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  1. This isn't at SIBOS, it's the week after in Chicago – hopefully the big news will have already been announced by then.
  2. Zerpaholic

    Bearableguy123 Thread

    A bear doesn't want to sow optimism, or for anyone to buy. They'd be happy to drive the price to zero and they'd still make money shorting.
  3. Zerpaholic

    Swell drop incoming

    Just a reminder, XRP dropped 30% in the week following SWELL last year while the Philakones and Gregs made their moves. So far we're down about 10% and we've had better news than anything SWELL gave us last year. This is the beginning not the end. Oh, and we're in a bear market compared to last year's bullrun for BTC around this time.
  4. I imagine the U.S. government finds the situation unacceptable now, with these new exchanges taking over the traditional role of the U.S. Government and U.S. banks in financing terrorists, facilitating money laundering and ripping off U.S investors.
  5. That’s some coalition. I love hearing those names working together.
  6. Man I love their website though. Smooth as XRP.
  7. Yes, but this has been known for a long time and was already on Ripple's website. They may have updated some content so it is more noticeable, but it's always been there. And it's not "Some people believe it is made possible through Ripple’s Payment Channel", it is done through the use of payment channels.
  8. Here is the actual report that article is referring to. https://www.bis.org/publ/qtrpdf/r_qt1809f.pdf
  9. Zerpaholic

    WSJ: Ripple Co-Founder’s Token Selloff Accelerates

    Is there any way to see Stellar wallet holders? There was a ‘rich list’ site but it’s down now. I’d like to see activity of the top wallet holders similar to (https://ledger.exposed), various people have dissected XRP wallet holders so why not XLM? I found this site https://stellar.expert/ but it doesn’t really list individual wallets as such. Seeing as how they’re a ‘not for profit’ this information should be readily available.
  10. Zerpaholic

    WSJ: Ripple Co-Founder’s Token Selloff Accelerates

    I don’t know whether the actual contract was revised (is there a link to something?) but it is right about the time Ripple moved his funds to another multi-sig wallet. There must be some connection.
  11. I like his avatar @Chewiecoin @Ripple-Stiltskin let's let him in!
  12. Zerpaholic

    New to Crypto and XRP - How to buy in Australia?

    Hi @KathyH I see you just reacted to an old post of mine about Australian exchanges. If you’re new to the world of exchanges I’ll just update you that things have changed quite a bit since I posted that - last year - now in Aus we’ve got BTCMarkets, Independent Reserve and CoinSpot as viable options, and they’re all a lot better than they used to be, I use all of them now. CoinSpot is much better now (but at the moment has limited trading options, which doesn’t matter to most of the Aussies here because we’re holding for a while) and was quite easy to get verified on as well - they’re all much easier than they were which is great to see. All of the different exchanges tend to move their fees around a bit so look at each to compare. I think CoinSpot May have even recently reduced theirs.
  13. I don't think they've given anyone an A yet have they? But I think we all agree on your other points... - Yes, it literally wasn't their business, they were just jumping on the bandwagon. - Yes, they were / are. They had no idea what they were doing.
  14. While I think their initial assessment of XRP was naive and wrong from a technical and functional point of view, the entire market was in freefall then and from an investment perspective everything looked like trash to be honest.