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  1. @miguel, how soon is the dawn? People are getting impatient and some have jumped ship ! :|
  2. I am not afraid of the price, I got in well below a cent. My concern is the trolls who just scan the title and spread FUD. Anyways... it's your choice!
  3. @heartbit_io, will you please change the title or delete the post now ?
  4. Rumor is that Swift uninvited Ripple to SIBOS ! They appear scared !!!
  5. Look at the 'Trust' rating for the author on Bitcointalk forum - " Warning: Trade with extreme caution! " Can somebody please remind him? LOL !
  6. Translations of Emi's Tweets During the world's largest Fintech companies Top5 Chinese companies, four in the world in the Top5 most innovative Fintech companies in three Chinese companies. #thebundsummit #fintech About 50% of the transaction volume of the world's digital payment is China. #thebundsummit 3/4 in trading of P2P lending around the world is China. #thebundsummit 77% of the global Fintech investment is China. #thebundsummit China's four major State-owned banks one after another announces partnership with the Internet giant. Industrial commercial bank + JD, construction Bank + Alibaba, China Bank + Tencent, agricultural Bank of China 100 times #thebundsummit
  7. @AwakenUno, @Raul31 - You seem to be new here. This issue has been discussed many times in the past. Read through the forum and you will understand what XRP is and what Ripple is trying to achieve with XRP. Most of us investors are well aware of the fact. Best, V
  8. You have to go through that with almost every exchange which deals with fiat. There can't be a better time to invest into XRP. Dive in. -V
  9. Or you could create an account with Kraken.com, Bitstamp.net or GateHub.net and purchase XRP directly with your fiat ! - V
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