him or hate him, they got it right, so he has a high degree of credibility in the field. At the time, it was a completely new technology that society did not understand and which could have been regulated to hell, but the correct decisions were made, that are responsible for the Internet we know today. Unfortunately the current administration is now trying to tear down some of these foundational policies that underpin the independent and free use of the Internet.
  10. Since December last year, XRP has become serious business, and a serious commitment. I arrived at XRP Chat in time to catch the tail end of these luminaries you speak of, and my impression is that those involved with Ripple are simply too busy to keep up with the musings and rantings of this community. The others have simply moved on to pastures anew. Although I miss their informed posts, it's no biggie - it's a new generation that moves the market now, and XRP Chat probably reflects that mentality. Those vets have moved on to Twitter, blogging (more) and Medium, Steemit etc, sometimes Reddit. Again, XRP has become serious business, and new fronts have opened, and now these guys and gals' efforts are taken up combating FUD attacks in other areas. XRP Chat still has its fair share of FUD but it's not the beachhead it used to be. Then again, if they've been in XRP for that long, maybe they've just retired to their desert island? That's where I would be. Sorry, I just don't like bots. Half the reason we are where we are today is because of micro-transactions pushing the market down. I hope they're all banned personally.
  11. In the actual interview he compares XRP to a diamond because he considers that diamonds are largely controlled by one company, manipulated and used as marketing tools. Still, they're worth more than gold so i'll take it.
  12. Zerpaholic

    Greetings from Switzerland

    Welcome, you are one of us now!
  13. Zerpaholic

    Price down without any particular reason

    @TheXRPNinja someday these threads will form the first chapters in the 'Book of XRP'.
  14. Zerpaholic

    Price down without any particular reason

    Nice, I like perspective. But I just came here to read the third post in this thread
  15. I know, it surprises me that some people seem to see any mystery in this.