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  1. He is absolutely referencing Consensus. This is the biggest Blockchain and Crypto event of the year from a conference standpoint. The various companies and projects involved in the space make their big announcements leading up to the event every year in order to create buzz around their respective projects. If you look at last year, you see that the market really fed off this. I, myself, have been sitting back expecting for market sentiment to begin shifting around this time as well. As for new money coming into the space.. it is happening with Wall Street. You can read all the tea leaves and see that the infrastructure is being put in place for this to happen. ETFs that will give the average person easy access to crypto (and solves the issue of friction), new exchanges being purchased by Big Banks (poloniex through circle), coinbase laucnhing coinbase custody (which again solves the issues of friction and custody for institutions). It's all coming. Wall Street will make this market go way higher. And they want the best prices possible before they move in, which is why we see all the FUD we have seen the past months. They are trying to shake people out. Don't be one of them.
  2. Been my screensaver on my phone for months now.. for some reason it always kept me comforted through the rocky times..
  3. Okay I'm finally jumping in this thread after lurking and laughing from the very first post. I've literally been lurking and have read every word from the beginning when the chicken so hopefully gasped at the upward price movement to 28 cents. What a fun ride this has been folks. Been in XRP for a long time now and I have to say this community keeps this investment very entertaining. Also have to thank everyone for all of their contributions. There are a lot of really intelligent and thoughtful people here. Can't believe this thing is scratching at $2 before year's end. If you'd asked me where the year end price would be a month ago, I would have hopefully said about 70 cents. It feels great being wrong! Thanks again everyone! Back to lurking now..
  4. Don't worry about anyone that says XRP isn't required for Ripple to be successful. In part, this is a true statement. But if you're invested, and follow Ripple's strategy, you know that the first step (and this has always been the first step) is to get these institutions on board with the technology. Once this is implemented - and they know it's legitimate and can see the cost savings and efficiencies for themselves - the next step will be XRP adoption. This has always been Ripple's strategy and all the news over the past months shows that they are well on their way to successfully executing this strategy.
  5. This is the partially correct answer. As soon as hedge fund managers and the like are able to manage the risk of investment (i.e. hedge via futures, options, derivatives trading through BTC, ETH, etc. via things like ledgerx), institutional money that has been waiting on the sidelines will most certainly flow into the space. We're talking tens of billions of dollars in capital at a minimum. Cheers
  6. I follow this stuff really closely like all of you (I'm invested in about 10 digital assets with XRP making up a large amount of my portfolio). When they announced the conference I immediately applied for an invite. I work in the Corp Finance Group for a very large global company (I'm a CPA, Masters in Acct, etc.). Anyway, I guess they saw me fit to receive an invite. It's so last minute so I'm trying to figure out a way to get to the conference with my schedule!
  7. Figured I'd leave this here for you guys, been a lurker for a very long time..
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