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  1. Zerpaholic

    1.2 Billion XRP Sent By Ripple This Morning

    I'll take it
  2. LOL Messari. Their CEO is a TwoBitIdiot. Their reports must be unbiased and fully legit. I'm sure their investor Kyle Salami was disappointed he didn't get invited to write the report himself.
  3. xCurrent 4.0 has been out for what? 2 weeks? (The xCurrent brochure on Ripple's website isn't even updated). I may be wrong but it was first publicised at Singapore Fintech Festival, as found by @ecent I believe so I strongly doubt it has been out for a 'couple of months' as the article says. Even still, I don't think many who are invested in XRP would expect that there should have immediately been a massive uptake, considering the supporting information coming from Ripple about xRapid adoption and what we know about clients who are currently using xCurrent. The point of this update is to make the transition seamless in the future instead of having to go through hoops to integrate a completely new and independent system if a client is curious about testing xRapid incrementally while also maintaining their core transaction software. Integrating them is a brilliant move by Ripple IMO.
  4. Zerpaholic

    Craig Wright Goes After XRP: 'XRP Is a Security'

    It’s a ****fest there but I’m addicted to trying to find reason In this market. It is actually not good for ones’ mental health though.
  5. Zerpaholic

    Craig Wright Goes After XRP: 'XRP Is a Security'

    I think it's important that if a significant statement is made relating to XRP, others on the forum are able to verify it. Otherwise the forum is once again filled with random accusations that have no basis in fact. When XRP either over or under-performs this forum gets overrun with FUD so to me it makes sense to back it up. Unfortunately for my sanity I spend a bit of time on Twitter and haven't seen anything new re 'XRP is a security' besides Wright's ramblings so I'm interested. Otherwise, it's hey, have you seen the tweets about the XRP ledger having a potential zero-day exploit?
  6. Zerpaholic

    Craig Wright Goes After XRP: 'XRP Is a Security'

    If you've got something to offer @matteo qualify it with links or otherwise useful examples otherwise please don't.
  7. Zerpaholic

    Does XRP Have a Name Problem?

    Just waiting for the day, it’ll be like “Wow! You’ve got an XRP? I’ve never seen a whole zerp before!”
  8. Zerpaholic

    BCH hash war

    B b b b but it's decentralized! Nothing controls BTC or BCH. I don't get the full depth of the technical or philosophical argument at hand but to me it just looks like a bunch of sulks throwing their toys out of the pram because they're not getting their own way, when there are massively better solutions available anyway. Serves them all right. This is just the start, or the continuation and I don't see how any serious FI would want to get involved with this. This is insane, watching this video it comes across that the downward slope of the entire market is related to a vindictive feud over hash power and ideology. Various factions here are literally talking about personally interfering with transactions and sabotaging other coins, including alts. **** me gently with a chainsaw.
  9. What are you even doing here? I don't think I've seen one single positive post from you. I can't even recall a neutral one. All you do is come to XRPChat and pick and moan and stir and provoke people. I have no idea whatsoever why the Admins don't boot you. You provide nothing of any value to anyone here and your attitude repeatedly comes across as dismissive of everyone else on this forum. OP has informed the interested forum members of what actually looks like a very interesting document and all you can do is come in here and slag off with incoherent, negative, unproductive, useless denigration? The link provided doesn't even appear to specifically promote XRP over anything else so why criticise it when you have 99.5% likely not read it? I also have no idea of why you aren't on my ignore list yet. At least that problem's fixed now.
  10. Is this your first thread? XRP must be having a good run. I’d say to you “Don’t be Greg” but I hope you are.
  11. Zerpaholic

    New XRP topic: Like baiting and pointless threads!!

    LOL, there, I gave you a like for the mammaries.
  12. Zerpaholic

    New XRP topic: Like baiting and pointless threads!!

    Nice try @EcneitapLatnem. Not enough luuuuurve in the Zerpening lately?
  13. Zerpaholic

    doubt about XRP

    I did not know this. I'm selling all my zerps and buying the most inert crypto known to mankind. It's Bitcoin all the way from now on.