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  1. I have only purchased since may 2017, I will continue to purchase any time I can pick up XRP for less than $1.00
  2. pretty hard to find a spot in the charts in the last year that was NEVER in the red
  3. depends on how early you are talking about, anyone that bought the previous to Dec 2017 ATH (may 2017) had to endure months of drawdown also,
  4. I think you meant .0089 right? Otherwise, let me know where I can sell mine.
  5. I had a deposit take four days one time.
  6. I remember feeling these exact same feelings. It was late november 2017. I'd been buying for months and watched litecoin and ethereum both take off, all the while 100% in XRP. About two days before the bull run in december I had my plan to diversify and get my money into other coins so I could catch SOMETHING, SOME PART OF A BIG MOVE. I didn't do it. I am glad I didn't. Not sure I could have handled diversifying my account two days too early and seeing only 20% of my stack stay on board for the run to ATH. Lesson learned for the future.
  7. This is another one. https://www.zerpening.info/
  8. There is a page on gatehub that explains how to do it. Take that page to your bank, it has the bank swift id, routing instructions, etc. THey may ask you why you are wiring money to Slovenia. You decide how you want to answer that.
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